April 2006

Neat Tricks and Hacks29 Apr 2006 07:46 am

Getting sick of exchanging links with graybar sites? When I’m forced to do link exchanges for page rank I take a lil different intial approach. I use the ever cool Page Rank Search Tool on SEOChat.com. It allows you to search Google and sort the results by page rank. Start by looking for phrases on your topic.
ie. “Key Phrase” exchange links url

Now if someone would just invent a search engine where you can search for html tags and include an API, I would be in heaven. They could call it Spamgine. :)

Random Thoughts28 Apr 2006 11:37 pm

It’s not very often when you get to witness a brand new business idea take off from a seedling in the frontal right lobe of the brain and hatch into a profit maker and die right before your eyes. For anyone who has ever gotten to witness the birth and death of a business first hand, you can appreciate the simplistic beauty behind it. Here is an unedited transcript between a buddy and I that I would like to share, so everyone may partake in the beautiful rise and collapse of an empire.

WARNING: Strong language and sexual dialog. This dialog should be taken at entertainment purposes only.

General Articles17 Apr 2006 04:07 am

So a couple months ago I went on a frantic article submitting fest for one of my sites and now I’m looking back on the results of that adventure. As far as promoting my articles I did a good job getting them out there. Really pushed them to a ton of article sites and they were high quality articles that received a very high acceptance rate. However now that I’m looking at the benefits I’m shocked to find very little. Even Yahoo (which even tends to ignore nofollow tags) shows only about 9 unique links from sites that posted my articles. Might I also point out two of which were scraper sites.

At this point it got me wondering so I started searching for terms related to those articles that normally would result in my site being one of the only ones. On average 1,500+ results from article directories with MY ARTICLES. Even though I’m still on top for most, I’m wondering why I should even be competing with these guys? They are obviously not helping my site out by giving it a valid link with the article. Eitherway an assumption can be made from looking at the number of inbound links gained from submitting and the amount of competitors I just gained for my unique phrases. That assumption is that I am going to end up screaming “THESE FUCKERS ARE STEALING MY TRAFFIC!” Way to ruin the business people!

At this point I’m not going to recommend everyone quit writing articles and submitting them solely because there is too many people that would argue against me on that, and a few would probably even have quality data to prove I am wrong. However I can assure you that I am going to quit doing it myself.

Side Note: Just to clarify to the curious, I submitted about 12 articles.

SEO Tools17 Apr 2006 03:52 am

IWebTool.com just released a membership based keyword tool that is pretty neat called Keyword Lookup. The registration is free and the tool is pretty cool. It allows you to see all the top searched for words in order. You can not only keep going down the list until you find the least searched for words but you can have it display up to 500 words/page. It also allows you to search for a specific keywords and find the related. Pretty neat tool I thought.

General Articles16 Apr 2006 04:33 pm

When it comes to using the www. in front or your domain, It doesn’t really matter which one you decide should be the forefront of your linking campaigns. However it’s a good idea to make sure that you are consistant with it. As a policy I make sure ALL portions of ANY linking campaign I do promotes the www. version of my site.

I’ve seen a few questions about this and I won’t bother answering the whys. Just know its a good idea. If you are fiding it difficult to find all the sites that link to you with the non www. url you can always search on msn using the
linkdomain:BlueHatSEO.com -linkdomain:www.BlueHatSEO.com
search string. This search string also works in Yahoo and will successfully return a list of all the sites that link to the non www. version of your site.

Random Thoughts14 Apr 2006 09:32 pm

An SEO company cold called me today. It was great; she showed me how she got one of her clients a #1 spot in Google! The #1 spot was for a term that gets searched for on avg. 8.6xday but that’s irrelevant. She also spilled all of her secrets to SEO success on me, so I may share with you.

Top SEO Secrets <----Get a pen
1-Put a picture of a lady that looks half business woman and half house wife on the top of your site. She stressed this point
2-Put a picture of a guy with a cell phone. It doesn’t matter where, just as long as you have a picture of a guy with a cell phone.
3-Put a W3C logo and link on your site.

I’ve been doing it all wrong!

If I may make a quick side note. I did NOT take this lady’s words out of context to make them ridiculously funny. She really did believe these three things determined who was first in the SERPS.

Let the traffic roll in!

I told her I desperately needed some SEO for one of my sites named BlueHatSEO.com. She took a look at the site and noticed my guy with the jacket. I assured her that it would be promptly changed to a half home wife half business woman, just as soon as I could. She was relieved. I asked if she could get me ranked #1 for “blue”, #1 for “hat”, and #1 for “SEO”. She told me she certainly could but I wouldn’t want to rank for those terms. Instead the smart thing to do would be, to have her “keyword technician” do some math and find the term that would be most beneficial to my business.

