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General Articles04 Nov 2006 04:20 am

You’re not still scraping RSS feeds are you? *Shakes his head in shame* I am so disappointed in you. How about we review a few places where only the trekies are brave enough to scrape. Its a huge content filled Internet world out there. I’m sure we can do a little better than crappy RSS feeds.

Encarta Encyclopedia- WTF?! Yeah you heard right. The articles and content are held in huge datafiles on the CDs. Go fuckin’ grab ‘em already! No one else is.

YouTube- This one is too easy. They even have a feed you can use to grab the videos, descriptions, and titles.

IMDB- Same as YouTube. There is even an example of how to grab and parse IMDB content on the LWP module example code.

Newsgroups- A classic and too easy to pass up.

Drudge Report- Nothing is more beautiful than snagging big news that has popularity but isn’t already stolen by CNN and MSN. Also consider who your competitor in the SERPS is. Drudge Report may have a ton of links but the site itself is SEO’d to shit. My little sister could kick his ass in the SERPS.

Craigslist- Same as Drudge Report but I’m going to stay out of this one because I have a ton of respect for Craig Newmark. It is also a bit harder to beat him in the SERPS, but the vast volume of new content being added every day more than makes up for it.

IRC- I’ve beatin this technique to death so I’m not even going to bother talking about it.

Froogle- I couldn’t help but mention this one. However please respect when I say, stay off my turf! Seriously…

Forums- One of the easiest way to build millions of pages of content quickly. The quality tends to suck but you hit such a high range of topics in such a short amount of data it really helps bring in traffic from those odd phrases.

Looksmart and Article Finder- Their templates make it way too easy to scrape the content. The articles are also long which makes it nice.

User Contributed(Check Comments)
Google News- Uhhhg yes.

Public Libraries- Simply fuckin brilliant!

Ebay- That one is news to me. I’m all over that one. Ever thought of scraping Ebay and then feeding it into froogle. Ebay does the same damn thing, but why not go through your aff links? Its worth a shot and there has got to be a good way to make some cash off it.

University Data- Such an asshole thing. I love it!

This is great. Keep em comin!

General Articles03 Nov 2006 06:04 am

I heard something on a forum the other day about all the niches becoming saturated with heavy competition. Just wanted to say sorry about that :) haha just kidding. Are there any niches out there that are still wide open? Hell fuckin yeah is my answer to that, but how about something tangible? Well there are certain niches that are always bringing in new niches of their own. So if you’re really caught between a rock and hard place here is a few ideas to get you off your feet. Two off the top of my head involve the celeb business and the music industry.

Never Ending Music Niches
New hip hop artists and rock bands come out all the time. If you manage to score a niche website for one right before they hit MTV or something you got some serious bank coming your way. Pics, Music videos, bio, mp3 downloads(if legal) damn if isn’t all good in the biz. Making money is just as easy as the content. Affilliate links to buying their cds, posters, merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled and glued on the tv and magazines for these new niches. They will make you serious money faster than you could imagine. While I’m on the topic… I hate to point out the obvious but why the has has hardly anyone considered scraping Myspace for bands? Its a beautiful world where the bands promote themselves and all you got to do is be there and yet I can’t find a single other person doing this. One more thought for you blackhatters: Scrape the band names and put them into a subdomain on a music site. Grab some attention and enjoy the traffic flow. Then monitor when their profile scores so when they get so many “plays” or when they reach between a certain value than add them to a list to steal an actual domain for thier name.

Never Ending Movie Niches
There is two that fall into this category. First and foremost is new movies. Oldest technique in the book is to watch for celebs to accidentally release the name of a movie before it comes out with a trailer. Snag the domain and put it up. This is why Sony quit buying domains for their movies and started putting them up at It works too damn well and is too damn easy for someone not to monotenize. This comes in most useful if you are good at getting indexed quickly and enjoy stuff like SEO contests. The traffic is quick and hard, but will also consistently last you for a couple years after.

The second niche in this category is obviously brand new actresses and actors. It wasn’t until Spiderman that Toby Mcguire started getting massive searches. This niche is especially easy because most ppl are simply looking for pictures and love clicking around to find them(Adsense and image search). BIO information makes for easy content. The only thing you have to compete with are other douche bags and bloggers that have the same name. They hate the new found traffic and you want it. This makes an easy sell for a link on their websites.

There are tons more niches that fall into this category. Too damn many to name in a single post, but I hope this gave you a few ideas. So before you start getting frustrated with being beaten to every niche consider the ones like the above that will keep you busy until your old.

