Since cloaking and IP Delivery(delivering specific content to only the ips of SE bots) are pretty much the epitome of Black Hat SEO, and none of us are blackhat :) I thought I’d start a small chaptered tutorial on sneaky alternatives. Understand, ANY form of displaying separate content to engines than what you display to regular users is clearly against the rules(with the exception of flash of course). So these definitely still classify as Black Hat and should never be considered Blue Hat. However, since a large portion of you are going to be experimenting in IP Delivery and various other cloaking methods I might as well teach you some safe methods of doing it, because obviously one wrong move/one missing IP could be the one that gets you banned very quickly. My experience with people who perform ip delivery in particular are that they are VERY cocky about it. Even though it’s a very smart well thought out technology. In all reality they don’t deserve to be cocky about it at all. Infact it’s in their best interest to be as paranoid as possible. The more paranoid they are, the better their sites’ perform. I suggest you take the same mental approach.
Method 1-The Wayward Advertiser
I call this method the Wayward Advertiser because it tricks the engine into thinking your just displaying a auto rotating banner advertisement. No big deal, SE’s have been dealing with those since the early 90’s. This “advertiser” however will force any nonbots to be displayed another page through a redirect. This is very simple.

Step 1
Create your bots view page. This is the page you want to be keyword stuffed and SEO’d to it’s max since that is all the search engine will see. Then put in the frame code. Make sure the frame code is something similar to 468×60 pixels. This is the standard advertisement size. The frame will pull a page called something similar to adspace.html. Of course be creative with it, but give away nothing that this page will be a redirect. Do everything you can to make it look like a legitimate refreshing advertisement page. That includes the filenames.
View the Botsview source here

Step 2
Create the adspace page. This page will contain three different types of code. First it will contain a framebuster sniplet. This will cause the page to bust out of the frames and in return display another page that only the users will see. We’ll dub that page the userviewpage. The second will be in the actual body. This will be a meta refresh tag, that will refresh to the userviewpage as well. This is a failsafe. I like to set this to 3 seconds just incase the user doesn’t have javascript enabled. The next will be either a 468×60 pixel image or some form of link that looks like an advertisement. This will obviously be so incase the search engine decides to follow the frames. Everything will look completely legitimate as an advertisement and it will leave.
View the adspace source here

Step 3
Create the userview page. This will be the real content you want the visitor to see. Of course this isn’t totally necessary you could just redirect the users directly to your affilliate link or whatever you’d like.
View my userview source here

Would you like to see an example?

I will periodically post the rest of the chapters of this over the next couple months. Obviously there are many different ways to accomplish a good cloaking effect. Gimmie some time and I will slowly work my way through a large portion of the quality ones.