This is a little technique I call The Next Day. April Fools day is such a badass holiday, hell its right up there with Fourth of July when you get to spend all day blowing shit up and boobie trapping everything with flammable fireworks. The only problem with April Fools is that everyone is expecting it. So you got to pull all your good jokes the NEXT day when people are more likely to fall for them. Muhahaha. Com’n this is a thinking outside of the box site right? What did you expect?
So for those of you who called Charlie’s Gay Bar hoping to get in on me and Jon’s podcast, much appreciated! Bonus points if you followed through and made “heavy breathing noises.” Haha. Kudos.
For those of you who are now faced with the dilemma of having to face your wives after they find the phone bill and realize you made a long distance call to a gay bar. Don’t worry I got your back! I wrote this quick utility that will automatically write and print an apology letter for you to use in your defense. So when she’s yelling and screaming and trying to take legal custody of the kids just fill out this quick form, print it off and hand it to her. Everything will be “hunky dory” :)

I do it cus I luv ya,

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Your Wife’s Name: