July 2006

General Articles30 Jul 2006 05:30 am

I got an interesting comment in the What is Blue Hat SEO page that i thought I’d take a minute to comment on.
an0n Says:
July 29th, 2006 at 9:54 pm

Sorry, but the suggestions suggested on this site are plain unfair. While they might not be against the rules of the search engines, doesn’t mean you can be greedy or unethical. You are the patent system - legal but unfair.

Case in point: your spam blog ‘hack’

Hee’s an example of being unfair, but not against the rules. I disagree with your site. I won’t be ‘black hat’ against it, but I’ll use your own style to get what you want. So I shall feed you some advice that will do the world a favour. The advice are ‘instructions on how to delete this site’:
a) if you have access to your WP folder remotely, delete the folder
b) delete the database or where the actual data is stored

Thanks much and good netting!

Despite what you think I’m not going to start ragging on this person, or even disagree with him. Infact I take most of it as a compliment.

Judging from a few other comments he has left; I get the impression that he is a White Hat Fanatic. I’ll explain. SEO is a lot like religion in several rights. There are religious people. People that follow a religion but still respect the rights of others that don’t believe as they do. Then there are religious fanatics, that feel it’s their duty to force everyone believe what they believe, one way or another. SEO holds the same principles. There are whitehats and blackhats. There are white hat fanatics and blackhat finatics. Simply put, the whitehat fanatics hate the blackhats because a blackhat site somewhere down the road outranked them. Blackhat finatics hate the whitehats because they are the are the ones that report their sites and get them banned.

Personally I’m on the fence on this one. I simply don’t care either way. I don’t hate blackhat sites because blackhat sites don’t attempt the competative markets I do. I don’t hate white hat sites cus if they get one of my blacksites banned, all well. I factored SE life span before i even invested in it.

An0n brings up a valid point. Are these Blue Hat Techniques unfair? Obviously being fair is subjective. Are using these techniques unfair because they allow you to compete with large sites like about.com? Some would say having a million dollar a year SEM budget is unfair. Are they unfair because the other webmasters competing against you aren’t readers of BlueHatSEO? If you’re that concerned about being fair email your competitors with the link. I bet you won’t. :) The only thing I see unfair is the fact that there are 300+ million sites competing for a term and only 10 will get 90% of the traffic. For pete’s sake people use this site as a tool to level the playing field. Make it fair for your sites to compete with all the rest of the bullshit in the industry.

Obviously An0n is frustrated, and Freud Eli might know why. It has been beatin’ into his/her head that content is king. I realize the concept of content is king is so incredibly popular that I’m probably going to get a ton of grief over this, but I really don’t care because saying content is king is like saying having a light car wins you the races. It’s true, but you’re going to want some horsepower before you run with the big dogs. That horsepower is appling advanced SEO tactics. Sorry if that conflicts with the idealist world of “natural linking.” Fucking communists. How disappointed were you when you were first learning about SEO and you asked “How do i do good in the search engines.” Then some person replied “Build good content and get some relevant links.” It’s not a bad answer it’s just not a very useful one, and it’s definitely not satisfying.

That is why I built Blue Hat SEO. I believe it’s a better answer to that question. Now how do you plan on me continuing to answer this question with the website deleted? Perhaps I should convert the blog into every other SEO blog. Where I just rant about new Google products coming out, and avoid actually teaching anything. I’m sorry to say this but there is a serious lack of resources available to webmasters after they pass the complete newbie level. The demand for advanced webmaster knowledge is definitely out there. I just built what I wish already existed. If there is anything I can do to stir up some dust so it’ll finally happen I’m more than willing.

Thanks for donating your input an0n. I really do appreciate yours and everyone else’s comments.

General Articles29 Jul 2006 06:26 pm

Back in the mid 90’s phone companies were having major problems dealing with phone hackers(phreaks as they called themselves). The problem seemed hopeless to solve. The phone companies would increase their technology and that in turn would simply inspire the hackers to increase their technology. It was this hilariously vicious cycle that kept spiraling downward. The phone companies kept lobbing to increase the penalties for phone hacking and the phone hackers kept coming back and saying “We’re always going to be better than you. You’ll never catch us.” The situation seemed hopeless.
All of a sudden the phone companies did the most brilliant thing on the planet. They took all the most prominent phone hackers, the outspoken ones that taught all the other kids how to do it, and gave them jobs developing ways to stop those pesky kids. This kept the phone hackers happy ‘cus they got to play around with new security that they’ve never seen before(plus I’m sure the paychecks were nicer than they’re used to), and it kept the kept the phone companies happy because they didn’t have to worry about them anymore.