Sorry I have to quit typing because I have a monstorous sneeze coming on….

General Articles22 Oct 2006 08:42 pm

Hopefully by now you’ve read parts one and two of the Wikipedia links series and are ready for the slightly more aggressive part three. I affectionately call this technique the Chumbawumba method because when my links get knocked down I put them back up again. Never gonna keep them down. Don’t pretend like you don’t know the song. :) This more aggressive method is not only great for keeping your Wikipedia links up but works just as well for many other sites. I would love to hear some brain storms in the comments for other sites that this would work for as well. There are more than you would imagine. Off the top of my head I can think of six.


This process will be ran from a timed cronjob (schedule server task) and will aggressively ensure that your links stick and stay on all your Wikipedia submissions. This technique will, once again, require knowledge of some form of server side language and will assume you have already finished and have a working version of Wikipedia Links Pt. 2. I will also assume you have been keeping a database record of all the Wikipages you have submitted to.

The Process

1. Write a script that pulls (LWP) all the edit pages that you have submitted your article links to. Parse out the actual article, the EXTERNAL LINKS, and everything below the external links.

2. Check the EXTERNAL LINK for your domain. This is easily accomplished through a simple regex command =~ /$domain/.

3. If your link exists than ignore the page and move on. If it’s gone then just readd it. Someone mentioned in the previous posts’ comments that they are in a link war with some of their competitors on Wiki. Their competitors are removing their links and adding their own and visa versa. I could not imagine a worse waste of time. Plus the links disappearing and reappearing does no one any good if neither one can’t get any trusted link age on the pages. I suggest just stomping them out for good by also parsing for their links and just automatically removing them as they appear. They will eventually tire of fighting your automated system and bow down to the king. I know this sounds mean and unfair but fuck ‘em if that’s the way they are going to be.

4. When the script submits back to Wiki be sure to use a solid and tested proxy. That way you can protect yourself from being banned. I’ve never heard of Wikipedia banning domains from the external links but I suppose it is possible. In which case if this happens just buy a second domain and do a 301 path to direct path redirect to your real domain. No big deal problem solved.

5. Set the script on a cronjob. I recommend setting it for once every 48 hours starting out. Then keep a log of all the times your script has to actually make a change. This will give you a good way to gauge the link loss. Then just adjust the timing accordingly. If you find your links never getting removed than go ahead and just set the cron to run once a week or so. If you got some competitors than set it to every 24 hours during nonpeak hours.

Dun dun dun dun…can’t touch this! Btw today is national gay song day. So don’t mind me. I’m just having fun with it.

General Articles17 Oct 2006 07:14 pm

So I’d like to use this post to announce that I am officially selling out. At the moment Blue Hat SEO is the only site on the internet dedicated to the art of advanced SEO. However I have gotten lonely of writing to advanced audiences and would like to start drawing the attention of beginnner SEOs. So instead of teaching advanced ways of manipulating proxy servers I’m just going to explain what they are in plain english. So from now on please expect these kinds of newbie posts on Blue Hat SEO because that is all you are going to get. Sorry, but I wouldn’t of had to do this if more people had clicked on that big donate button.

Definition of a proxy server
-A server that acts as an intermediary between a workstation user and the Internet so that the enterprise can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service. A proxy server is associated with or part of a gateway server that separates the enterprise network from the outside network and a firewall server that protects the enterprise network from outside intrusion.

Basically a proxy server is a computer someone sets up that works as a middleman between you and other websites. In other words when you go to a website, first your computer goes to the proxy server and says hey I want to go to Then the proxy server goes to and downloads the page. The proxy server then sends the page to you. So in a sense you download only from the proxy server and the proxy server downloads what you ask.

This has several benefits. Security is the biggest. Large corporate networks can track and watch what everyone in the network is going to. It provides a great deal of control because the proxy server can first retrieve the page and easily block it, should the need arise. Blocking other web addresses on a proxy server is easy. The other benefit comes from “anonymous proxies.” This popular form of proxy never passes your ip address. Intead it uses the ip address of the proxy server. So people don’t know who you are.

How Are Proxy Servers Useful To Web Spammers?
There are some great sites on the Internet that allow you to download large lists of public proxy servers. These are servers that allows anyone to connect to them and use them. This creates a huge advantage because then you can fake it so it looks like you have TONS of different IP addresses. It makes you much less traceable when you are spamming. It also allows you to look like you are different users. So the places you are spamming and link bombing can’t identify a single person making all these accounts or posts on their site.