I don’t know. I kind of liked the idea of ranking #1 for SEO, but I guess ranking #1 for “cottagebaconmix” would be more beneficial to my business. :)

I’m not going to crap down this lady’s neck too much; cold calling is a shitty enough business to be in after all. For god sakes though have some pride! Don’t let someone with a website with “Advanced SEO Tactics” in giant blue letters right across the top keep you on the phone for 45 mins asking questions like what is Google, because they probably don’t need your help as much as the next person on your call list. Though it was pretty hilarious hearing her freak out when Rob kept tapping the Mario Bros. themed hold button really fast.

So this was a crappy post with no real point to it except prove that I’m a jerk to telemarketers. Please listen to me SEO companies. Don’t cold call people! If you want customers, rank for terms they are going to use when trying to find you. Honest, if you asked your knowledgeable friend what a good SEO company would be and he responded, “I don’t know, search for SEO company and go with whoever is on top.” You honestly couldn’t say that would be bad advice.

General Articles14 Apr 2006 05:15 am

Update: hehe yeah arbitrage right…old post :)

I can’t help but notice that PPC ads are getting increasingly competitive. It’s no secret that affiliate marketers are beginning to look at PPC as a solid method of investment. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what I am talking about I’ll explain real fast.

PPC To Affiliate Marketing Basic Strategy
The idea is find an affiliate program that results in a PPA (Pay per Action) or PPL (Pay per Lead). Lets say for instance you find one that will pay you $4.00 for every visitor you send that ends up filling out a form for auto insurance. The next step is finding a good PPC campaign to generate your targeted traffic. At this point many prefer PPC Engines while most prefer Google Adsense. You then develop and write a few targeted ads and bid for your clicks. The idea is to generate enough leads to not only pay for the clicks but to pull a small profit. For instance if one in every 10 of your clicks on average complete the form to get their insurance quote, and you pay $0.30/click. You spent $3 and made $4. Therefore you profited a dollar. The art behind making the real money this way is to of course write quality ads that convert high while paying as low as possible for your clicks while generating as many leads as possible. Did I just make that complicated? I’ll iterate my point. If your making a dollar on your three then it may be worth it to bid slightly more per click and lower your profit dollar in order to make more leads/day.

Now that most of have quit reading because you already know this…
I wanted to point out a cool change up to the system I saw today. Someone was advertising on Adsense in the serps and directing the traffic to a PPC site.

Here’s a picture of his ad in the SERPS

Nice ad eh? If you click on it, it leads you to this page http://www.hometheatredirectory.com/Results.aspx?query=Home%20Theatre

I thought this was a pretty unique idea. Buy clicks at low prices, convert the traffic, and sell for higher on other engines. This would be obviously stupid to do this backwards with Adsense ads, because Adsense ads don’t allow you to pick which ads show up on the page. Therefore you cannot guarantee that the clicks made on your site will cover the costs of buying that click.

For those of you who are wondering why this is showing up for terms like “home theater” I can only say I’m not surprised. I know from experience that expensive terms means expensive PPC costs. If you were going to truly experiment with this sort of investment, might as well go high so you can properly measure the results.

General Articles11 Apr 2006 03:09 am

There have been a few discussions lately on why Google does not police the Adsense scraper sites. Even when you click the report button on an obvious Adsense spam page Google seems to do absolutely nothing.

An Adsense scraper site is a site that has no useful content. It may have several random paragraphs of “content� in order to provide Google Adsense with keywords for the contextual advertisements. In other words it scrapes other sites of their content and keywords.

These Adsense scraper sites that do not rank well in Google due to their devaluing rank very well in MSN and Yahoo. The theory is that Google in essence allows the Adsense accounts to stay active so that MSN and Yahoo indexes become overpopulated with “Adsense Spam�. This makes their indexes less useful than Google’s.

Even these spammed “Adsense Pages� provide Google with two things. They provide a free advertisement to webmasters to join the Adsense fun, and they push down the relevancy of their competitors SERPS. Facts be faced Google was the inspiration behind this web spam trend. The more it becomes a seemingly unstoppable force the more it appears that Google will profit the most from it.

This article was contributed by Rob from WebmasterRadio.fm Chat

General Articles10 Apr 2006 07:58 am

Neat tool by Google if you haven’t seen it already.


If you click on Site-Related Keywords and put in your url, it will analyze your site and return it’s keywords and even give you competition levels and popularity of the search terms to scale.

Announcements08 Apr 2006 03:49 am

Sorry guys, as most of you realize by now I’m kind of new to the whole world of personal blogging. I didn’t realize my comments had REL=nofollow tags on all of your site links. I scoured through the code and took them out. If ppl are nice enough to comment and leave their thoughts on my blog the least I can do is properly link to their sites. Let’s just leave the spam and BS comments to a minimum please.

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