This amazingly this worked! Within 10 years the problem was almost eliminated. There is still little traces of it around today, but nowhere near the degree it used to be. Way to go phone companies. :)

Lets step back a lil’ further
Back in the wild west days local ranch owners had huge problems with wild horse and cattle thieves. What did the ranchers do? They hired the horse thieves to stand watch over their cattle. No other thieves would dare go near that ranch once they found out another gang of thieves was protecting it.

Back To Today
Webspam has gotten completely out of control. It’s going beyond the limits. Google, Yahoo, and MSN have tried everything in the book. The more they increase their technology the more the spammers increase theirs. It’s this all to familiar sounding situation seems to be escalating out control.

What do you think should be done about it?

They should hire professional webspammers to develop algorythms to stop webspammers.

Good f***in answer!

Neat Tricks and Hacks28 Jul 2006 07:02 pm

Hi guys and gals,

I’m having a boring Friday. Which is weird since normally Friday’s are packed with crap to get done. However in light of that I decided to give out another Neat Trick and Hack. Yes I will start putting a lil’ work into the Neat Tricks and Hacks section. For those who don’t understand, the Neat Tricks and Hacks section is mearly a place for mods and SEO tricks that are cool, but I just don’t feel they warrant a place in the Blue Hat Techniques section.

The one today is REALLY easy and doesn’t require any special tools or scripts. You can do it by completely by hand in hardly any time at all. The trick is great over a long period of time and can be done regularly.
Getting Started
1-Go to Wordpress.com and register an account. Log into that account. Keep the browser window open.

2-Go to a wordpress account that obviously doesn’t exist like EliIsGreatInBed.wordpress.com

3-Look at the bottom of the page. You’ll notice something like “The blog you were looking for, eliisgreatinbed.wordpress.com doesn’t exist but you can create it now!”

4-Go to your favorite search engine and search for “The blog you were looking for” “exist but you can create it now” site:wordpress.com
Here’s the link in Google

5)-Open up each result and steal the account simply by typing in the blog title and clicking next.

6-When you are all finished and got enough to keep ya happy log back into your main wordpress account. Each blog you just took will be attached to that account. You can then click on each one and add links on the blogrolls to your main sites!

For those of you reading this post late, sorry you probably missed the land rush and there probably aren’t much Wordpress accounts left. I discovered this trick about 9 months (there were about 9,000 results back then) and I’ve been steadily taking accounts about once a month since. In the spirit of sharing this trick I’m going to retire this trick from being used by myself,. and share the wealth. Personally I’ve used this trick to acquire xx,xxx amount of high quality links. These sites are already in the engines. some of them still rank for their terms. Most still have inbound links from other sites and blogs. Some even have page ranks. I managed to even get one PR6 blog and several PR5’s and dozens of PR4s. Eitherway it’s easy, quick, and it gives you good solid long lasting links. For those of you who are finding all the results already taken, I suggest looking towards the back or middle, or hell just check back later. They pop up all the time. So in two weeks when teh rush dies down there should be a whole new batch for you to snag up.


If you enjoyed this trick, I have one request. Post some of your good account findings in a comment below. I may even give out a prize to whoever scores the one with the most pre-existing inbound links or highest page rank. :)

Random Thoughts28 Jul 2006 04:29 am

I heard this on a WebProWorld post the other day. Kinda made me laugh. I don’t personally know klingon, but if Worf was disrespectin’ my momma I’d learn quick as hell.

Check Out Google Klingon

Only one Star Trek Joke? Com’n Eli. You’re slippin’.

Random Thoughts27 Jul 2006 06:11 pm

LOL, this is kind of funny/perplexing so I thought I’d share it. You know how church signs are getting wittier and wittier? At least around my town they seem to be in a heated battle over who can have their sign say the darndest thing.

However I’m not sure but I think the church across the street may be making fun of me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked to be an inspiration to christians and potential christians alike, but I’m starting to think the bald guy that changes the sign might of been drawing blanks one early morning. Looked across the street and said hey, “they get foot traffic.”

I don’t go to that particular church, but i’m starting to think I should simply because they are obviously so damn kookie.

Here’s the sign

Here’s my office right across the road

ps. I don’t know why shrinking the image made the roof look like it was made from a giant piece of walnut hardwood. You’ll just have to trust me that it’s shingles and it looks normal.