Since I plagiarized this post a bit here are some sites that have some more information on Proxy Servers. If you aren’t familiar with them definitely do some research and find out as much as you can. They are a very useful thing to know about.

So I know a few of you just read this whole thing and are like What the fuck! Wow, Eli really did sell out didn’t he? I know I know, writing a little tutorial on what a proxy server is definitely is not advanced and for most experienced SEOs it should even be common knowledge. Perhaps there is something else going on here. Maybe I just wrote this because I got a new post coming out that’s going to knock your proxy loving world on its ass and I just had to get this information out of the way and into a reference mark so it wouldn’t pollute the real information with beginner stuff. There may even be a little something for the white hats in the possible upcoming post, or perhaps I really did just sell out :)

PS. There is no donate button so you can quit trying to find it :)
ya’ll lil’ bastards wouldn’t use it anyways lol.

General Articles12 Oct 2006 08:01 pm

Back in the day autoresponders got a bad name for themselves due to their ties with FFA Links and directories. Not a lot of people properly understood the concept of autoresponder marketing and so it naturally fell into the pits of spam and pyramid schemes. Fuckin amateurs. However to this day they are extremely useful if used right and tactfully. The few that truly understand how to use them are now rich because of it. So instead of delving into the old ways and telling you to go create a ton of ffa link sites and directories then spam the submitters’ fake email addresses with MLM programs I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily make an effective autoresponder network that’ll actually create you sales and leads so fast it’ll make your bowels spin. It also may make you a ton of friends along the way.

How Does A Proper Autoresponder Work?
The autoresponder we’re aiming for will produce a site which the webmasters in a niche will WANT a link on. It will stay clear of the directory and link farm radar and will have no place in submitter programs. It will naturally be found by webmasters who are deeply hunting for places to put in their link. It will only allow a few links and look very nonspammy. It will also require the webmaster to put in their email address in order to submit their link. The webmaster will see no reason why not to put in thier real email address. You will then merge that mailing list to create a powerful marketing network to advertise your products to webmasters and website owners in your niche.

How Does A Autoresponder Make Money?
You will either sell your REAL site or service to them. Whether that be convincing them to advertise on your site for a low monthly or CPC fee, or sell them an actual product. It will also allow you do a bit of affilliate marketing. You can either find a directory that will pay you for every person you get to submit to their paid directory or hell…create your own! It also doesn’t hurt to dabble in selling some website promotion software through affilliate links. The possibilities are endless. All else fails help your friends out in exchange for promoting your other sites. “I’ll advertise your website to my mailing list if you’ll give me a couple links on your sites.”

How To Create An Autoresponder Network The Right Way
The easiest way to explain this is through an example. Then just modify it for whatever niche your wanting. Lets pretend you want to target real estate agents and the infinite supply of local real estate webmasters.

1. Create a Real Estate BIO site for each state. Hell go each county if the budget will permit you. Grab some easy content like state facts(census information, flag, exports, home information, market stats, biggest cities) and put it up. Gain a few links to it and make it look very nice.

2. Have a small section down at the bottom or something where it says “Useful Kansas Real Estate Sites” or whatever fits your topic. Then allow them to submit their link for “review” to be added to the list. This will also require their email address.
I’ve seen a few sneaky places that do this tell you to email them with your link if you want it included. Then they just have a script parse the email address and link from the fake email address and add it to your list.

3. Mass produce them like crazy. You can even put adsense or something up on them to help them cover their intial costs on their own. Generate a few links to them and let them roll into the engines. Most of the time you’ll get stomped by other big info sites in the organics for people actually looking for the information, but the people actually looking to promote their sites will easily find you. It also doesn’t hurt to require them to link back to you on their site before you include their link.

4. Limit the links via a roll. Have the sites allow ~10 sites. Then when a new one comes in let the oldest roll out of the list. By that time the webmaster that submitted the link will have forgotten all about it anyways. Then you might even have yourself a one way link :)

Starting the Advertising
You can always go the blatant route on the advertising. Let them know somewhere down the road they opted into a mailing list. You can otherwise be subtle about it and act like you are personally contacting them saying, “Hey thanks for adding your link. I really liked your site, btw here’s what else I got that you might find useful…” Eitherway you got them right where you want them and it should be easy to milk some money from the now huge growing list. Either way lots of money is to be made from this if you do it right.

