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This is exactly how I make money online…

This blog has a lot of great tips and techniques to help the average webmaster break beyond their barriers. However they are nothing more than skillsets. Skillsets are worthless without direction. For that reason before I’m done with the missions I want for this hobby (blog) I want to lay down 4 corner stone strategy posts. This is the second behind my SERP Domination post which taught the power behind numbers. As mentioned in my Log Link Matching article every technique on this blog interconnects like a well connected puzzle and fits together perfectly to form an ultimate SEO strategy. This is that strategy. In that spirit every post before this one builds up to this post and every post after is a follow-up to it. By now you hopefully have had time to browse through the archives and digest all the past posts. This will give you the necessary skillset and more importantly mindset to put all this into practice. I’ve always preached that there is no rules in SEO only loosely enforced guidelines. So it’s time to take the Jalapeo peppers the rest of the industry have given us out of our asses and prepare to tear this shit up. Its time to build our own SEO Empire.