Neat Tricks and Hacks26 Jul 2006 08:24 pm

I feel kinda bad about not keeping this site updated as much as I should lately, but I’ve been really busy with the newest projects. Seriously folks, I really do plan to put more time into bluehatseo I just need to get some of the stuff on my desk done first.

In the mean time, since you all have been so loyal and visiting way more often than I actually update. I’ll keep ya busy with a small wordpress hack I’ve developed.

What Is It?
It’s technically not a mod or addon, its just a small template hack. It causes every person that reads one of your posts to automatically ping that post to all the most popular ping services through Pingomatic. This actually saves you a lot of time and creates a nice little circle of promotion. The more visitors your wordpress blog gets the more it gets spread. It also is 100% safe from proxies and possibilities of getting banned from ping services, since every ping comes from the visitor not from your server. I really do hate sending out blogs n’ pings through the server. Infact I avoid it at all costs.

How Do I Install It?
Login to your wordpress account

Click on the Presentation tab

Click on the Theme Editor

Edit the Single Post(singlepost.php)

Scroll through the code till you find
<?php require(’post.php’); ?>
Right below it put this snipplet of code in
And your done!

I have plans in the future of writing a Blue Hat Technique for using this same principle to boost the power of blog networks through “interpinging.” This will in a sense utilize the blogs that get more traffic to boost the blogs that get less traffic, which in return boost the rest of the blogs. Causing an upward spiral in a closed blog network. If anyone has a unique idea for this and would like to get featured on Blue Hat SEO.com by actually writing the Blue Hat Technique you are welcome to. I’ll be happy to post it up.
If you’d like to see one of the strange effects of this trick click here.

Update Reports25 Jul 2006 07:47 pm

The newest Google update seems to be winding down. How did you all fair.

Here is my official change report based upon what I noticed:
1)Pagerank for newer sites became harder to acquire. Older sites seemed to maintain the same pagerank. A few older sites went down in pagerank if they had below a PR5. Newer sites got a below expected pagerank. This I think is due to the fact that Google aparently downsized their index before doing a pagerank and backlink update. Does this seem retarded to you?

2)Mid-aged sites went up in the SERPS. Sites that are around the 1-2 year old mark went up in the index and started competing with the 6-9 year old sites. This I believe is a correction made in the algorythm after drawing much anger from webmasters during the infamous Jagger update.

3)Reciprocal links took another dive.  Not as big of a dive that happened when Big Daddy updated, but they obviously did drop in value once again. I also noticed that the sites that removed their link exchange pages went up in the serps(converting all their low value link exchanges into low value one way links). This draws the conclusion that the links placed on a link exchange page hasn’t dropped in value, however finding a link to each site, on each site has.

More to come on this later when i get some time. Check back. 

Blue Hat Techniques20 Jul 2006 04:30 pm

Once upon a time I actually stole this idea from a small software directory. I don’t remember what site it was or even if they are still around. So I’m not going to bother attempting to give proper credit. Just know that this idea, although very rare and hardly used, is nothing new. It is infact quite old and proven to work.

This technique accomplishes two VERY important things
1) It improves the CTR (click through rate) onto your site within the organics. Simply said, it makes your site stand out more when people search for your terms. So if done right you can actually rank #2 in the search results and yet pull more traffic from the results than the #1 site. You see the advantage of this already. :)

2) Since Googles inception of tracking click through rates, it is naturally understood that they will factor in CTR into which sites they should display first. Yahoo has been doing this for years. Its very simple and obvious, if the #2 site gets a much higher percentage of click throughs when visitors search for ____ than the #1 site. Than #2 must be a more relevant site for what the users are looking for. I haven’t done any testing with Google but I can tell you this for sure about Yahoo and it can be assumed for Google as well: Improving your CTR in the organics WILL improve your rankings over time.

How Is This Done?
In the jist, improving your CTR in the organics is simply done by making eye catching adjustments to your title tag. Don’t you wish there was a way to make your title tags show up as heading tags or giant bold letters in the SERPS? Yeah keep dreaming buddy. Thats impossible, but you can however add common nontypable(not on keyboard) english characters to your title tag to make them stand out above the rest of the results. Every writer knows that bullets and arrows draw the readers eyes to important key points of a paper. Why not use that on your website.

