January 2006

Random Thoughts28 Jan 2006 01:34 am

Well BlueHatSEO.com and the concept of Blue Hat has been live for over a week now. I’m really excited about the progress. Five techniques, which I think you may find useful, have already been posted as well as quite a few articles on the subject, which makes me one product SOB. :)

Already Blue Hat SEO is starting to recieve a loyal following that visit and read every day. I will do my best not to let you guys down, but I would really like to recieve some feedback on what I can do to improve your experience. If anyone has any interesting articles or techniques they have discovered feel free to send them in. I’d like to see BlueHatSEO.com turn into a community and the first step would be to encourage comments, article contributions, and feedback.

I appreciate all of you who have already chosen to share this site with friends and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Blue Hat Techniques27 Jan 2006 09:44 pm

So this sounds impossible right? Well it’s definitely possible it’s just really sneaky and underhanded. However to be clear, this technique involves your competitors WILLINGLY linking to you. This is a natural link and although a underhanded technique it is completely white hat.

First you will need some tools

1) A quality link exchange script (not a link exchange directory script). I suggest you use PHP Link Manager because it does a great job of reading your links on their pages without them having to be absolutely perfect. You will also need some knowledge of PHP because you will need to modify this script.

2) A proxy hitter that allows multiple domains. I would suggest you use one called Stealth Advertiser. Now let me get one thing straight. This Stealth Advertiser program is a WORTHLESS program that does not deliver on it’s promise of “Millions of visitors.” Don’t use it for its intended purpose! I will not give a link to the company that makes it because they are a bogus company. So if you are actually interested, read the readme file. Until then, we are going to use the program in a little more ingenious way to get what we want.

Step 1-Install the link exchange script somewhere on your site. Edit the code so towards the top it says something like this:

Random MYTOPIC Site

Link To Some Site

Then get the script to rotate through a few sites you’ve hand selected that are related to your site’s topic. No more than 10. Then below that; where the script displays the link exchanges put the heading as

Permanent MYTOPIC Links

Link 1

Link 2

etc….you get the idea

Then below that put the form they will use to add their site to the permanent links portion. This script MUST force them to already have a link to your site on theirs before they may submit their link. Otherwise the affect is lost.

Step 2- Install Stealth Advertiser and put in the url to the link exchange page you’ve just created as the referring url 61 or so times. Then remove all items from the list and click Add By Search. This will allow you to pull a HUGE list of sites that are directly your competitors in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Then add another site or something you own so you can test to make sure it’s really working.

Step 3- Click Start and let it finish. This will take several hours depending on how many competitors you have.
What will happen?

This will pull your competitors website’s 61 or so times and make it look like it’s coming from your links page. When they view their stats they will see a large amount of visitors coming from your site to theirs. They will follow the link and see your links page. They will not see themselves on the Permanent Links section and will assume that all the traffic came from the random rotation. Even if they are a big site and normally have a no linking policy, I guarantee you this. The first thought that will go through their head will be “I gotta get on that permanent links section.” When they read the form and it requires them to have a link back they will decide that it is worth it and they will link to you.

This is a VERY effective technique. In fact, from my experience this works a hundred times better than personally emailing every one of your competitors. If you have a lot of competitors and/or a lot of bit keywords you compete for this will benefit you the most. You can gain a couple hundred to a thousand RELEVANT links within a day or two.

Blue Hat Techniques26 Jan 2006 04:47 am

I promote a lot of websites. Quite a few of which seem like great ideas at first but end up never taking off. This is true for most site owners. You at least have a couple dead sites sitting there. If you’re not at this point yet, remember this one piece of advice. Keep the deadbeats. They will someday become useful to you. Even if they aren’t going to make you any money you can at least get more use out of them than if you let the domain go to a domain sponsor.
I developed a technique for turning these deadbeat sites into great rankings for my newer more promising projects. Chances are these sites have a page rank. Use them. Even if they are small and on the same Class-C IP as your newer sites you may still use them to boost your rankings for your newer projects.

You have several options rating from good, better, best.


Link to your new site on every page of your old site. This will help boost your Page Rank, but probably will do very little for your rank in the SERPS because search engines tend to discredit the same outbound link on every page of a site. Especially if it’s to a site on the same server. This however does tend to work very well for MSN.