If you’re not into the money part but would rather startup a large ringtones forum or something, remember this method may just help you get the userbase off the ground so fast it’ll have NASA shitting their pants and yelling at the bus driver to pull over. So have fun with it :)

General Articles08 Oct 2006 06:22 pm

Upon special request from Robby I am releasing the second part to my Wikipedia Links series a bit early. This post will detail a bit more advanced way to gain links from Wikipedia and takes a step forward in the complicated sector. So if you’re not ready for it please get ready before attempting. It will also require knowledge of coding so don’t let that take you by surprise.

The Objective
The objective of this technique will be to semi-automate the process of submitting your content links to Wikipedia. There will be two backends. The first will be used by your content writers(you if applicable). The second will be the actual process of submitting your links. Also note that when I use the term content writers, I am referring to you or anyone else that writes the content for your site.
The Process
1) Create a subsection on your domain where your content writers can post their articles. Create this much like the first part of this series specifies. Make a backend for the content writers to post the articles so they don’t have to do it manually or through the CMS. It also helps to put in a good WYSIWYG editor for their benefit. The form for the article will need to include the category the article should be placed in(a category editor is a nice addition), the title of the article, the article itself, and 6-10 keyword boxes.

2) After the content writers have written the article and filled out the form and clicked the nice big submit button you will need to further code the next page. Through the script have the next page pull the en.wikipedia search for each one of the keywords specified. Parse and list the results with check boxes next to them. That way the content writer has the option of checking all the places on wikipedia they would like the article they just wrote to be submitted to. It wouldn’t hurt to write some limits on this portion to keep it simple and the spamminess of it down. Limit the keywords they can use to describe their article and limit the results it’ll provide from the search.

3) After they have selected the Wikis they want to link to the article they press the final submit button. This will then publish the article on your website. Then it will LWP the wiki edit page which will be formatted something like
The easiest way is to just grab the title of the article, remove any redundant phrases like “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia” and syntax replace spaces with underscores. Pull the article source and regex for ==External links==. Below the external links insert
* [ Article Title] -Could also put in a short 100 char description here if wanted.

4) Then you just have to post the form, and double check the article for the change. Always! be sure to double check, because if your script messes up the Wiki article that means big trouble. So definitely test before you play, and every time you double check make sure you save the old original copy so if it makes a big mistake you can easily and quickly put the old article back in and find where your mistake was. Also be sure to check for a few human errors that may mess up the posting to Wiki. For instance make sure they can’t put *’s or ]’s in the title or html for that matter. That’ll cause some major problems with the Wikipedia insert.

Well there you go. I know this is rough but its the best I can do short of posting the actual code (my answer is no for those about to ask). Just use it wisely and test test test before you actually use in mass. This is a semi automated method and is very fast and easy. If you are an idiot and amateurish about it you’ll ruin it for EVERYONE very quickly. All in all this is a great way to automate the aspects of your promotion work and the work of the content writers for your site. Over time once the content writers get the hang of it, it creates a great way to get a ton of high PR links. Once created and in practice it will shock you on how fast the empire builds using this method. Just remember what I said be responsible with it, not every article you write should be submitted to every search result. Being discrete is the key to success here.

General Articles07 Oct 2006 08:20 pm

With all the new trends hitting the Internet every year I just can’t help but sit back and laugh at the broad scope of things. The public is amazed at the changes happening in the background but completely miss the pattern that we webmasters all knew back when we were horny teenagers first learning web design.

The porn industry sets the standards for the Internet.

Everyone knows it but yet they don’t catch on until about 2 years after the porn sites have already made it a standard. Facts be faced and the “master promoters of today” be damned; the adult industry has us all beat by a mile. Since the beginning they have specialized in grabbing attention, converting the user, and keeping the audience. We nonadult webmasters with our content sites, spam sites, or whatever haven’t even begun to catch up with them and in my opinion find ourselves about 2 years behind. Web 2.0? Don’t make me laugh. Take almost any porn site from 2003-2004ish and look at how they are designed. They didn’t call it anything amazing they just did what tested to convert best. Once again, in my humble opinion, I don’t think for a moment that we are being revolutionary. Some may disagree with me here but for what it’s worth there is a lot that can be learned from modern porn sites. A large majority of which is held in the way they design and promote. Since I’m not an adult webmaster(sorry but the money isn’t worth desensitizing my love of real life boobs) I’ll focus this post on the promoting aspect.