Usable Characters
Here are the usable characters that I have found will work:
^ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ § ¬ ° ± º ø þ
« note: Only works properly in Google

There are other non english characters you can try that look and stand out great, but i have never used them for fear of the engines thinking my site is non english. I suggest you take the same precaution. Use these english characters to form a title tag that stands out, yet won’t hurt your rankings. The nice thing about these characters is that you can put them in your title tag and yet the engines will pretty much ignore them when they rank your site. Other title changes will sometimes cause a temporary drop then rise again in the serps while they attempt to see if your site changed topics. These seem to have absolutely no affect other than being displayed in the SERPS.

Here’s An Example
ø Blue Hat SEO ø
A stupid blog you should never read.

See the difference? If you would like test this on a site you don’t care too much about and take an unbiased look at it in the results page. You’ll notice your eye naturally gets draw right too it. The biggest difference you will notice is the immediate traffic jump. Once the engines update your title tag in the SERPS you’ll instantly notice more traffic from each phrase you rank for. I really don’t mean to be selling you on this technique, but for how simple this technique is, the results are too amazing to not witness yourself.

What characters do I typically use?
I am personally a big fan of ø and ¤. They just seem to look nice when placed in front and in back of a title. So now that I’ve finally written up this technique, you people can quit emailing me and asking me whats wrong with my giant “character rich” title tag. :)

Here is how the characters look in each one of the engines. I put the « in front so you can notice how it won’t show up in Yahoo and MSN.

Me in Google

Me in MSN

Me in Yahoo

Further thoughts for PPC Campaigns
The whole point of this article wasn’t to tell you to put characters into your title tag. Its to draw some of your interest into a very important aspect of SEO that normally gets overlooked. There are many ways to improve your CTR in the organic results. The best point I can possibly convey is to use your creativity. Your a webmasters so I already know your chock full of that.  I would also like to add the significance of this in PPC campaigns. Why pay an extra 10 cents/click for the #1 spot when you can get the same traffic while paying for the number 2 spot. It’s not all about writing a good ad that describes your site. Use some creativity to also draw their eyes to your ad. This is a basic 101 concept from back in the banner CPM days that still applies today.

General Articles18 Jul 2006 07:48 pm

MSN research team recently updated their Strider Search Defender technology plan. The plan details Microsoft’s new developing approach to stopping webspam. It’s direct targets include blog, forum, and guestbook spammers.

The concept is simple. To use web spammers mass production capabilities to make catching them all the easier. This is done by a less than simple form of locating highly spammed places and using them sort of like spam traps. In a sense, the more they spam the more likely they are to get caught.

Neat concept if you ask me, but I have a few theories of much easier and more solid ways to identify webspam without running the risk of locating what MSN dubbs “False Positives.” Sounds sketchy to me.
Click Here To Read The Full Report

If anyone from MSN is reading this I would like to point out one thing. I am in full support of this spam filtering technology. I really do think its a good idea, but in the end you may be causing a bigger problem than your solving. People spam forums, guestbooks and blogs because they’re easy. Once a search engine figures out a way to thwart that, then blackhatters will simply start using the harder method of link gathering (you know what I’m talking about), and you definitely don’t want that to begin. It’s been a long time in the coming and its going to be devisitating to SE’s once spammers start having to resort to it full time.

Random Thoughts11 Jul 2006 08:08 pm

So I’m still having some fun with Microsoft Adcenter. Except now I’m attempting to award a website with the Manliest Site On the Web Award, and since I don’t discriminate I am also offering the Womanliness Site On the Web Award as well.

I’m taking nominations, but so far here’s what we got.
If you would like to participate go to the Microsoft Adcenter Labs and put in a url, click the URL selection (no query selections will be accepted).

Manliest Site On the Web Nominations:
www.HotRod.com - 73% Men Awesome car magazine.
www.StarTrek.com - 85% Men Worf is my hero to.
www.MattCutts.com - 66% Men The dude knows his nerd stuff.

Womanliness Site On The Web Nominations:
Viagra.com - 68% Women It’s doesn’t work for you, stupid!
Oprah.com - 69% Women Wait till you see who beats her.
DrPhil.com - 73% Women BOOYAH Ugly! He’s sensative AND has a penis, of course women are going to love him. He probably even asks for directions.

What Did I learn?
The trick to having a manly website is to talk in ways only men can understand.
The trick to having a womanly website is to gain and loose as much weight as possible.

Please feel free to submit the sites you think should win in the comments.
*Porn sites excluded

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