Use the deadbeat sites for incentive in link exchanges. Ever try going to a major PR7 site and asking them to exchange links with a PR4? Doesn’t usually work does it? Instead offer them a link from a PR5, PR4, and six PR3’s for example. Give them the addresses and let them know that these extra links will definitely be worth their while. I personally have managed to get many very high ranking, high PR sites to link to me this way. Trust me this actually works very well. What’s the worse that can happen? Your dead site gets cluttered with a few links? Big deal. This way you both win.


Repromote these sites so they pull a good page rank. Then signup with a company that offers their advertisers text link directories on other sites. I’m not going name any particular companies because I don’t want them to get flooded with requests, but there are quite a few out there. Once you have their directories uploaded onto your site and the next Google update gives the directory a decent page rank, come to them with an offer they can’t refuse. I will give you UNLIMITED links on the directory as often as you’d like in exchange for you sponsoring me a PR8 link(or whatever you think your directory is worth) on a site that’s on topic with my newest project. If your directory pulled a decent page rank they will literally jump out of their chairs at this opportunity. They normally have to pay you around 5 bucks for every link they place on your directory. They also almost always have an excess of links they need to place and are looking for a cheap way to put them up. If they can dump all their excess links in your directory for free, they can make WAY more money then they will spend paying a high page rank site to put your link up permanently. Remember, they do get them for half price after all.

General Articles25 Jan 2006 05:17 am

If any of you haven’t yet tried MSN’s Instant Answers yet, your missing out on something that’s pretty cool. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about try searching for babe ruth home runs on MSN. You’ll see an instant answer at the top of the search. Combine this with Google’s new quick product links and this could be a great rifle in the competition for search relevancy. With the new trend arrising of the major search engines instantly copying each other’s successful product rollouts lets assume that these two technologies form together and become a standard among the 3 giants(Google, MSN, Yahoo).

There could be many possibilities for this.

Each search engine would want to expand their answers as quickly as possible. This would mean they would need contributors as well as incentives for the contributors. Now if they paid us to contributor, sure I’ll do it. Otherwise they could offer the webmasters a link to their site in exchange for an answer. This would sound like the more plausible solution. I think this would be a great service to both the surfer and the webmaster. The webmaster would get to prove his expertise in an area, and promote his site on the subject, and the surfer wouldn’t have to surf from site to site for an answer to a quick question. As for the shopping sites, the more products the better. I’m already seeing a jump in traffic since Google started putting my site at the top of every search for the products I sell.
What other possibilities could come from this?

SEO Tools25 Jan 2006 02:36 am

Here is my list of directories I hand submit to when I have a new site. All 1410 of them :)
Big Directory List

I orginally got the list from someone at VirtualWebData.com

If you get a little bit of puke rolled up into the back of your throat when you first open the list, it’s normal. Don’t panic. From my experience just take a big drink of your favorite beer and a few deep breaths. You’ll be fine.

General Articles25 Jan 2006 02:12 am

Over the past year I’ve read a lot of articles and posts from people claiming that page rank is no longer important because information shows that it does not heavily affect ranking in the SERPS. This is a valid argument and it’s definitely true that people should not assume their site is going to rank well just because it has a high page rank. However I think this argument misses the point behind page rank.

Page rank is a logarithmic calculation of your current linking practice. This includes all links to a single page, including inbound and onsite links in comparison to the Internet as a whole. If your well established site has a page rank of 3 or less then that means your page isn’t as “efficient” as it could be. By efficient I mean the pages capability to draw links in comparison to handing them out. By this simile you can determine if your site is competitive in the efficiency sense with the other sites related to yours.

This is very important for two reasons

1) The major search engines are always encouraging site owners to “stay in good neighborhoods.” That way when you are seeking links from other websites in your field you can know which ones are not only in good neighborhoods, but which ones are in great neighborhoods. This is the true intention of the page rank meter. No one can argue that a link from a PR7 site that has the same topic as you won’t have a drastically positive affect on your SERP rankings. The meter is there to help guide webmasters to finding the RIGHT links that WILL improve their rankings.

2) Page Rank IS calculated in some form into the SERPS. This cannot be denied, but one could argue about how little it may actually affect them. Consider this for a moment, even if one day Google decides that with all the spam and link buying that page rank is pretty much worthless, they will still, at least to a small degree, include it in the algorithms that determine which sites are in the top. For those of you who don’t make a living on the Internet you see this as a relief to quit worrying about page rank, but for those of you who are Search Engine Optimizers you realize that your site is not OPTIMIZED until EVERY single aspect of your site is the best it can be, this includes even the most minuet factors. If you are a true pro then you ask yourself this question every time you are wondering if you should make a change. Do the search engines use this to determine my rank in the organics? Yes? Then I must make the change.

General Articles21 Jan 2006 04:22 am

I first heard of the term “link bait? from Aaron Wall at SEO Book in this post when he mentioned it back in a post on his SEO blog back in August of 2005. He says in his post that if “you are in a field that can’t build links naturally create linkbait?. What really is link bait? It’s something on your web site that causes someone to link to you. Aaron gives some examples in his post, but a classic example of link bait would be the Subservient Chicken web site by Burger King. So many people ended up talking about that web site that they linked to it—it currently enjoys about 29,300 links according to Yahoo!, and ranks number one on Google for the word chicken. By creating something on your web site that’s funny, controversial, informative, or creative, it will gain natural links—which is the key to top search engine rankings.

You don’t have to be a big brand or have a lot of money to create link bait. Many people have created link bait on purpose—and many have created link bait without even knowing it. It doesn’t have to cost that much to create something that people will link to. For example, it’s sometimes difficult—if not impossible—to get your competitors to link to you. But, consider this—take, for example, the case of Andrew. He works for a high tech company with a lot of competition. Andrew recently took his digital camera to an industry convention where he took photos of many of the attendees, the booths, and some of the after-hours events. He posted the photos on his web site after the convention, sent out a few emails to his colleagues and other industry insiders he met at the convention. Before he knew it, most of Andrew’s competitors were linking to his web site and the photos he took.

One way to create link bait is to get ranked well for phrases that will become popular in the future. As I sit here writing this article, the term “link bait? might be a good target if you’re in the search engine marketing industry. By searching Google for the following: allintitle:”link bait” you can determine about how many web pages on the internet are targeting that search phrase. Right now, as I write this, Google returns 25 results. Since that’s not very many, writing content about link bait would be a good thing for your web site. By informing the search engine marketing industry about link bait—and because the term is new, there’s a chance that others will search for it as it becomes a more popular phrase. As that phrase becomes more popular, others will need something to link to—and by ranking well for that phrase there’s a good chance that your web page about link bait will get links from other web sites. This is a phenomenon that I’ve been following since 1996 when I created my first “link bait? type of web site. If you’re a search term innovator, people will link to you—and links from other web sites mean better search engine rankings.

One of my ‘pet projects’ over the years (since I started doing search engine optimization in 1996) has been to follow the news—and if there’s a topic that I am passionate about I usually create a web page or a web site about the subject within minutes of the ‘breaking news’. In the cases where I have a web site about a particular topic and there’s breaking news about that subject, I immediately post it on my web site. Since I’m one of the first to have information about that subject, I end up ranking well fairly quickly—sometimes within 24 hours. Other people follow suit and post information on their web sites about that topic—but since my site is already ranking well for that search phrase, they end up linking to me. What they don’t realize is that they’ve fallen for my “link bait? which catches them—they’re actually helping me by linking to me and I end up ranking well in the search engines for a very long time, sometimes even many years. How can you take advantage of this? If there’s news in your industry, be the first to post it on your web site (or add a new page to your site). Be the first to get it to show up in the search engines and other people will link to it naturally.

Create an entirely new web site on a new topic. The new site could be funny, controversial, or just informative. Take, for example, Paul English’s IVR Cheat Sheet that he recently created. Mr. English is now enjoying thousands of links to his web site because he created a web page that’s helpful to all of us. Not only that, because of his cheat sheet that he’s posted on his site, companies are now seeing a backlash according to an article posted on Yahoo!. “Companies that rely on automated call centers have been weathering a consumer backlash in recent weeks…? reports the article. I don’t have access to the number of visits to Mr. English’s web site, but I would suspect that he’s getting a lot of traffic based on all the high-quality links that he has—and I would suspect that he hasn’t requested any of them.

Although the term “link bait? is fairly new, the entire concept of link bait has been around as long as the internet itself. People have been creating controversial, funny, and informative web sites and web site content that others naturally link to. And with the ever-increasing popularity of blogs nowadays, the bloggers need something to link to and talk about—why not create some link bait on your web site so it too, can enjoy better search engine rankings—just reel them in.

This post was submitted by bhartzer Corporate Web Site Marketing and MarketNet - Since 1994

Thanks Bharzer for the great article 

SEO Tools20 Jan 2006 10:39 pm

A few weeks back I bought a piece of software called PR Prowler created by TopNet Solutions

The idea behind the software is that you get to enter any search phrase and it will search for it on google, crawl every site, pull an email address (usually from the whois info), and send them an email which you write. This is used of course for what I call “link begging.” Hey link begging works if you do it right, and when you have a brand new site with no foot in the door, spending a little time on your knees can help tremendously. OK, so I took that a little too far.

