February 2006

Announcements25 Feb 2006 01:17 am

Upon request I have decided to open up the Blue Hat SEO Forums. These forums are exclusively for the loyal readers of BlueHatSEO.com. They will remain invite only. So if you consider yourself savvy in the SEO world and would like to a place to communicate with other experts in the field without having to deal with the millions of newcomers out there. Feel free to register an account and I will approve your account. Everything on these forums will be confidential so we can share tips and secrets amongst the other members safely without fear of them becoming public.

I do ask one thing. If you join the forums, remain as active as possible. This shouldn’t be too hard, but I do want to ensure the regular posters against leechers. I consider membership to this forum as a privilege and highly beneficial if people treat it right and follow the rules.

I will also be very limiting on who is allowed to join the forums so please don’t feel outcast if I don’t accept your registration.

Blue Hat SEO Forums

Announcements24 Feb 2006 10:37 am

I think most of you would agree with me that the current available SEO tools just don’t cut it once you reach a certain level. This statement isn’t without warrant. In my recent search for tools to review I found a high level of repetition with almost every tool I came across.

Break Down Of Available SEO Tools
25%- Rank Checkers
25%- Tell or attempt to predict your Page Rank.
20%- Submitters
15%- Spammers
10%- Crappy site analysis
5%- Windows error screen generators
Almost all of which, might I add, are for the complete amateur. Where are the tools designed for SEM like us?
So although I was hoping not to dedicate too much time to this site I have decided to start producing some tools and utilities especially for Blue Hatters. Do any of you consider yourselves Blue Hatters yet? Nah I didn’t think so. It’ll grow on ya :)

On the drawing board today I ran into an interesting delima. With the concept of Blue Hat and it’s base in the idea of “advanced SEO techniques” these can’t be any ordinary run of the mill tools. I have a standard to set. :) My whole goal behind these tools is to get people to check them out and have their first reaction be HOLY SHIT! How did he do that? Anyways, I drew up some ideas and already started on the first one. It’s already going very well and I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress. So far it’s coming out great and best of all unique. I really don’t think this first tool will ever be able to be duplicated.

I also wanted to note that I am planning on making all of my tools scalable so each tool will be able to work off the data and inputs from the last. That way when they are all completed they can be put into one complete tool. A SEO company in a box if you will.

If anyone has any ideas for tools that you’ve always wanted to see let me know.

Random Thoughts23 Feb 2006 09:07 am

If search engines were 100% relevant…

There would be no search results. You would only need the I’m Feeling Lucky Button.

Every page on the internet would be a stop page. The searcher would use the SE to find exactly what they were looking for on the page of your site the SE sent them to and would no longer need to browse any other pages on your site.

Affilliate programs would not exist because if searchers needed to buy something the SE would send them directly to the people who sell them.

Internet traffic would drop dramatically because hunting for information wouldn’t be necessary.
No new ecommerce sites would emerge to compete because the SEs would automatically send all the people on the Internet to the most reputable online stores.
There would be no need for sites that review other sites

Directories like DMOZ would no longer exist

No sites would link to other sites because the visitor wouldn’t be at your site if it wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

Forums and chat wouldn’t be needed because finding the information would become easier than asking for it.
The web would be dead.

General Articles22 Feb 2006 03:54 am

Just so no one gets confused I want you all to realize that I do not always practice what I preach. There simply isn’t time for it all. Whenever I create a new site I decide in a written plan what techniques and practices will make me the most money with the least amount of effort for the longest amount of time. Although I have many sites that are over 2 years old, I very rarely put daily promotion work into any of my sites that are over 6 months old. I put a lot of effort into the first six months of a site and then let it perpetuate its own promotion (which is coincidently about when I start getting REALLY sick of staring at the site). This allows me to not only keep my sanity, but to prevent myself from putting too many apples in one basket (I think that’s the way the saying goes). This practice however tends to put a vice over my head when it comes to search engines and that vice is called Trust Factor. One of the greatest strengths you can have in business is knowing your own weaknesses so I’d like to use this article to help us all speculate about what I consider my biggest weakness and possibly yours in SEO.

Factors of Trust Rank
Here is what factors I think the search engines possibly use to determine your trust factor.

  • Age of Domain
  • Keywords in domain
  • Inbound links from sites that compete for the same keywords
  • Age of Inbound links from sites that compete for the same keywords
  • Stickiness of anchor text of inbound links
  • Ratio of inbound links from sites that don’t compete for the same keywords to sites that does.
  • Links from authority sites
  • Stickiness of links from authority sites
  • Percentage of pages on your site that are on topic with the main page.
  • Outbound links that result in a page competing for your keywords.
  • Site being available in the Google directory.
  • Also note that I believe there are boosts available in trust factors for the size of your site as well as meeting a goal of inbound links.

Using these twelve factors lets assume that they are all presented as equal. Therefore we can derive an algorithm to determine an estimated trust factor for our own sites so we may see how we fair to a scale.

The algorithm

#Age of domain factor
If (Age_Of_Domain > 5 Years) {
+10 Trust
Elseif (Age_Of_Domain > 1 Year){
+5 Trust
Else {
+0 Trust

#Keywords In Domain Factor
If (Keywords_In_Domain = All Keywords) & (Keywords In Domain <5) {
+10 Trust
Elseif(Keywords_In_Domain > 1 ) & (Keywords In Domain <5) {
+8 Trust
+0 Trust


#Inbound Links From Competing Sites Factor
If (Inbound_Links_From_Competing_Sites >= 100){

+10 Trust


Else {

+Trust = Inbound_Links_From_Competing_Sites / 100


#Average Age Of Inbound Links From Competing Sites Factor
If (Average_Age_Of_Inbound_Links_From_Competing_Sites > 100 days) {

+10 Trust


Else {

+Trust = Average_Age_Of_Inbound_Links_From_Competing/100



I will stop the algorithm right here because by now you’re catching my point. If anyone actually feels like making a tool of this PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Once you read the algorithm you realize the possibilities. When you are finished there is 144 points possible. If you take your number of points and divide it by 10 and remove the remainder you get a scale of 1-14. Assume that 11-14 points mean you are classified as an authority site. This leaves you with a scale of 1-10 of search engine’s trust factor in your site.

From here comes the leg work and yes I’m just as, if not more, guilty than the rest of you of not putting enough work into this as needed to be done. Taking a look at the assumed factors and putting them to scale; +10 being the best you can be or at least well above the average. +0 having none of the factor. We can at least use this to judge how much search engines trust us.

I would really like to talk to some experts on the matter and have them maybe shed some light on this subject for us. Until then I am forced to listen to who I know best………me.

General Articles21 Feb 2006 10:24 am

I found this interesting article the other day that I thought you might like. It talks about Poison words. In the jist it is the introduction to an experiment being done about words that cause search engines to flag your site as a “low trust” site. Since I didn’t get permission to post it (I was too lazy to ask). I will just give you the link so you can check it out for yourself.


I am actually very interested in how this experiment will go. I have always made sure to filter out any words I thought was words Google wouldn’t like, but it would be nice to actually have a list.

Here is my current list:

links (for outbound anchor text)
high rankings

note: I do realize I put these words as text on my own site. I simply don’t care. Besides maybe I’ll start ranking for Viagra :)

Update Reports21 Feb 2006 10:17 am

So the Google Page Rank update seems to be settling down. My sites have be fluxing for about 2 weeks now. A few are still fluxing at the moment but most are starting to become steady. On the plus note just about all my sites have gained at least 1PR. The few that didn’t gain at least stayed the same and had subpages raise. Please post comments on how your sites’ are fairing in this update.

One thing to note is that it seems Google has fixed the problem with giving two different page ranks to the / and the /index.html. HOWEVER! This is funny. Google didn’t seem to fix that problem with the index.php. This forces me to ask one question. What the hell?! Once you figure out how to properly concatenate one how hard could it possibly be to duplicate the process it for the other popular extentions?
With the wake of Big Daddy and the PR update I am opening Blue Hat SEO up to site reviews. If you would like to receive some input on your site feel free to either email me or post it as a comment. Whether it be layout reviews or SEO reviews feel free to let me know where your concerns lay and I will be happy to give any help I can. If you email me also be sure to note whether or not you mind your review being posted on BlueHatSEO.com. As long as people don’t mind I would like to make the most part of my reviews public incase I happen to find something that may be of help to others.

General Articles19 Feb 2006 09:23 am

After taking a little leave of absence I decided to come back to remind you of a few virtually untapped markets in the link building process. Some of these may seem like common knowledge, but honestly ask yourself if you truly utilize their full power.

Site Reviews

Try searching for “your main keyphrase”+site reviews. You may end up with more results than you’d imagine. Getting others to review your site is a great way to build a TON of traffic as well as quality links. I used to run an online text based game. I sent out a ton of request emails to game sites and game magazines. I managed to pull 70,000+ links that many still to this day stand. It was easy and it bumped the game up several thousand players a day with over 30,000 unique visitors/day. All from getting other people to review my site for me.

Product Reviews

This is crazy. Believe it or not a TON of shopping cart scripts never filter html codes out of their product reviews. Find these scripts. Do unique searches that identify sites using those scripts(ie. “powered by shop super script”). More to come on this later in a future Blue Hat Technique when I can explain the proper way to do this without spamming.

You should already know about this, but I’ll say it anyways. Submit testimonials to people complimenting them on their websites. Sometimes they will post your review along with a link to your website. I built a real estate website pretty large using strictly this technique. This particularly works with saturated markets like real estate. Every Joe Shmoe REALTOR will link to you if you tell them their cock is big.

Note: Incase I never mentioned it; I absolutely hate real estate agents. I really do consider them the Down Syndrome Children of business people.

Random Thoughts15 Feb 2006 10:49 am

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Been really busy. I promise I’ll get back on schedule with it soon. Until then enjoy your Valentines day!

Blue Hat Techniques07 Feb 2006 11:44 am

Someday I wish Google would be straight forward and say if your site is in the sandbox, and why sites get put in the sandbox. SERIOUSLY GOOGLE! What’s the worse that can happen if you use a little honesty in the matter? Until then I use a special trick to keep/get my sites out of the sandbox.

The trick rides off one principal which my own sites’ history has proven to me to be true. Google will almost never put a new domain from an old site in the sandbox.

Therefore to keep out of the sandbox you need to trick Google into thinking your site is from an old domain. You already know I like to keep old domains and websites around even if they don’t make any money. This is one of those times your going to need them again.

Find an old site of yours that gets crawled regularly. Create a subdomain. Mirror the main page of your site on the subdomain. Wait for it to get crawled and indexed. Then put a 301 redirect to your real domain. This will make Google realize that your site which is relatively new is actually an old site that got moved to it’s own domain.

Out of the sandbox you go!

Keep this in mind for your next website project. I have found it doesn’t hurt to plan early and release both at the same time. Then you just have to wait a month or so and put up the 301 redirect.

note: I have only tested this theory four times in the past with four different websites of mine. It did work each time. One of the times I used it to get a site out of the sandbox. I cannot guarantee you that it’s perfect or that it will work for you. Please let me know if it works or fails for you because at this point I still consider it a theory.

Random Thoughts05 Feb 2006 08:00 am

I was reading this blackhat forum today, cus I enjoy that kind of stuff, I supose. It was funny. They were talking about new ideas for css spamming. Some were talking javascript. Some were talking about hiding the text behind a picture. All sorts of witty shit that probably took them hours of devising. I just can’t help but laugh and wonder if any of them have ever heard of a marquee.

Look at me hide a bunch of text from the search engines. I can make this as small and hidden as I want. The best part is the search engines actually read this as normal text.

It’s funny how some of these people work so hard to let their spam go undetected using the latest and greatest technologies in webdesign. Yet none of them ever thought about using simple html 3.0 commands that can’t be banned or penalized. Although I’m not a black hatter I enjoy black hat discussion because it’s so much more creative and inventive than the boring repetative white hat stuff. Perhaps Blue Hat will become the non-boring white hat some day?

That will never happen with posts like this :)

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