May 2006

Blue Hat Techniques21 May 2006 05:49 am

This technique, although painfully obvious, works as a last resort for a site that has been banned in Google (or any other SE for that matter). Lets say for instance that your site uses some spammy techniques and got banned. The first and most obvious step of course should be to file a reinclusion request with Google as soon as you do a little spring cleaning. However there is two reasons why a person would not want to do this.

Reasons to not file a reinclusion request
1) Your spammy technique does so well in MSN and Yahoo that it would not be worth it to remove for the sake of Google. You do not necessarily care about Google, but it would be nice to at least have another chance at Google.

2) Even with the spam removed Google won’t honor your reinclusion request. So you might as well put it back up and do well in MSN and Yahoo. However getting back in Google would be nice as well.

Here’s how to get back in Google without hurting your status on MSN and Yahoo.
Buy another domain extremely similair to yours. For instance if your site is buy 301 redirect from the old domain to the new one. Then make the new domain your new primary domain.

If your wondering why it seems like I’m picking on Google in particular; it is because Google seems to care more about older domains and is most likely to ban your site for a technique they consider spammy. From my experience 301 redirecting from one domain to newer one has only minor temporary effects on your MSN and Yahoo rankings.

Obvious downsides
Although you get to keep your link popularity in the other engines, you obviously loose your current link popularity in the engine you’re unbanning yourself from, since it probably won’t even bother following the links pointed to a banned domain. Hey, what can I say? Gain nothing…loose nothing. At least your back in the index and any links you can get to switch over to the new domain will show up in the now unbanned engine. Plus any new links you gain count as well. Besides, at least your back in the index with a fighting shot.

PS. Why haven’t I seen any tools designed to find all the sites that link to your site and email them requesting a change in the link? I’d be easy to make and might be useful for situations like this. Also wouldn’t be bad for requesting changes to anchor text. I would also love to see one that goes out and finds all the sites that link to you using  rel=nofollow and sends the site owner an email asking them to remove the nofollow tag.

General Articles16 May 2006 09:23 pm

So Google is getting pretty swell at finding redirecting pages. Javascript is out. CSS is out. htaccess is out. Whats left?

Try redirecting through flash. Flash scripts can forward the browser to a new page. Search engines also can’t read flash and won’t redirect.

I only put this post up in honor of Matt Cutts appearing on WebmasterRadio :)

Random Thoughts11 May 2006 05:08 am

I wanna start a section of comments about funny webdesign bloopers we find around the net. There’s gotta be hundreds.

I’ll start us off:
This is hilarious. This is a website for a flower shop out of Portland Oregon. When they were recording the background music for the website the employees continued talking in the background. They even start bitching about customers!

General Articles02 May 2006 02:50 pm

I’m noticing changes rippling through many of Google’s Datacenters starting last night.

Here’s what datacenters I’m noticing the largest changes on

Feel free to add to this list in the comments.