Back on track.

The advantage of PR Prowler is how much damn time it saves you, especially if you have a content site. If I ever chose to promote this site, I could enter “SEO articles” or similar into PR Prowler and easily beg the thousands of websites that come up to link to me because I am useful. OK, so I’d have to lie a bit. :) The program does show a great deal of useful information about each site like current page rank, outbound links, and whois information. So at least I know who’s worth lying to.

The major disadvantage of PR Prowler is it’s lack of ability to filter out sites. No, I do not want to send an email that might be potentially viewed as spam to FBI.gov. I have to trash the entire list because an authority site put a word with the letters s e and o in it. PR Prowler was definitely a well thought out program though. They must have planned for that sort of thing by putting in a feature that searches the back links of your competitors. I found this works the best, because these sites are ones that are usually more willing to link in the first place, and you have less chance of spamming about.com. I definitely use this feature more than any others, but it does have it’s drawback. It queries Google for it’s back links. Everyone knows Google actually displays very little back link information about sites, and most of those back links are actually internal links. Don’t understand what I mean? Try searching for link:homevideo.about.com.

All in all I’d have to say PR Prowler was definitely worth the $95, but don’t think for a moment this software will be your cure-all for link begging. It is at least a great start, and the best solution I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried quite a few.

Random Thoughts20 Jan 2006 12:47 pm

So at my office today we ordered a total of 5 new IP’s. Three of those are on separate class C IPs. I’m just trying to brainstorm about what I should do with them. Eitherway I’m going to setup two new webservers and a few new voip phones. My biggest delima is how I should organize the sites. I need to interlink among the different servers to best serve my inbound link strategies. If anyone has any ideas I’m open to suggestions.

SEO Tools19 Jan 2006 10:13 am

Site Rating: A-

I recently was invited to try out a new free article service at http://www.ArticleSender.com. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the world of article writing, there’s a lot your missing out on. More to come on that later.

ArticleSender.com submits your site to various article directories and Google/Yahoo groups. They claim they “drop your article in 30,000 webmaster faces.” Which is true to a degree since they are probably counting the number of members in each Google and Topica group, but it is a little misleading. I actually counted about 42 actual sites/groups it submits to.

For those of you interested in the list

Topica Groups: Free Ezine Content
Topica Groups: Click for Content
Topica Groups: Free Reprint Articles
Topica Groups: Article Review
Topica Groups: Free Articles
Topica Groups: Best Writers
Topica Groups: Article Depot
Your Personal Writer
Marcomm Wise
Webhosts Online
Web Pro News
Promote Newz
RL Rouse
The Free Paper
Emoney Monthly
Glossary of Terms
TF Links
Star Developer
Cyber Indian
Big Thicket Directory
Megri Soft
Alternative Finance
What U Seek
Business Toolchest
Link Snoop
Website Promotion Ranking Ser
Articles 4 Content
The Ezine
How To Advice
Blog Widow
Article Point
Free Ezine Site
Free Ezine Articles
Article Depot
BPubs Main Site URL

For those of you who think this is going to be a negative review of their service you are going to be disappointed. For how new their service is I actually found it VERY good and best of all it’s FREE. The sign up and Authors Panel is very easy to use and best of all quick(for those of you who are familiar with article submission software you will definitely appreciate this). It doesn’t make you repeat information. It fills in the blanks with everything it already knows. The process of getting your first article submitted is very quick and easy, and each one after takes less than a minute if you already have the article written.

The submission time for each article from the time I hit the button took about 4-5 days. Which is good since your girlfriend is probably starting to miss you since my last article. I assume this is dependant upon the current load on the server. This is too bad because I predict this service will become too popular too quick. I have a feeling the owners are going to have a complete panic attack the day a major site decides to spill the beans about their site to their thousands of visitors. From what I understand ArticleSender.com offers quicker submissions if you make a donation to their site. This seems very reasonable and to me personally well worth it since we’d all hate to lose a great service like this to under funding, but like with everything else, try before you buy.

From my quick lazy scan of the forums I heard talk of them adding the many hundreds of sites that use ArticleDashboard software. This gets me excited because this is the first step in making article submiting truely worth the hassle since this is what will gain you the most static in-content-links. I predict the moment they add those article sites they will quickly become the unstoppable standard in article submission services. Then we can look forward to weeding through the hundreds of cheap rip offs that will follow.

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