So this sounds impossible right? Well it’s definitely possible it’s just really sneaky and underhanded. However to be clear, this technique involves your competitors WILLINGLY linking to you. This is a natural link and although a underhanded technique it is completely white hat.

First you will need some tools

1) A quality link exchange script (not a link exchange directory script). I suggest you use PHP Link Manager because it does a great job of reading your links on their pages without them having to be absolutely perfect. You will also need some knowledge of PHP because you will need to modify this script.

2) A proxy hitter that allows multiple domains. I would suggest you use one called Stealth Advertiser. Now let me get one thing straight. This Stealth Advertiser program is a WORTHLESS program that does not deliver on it’s promise of “Millions of visitors.” Don’t use it for its intended purpose! I will not give a link to the company that makes it because they are a bogus company. So if you are actually interested, read the readme file. Until then, we are going to use the program in a little more ingenious way to get what we want.

Step 1-Install the link exchange script somewhere on your site. Edit the code so towards the top it says something like this:

Random MYTOPIC Site

Link To Some Site

Then get the script to rotate through a few sites you’ve hand selected that are related to your site’s topic. No more than 10. Then below that; where the script displays the link exchanges put the heading as

Permanent MYTOPIC Links

Link 1

Link 2

etc….you get the idea

Then below that put the form they will use to add their site to the permanent links portion. This script MUST force them to already have a link to your site on theirs before they may submit their link. Otherwise the affect is lost.

Step 2- Install Stealth Advertiser and put in the url to the link exchange page you’ve just created as the referring url 61 or so times. Then remove all items from the list and click Add By Search. This will allow you to pull a HUGE list of sites that are directly your competitors in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Then add another site or something you own so you can test to make sure it’s really working.

Step 3- Click Start and let it finish. This will take several hours depending on how many competitors you have.
What will happen?

This will pull your competitors website’s 61 or so times and make it look like it’s coming from your links page. When they view their stats they will see a large amount of visitors coming from your site to theirs. They will follow the link and see your links page. They will not see themselves on the Permanent Links section and will assume that all the traffic came from the random rotation. Even if they are a big site and normally have a no linking policy, I guarantee you this. The first thought that will go through their head will be “I gotta get on that permanent links section.” When they read the form and it requires them to have a link back they will decide that it is worth it and they will link to you.

This is a VERY effective technique. In fact, from my experience this works a hundred times better than personally emailing every one of your competitors. If you have a lot of competitors and/or a lot of bit keywords you compete for this will benefit you the most. You can gain a couple hundred to a thousand RELEVANT links within a day or two.