So what trends do you see in the porn industry right now? How do you see them promoting their sites outside of the seach engines? Well there’s tons at the moment but one of the biggest I’m seeing is how they handle affiliates. They take their membership based sites and put in previews and tidbits of content to get the users to convert. They then take almost ALL the content they have in the members area and hand it out like candy to their affiliates. The affiliates no longer have to trick the users into going to the links, they just post up the content everywhere they can. I’m not just talking about member based advertisers I’m also talking about products and anything else.

Lets say you sell car audio. Just following this model, why not hand out free full version software to your affiliates that will help their users tune their own car stereos to the maximum? Why not have videos of your sponsored competition cars kicking ass and hand it out to all your affilliates? Give them full pages of interactive content with statements like “Thank you -link- audio for providing the useful video on how to increase the throw and pitch on stock speakers.” There are a million ideas and twists that can be done to this concept that the adult industry has mastered and tested for years now. Their wisdom and testing has already proven the inevitable drop in link and sales pitch tactics. So we might as well drop them now and stay one step ahead. If we know where the trends are going why not follow them before the rest of the competition does?

Ad Formats
Also notice how the adult industry is formatting their ads on other sites. It’s moved away from “Hey don’t you want to see Pamela Anderson naked” to “Check out this chick with triple D’s trying to play socker naked.” The user naturally goes “I gotta see this!” The move to “shocking ads” from “here’s what i got” ads isn’t a surprising one. The shocking ads will get the user digging. If they click on the link and don’t see the content they were wanting they will click around in a determined fashion on your site till they find it. Lets say you sell home theater equipment. “Check out this $150,000 home theater system I setup in my home!” Holy crap i gotta see this, i bet its badass! They click and see all the images and read stuff about “It features a -link- Philips TSU3000 -/link- universal touch screen remote with a high end -link- Hitachi CP-X345 Projector -/link-. Boom you got yourself some “I gotta have that” sales.

Well I can take this article on for at least another 4-5 pages but I’m going to stop it here now that I got a few brain gears turning. The lesson here is, just watch for the trend setters. Beat the rest of your industry to it. Black hatters, are you wanting to know what to do next to push your cpc and affilliate sites? Just look at how its already being done successfully in the adult industry. You can learn a lot from their mistakes and successes.

General Articles28 Sep 2006 05:08 am

Oh boy, here I go with a new term again. When is someone just going to come out and tell me to shut the fuck up already? I swear people I’m not just pulling these out of my ass. I actually use them regularly to properly describe something that I haven’t seen anyone coin yet. I just hope the people in my office understand me and just give me that all too familiar weird nod and eye shrug for other reasons. Uhhhhg as much as I hate to admit it the concept of market bait is useful and should be a considered practice for the already well developed site so here it goes.

As you probably guessed market bait is, in sorts, the red headed step child of link bait.

Link Bait - Creating a portion of content that draws readers interest. Its intended purpose is to suede other webmasters/bloggers to talk about your content, thus linking to you. Hence its kind of like fishing for links.

Market Bait - Expanding the scope of a websites niche (subniches) in order to allow you to expand your site’s marketing scope to other link sectors.

We’ve all been in the situation where we’re developing a link plan on a site and it suddenly hits the brick wall. At first it’s easy, you peruse around the other sites in your niche and you easily gather tons of links, and put up your link everywhere they’ll allow you. You get a few good relevant ones and put it up in some directories. Everything is going well and and you start making rash predictions. If I managed to get 6k quality links this month then in six months I should have about 36k…right? Haha I’ll stop that thought right there, since there is the possibility that I’m the only dork that tends to do that.

If I may jump into left field real fast…oh man I hate it when I’m doing some spam site project and I look at the stats from 10 test sites, as like oh wow these 10 sites are making $25/day so if I create 5,000 I’ll make $12.5k/day. Yet it never turns out that way does it? Still it never crosses your mind that your wrong until AFTER you’ve done all the work. All well, it’s just the way of the world I guess. If you know what I’m talking about please say so in a comment so I can feel better about myself. :)

Back to the subject of the brick wall of link building. Once you reach that point you have several options. Most start looking into generic low quality links. Hey at least its a step forward. Others look to link bombing. The rest decide to keep the easy road rollin’ with Market Bait. In other words they create a new “type” of content for their site. That type of content allows them to easily reach a new market filled with a whole new set of easy to grab links.

Lets list a few examples
Webcams - Just putting a webcam on your site allows for a whole world of easy link building. There are tons of webcam directories and webcam link sites you can post to. This is easy and if you don’t actually feel like entertaining a webcam audience you could always just be lazy and point the webcam out the window and ad it as a “city cam.”

User Contributed Videos/Pictures - Just allowing your users to submit videos or pictures opens up a ton of link market opportunities. You can submit to video directories, youtube…brain fart…too many to list.

Jokes - The joke market is HUGE. Lets say you have a medical info site. Just putting up a small medical jokes section allows you to post up your link to thousands of joke sites and directories.

A Blog - I had to mention this one just because it’s so obvious. Most SEO sites recommend putting up a blog on your site for just this reason. Just having a blog opens up a ton of linking opportunities.

My point is simply, why stop at a blog? There are thousands of ideas that are just as effective in the same marketing concept why not just keep producing them? Create one market bait and get a few thousand easy links, then just create another. Frankly it’s much easier than attempting to beat down the brick wall or avoiding it with link bombing(ehhh. I’ll take that back).

My Approach
I’m going to create an official Blue Hat SEO comic strip.
Here’s my buddy Stacey and I as super heroes. My super powers are very painful to villians. I have a cat for a hand. I punch the enemy and claw the hell out of their face. Then I squirt lemon juice on them. Ouch dude, ouch.

And no super hero comic book is complete without an evil villian.

Matthew has a grapefruit juicer for a hand which he uses to squirt innocent civilians in the eyes with grapefruit juice. My buddy shawn has an airhorn for a hand which he uses to give headaches to people then he scratches the chalkboard on his chest with his nails.

General Articles17 Sep 2006 11:04 pm

Every once in awhile I like to browse through some other blogs in search of some interesting stuff. Today I found this post by SEO Black Hat talking about search engines evolving into the next phase of rankings. The proposal of this phase is tracking user behavior. I must say I completely agree. I think all the major search engines already know that the future of the serps lie in ranking sites based on how the users surf. I think that’s why they are so hell bent on producing popular toolbars. It just makes sense. However just like the search engines already know its never too early to plan for the future of search technology and how your site will perform.

Check out his insightful list of 7 factors that possibly will be used

So what is this going to do for SEO?
Lets break it down and its separate levels. First being of course the White Hat and moving on to the beginner Black Hat and then of course the advanced Black Hat. So lets take a quick trip down to pretend land shall we…

White Hat
Time Consuming Content - Instead of making quick articles on how to do something like learning javascript. They will expand out their content to long reads and expanded graphic content. This will keep the user on the pages for longer to expand their trust.
Page Breaks - Documents will be broken into multiple pages so people will have to go from page to page to get all the information. This will look good to the engines because it shows the user actually navigating the site on a single visit.

Bookmarks - More encouragement will be given to the users to bookmark their site. Multiple daily or weekly visits will become very important to the site owner. This will help them raise their return rates.

Framed Outbound Links - You see those sites that have the little frame at the top of all their outbound links? It gives the user one last chance to return back to their site where the water is warm and the girls are pretty. This will naturally appear like the user loves your site and can’t leave; even if to make a sandwhich.

Download Encouragement - Encourage your users to download Googles great new spying toolbar! People already do this to help their Alexa ranking. Why waste bandwidth on a user who doesn’t have the toolbars installed and thus don’t count?

Beginner Black Hat
Return Of The Popups
- Buying popups on other sites will naturally become higher. Also producing doorway sites that display your site in a frame or something will cause the toolbars to naturally see your site as a much higher visitor rate.

Forced Bookmarks - Automatically loading the bookmark this site javascript on the start of every page will be loved by all beginner blackhats. This will help with the return rate.

Intermediate Black Hat
Forced Page Views - The main page will contain tons of hidden frames that display the other pages of the site. You want each visitor to appear like they are browsing to at least 4 other pages? Sure you got it on every visit. The toolbars will see nothing but huge conversions on your sites.

Returning Back Button - By doing a simple redirect on your landing page, it essentially makes the back button useless. They hit back it just brings you back to your site again. The user typically will figure out after a couple tries that they have to hit the arrow and go back two spaces, but in the mean time you just scored 3 returns on your main page; making your site look very good.

Promotion Circles - Convince 10,000 webmasters to join your autosurfer everyone raises in the rankings. This of course assumes the SE’s will filter for public proxies.

Advanced Black Hat

Pop Unders - People will eventually figure out how to make a tiny hidden popunder on their site. Hopefully the beginning user won’t see it and will leave it open over night after they leave the computer.

New Kinds of Spyware - Auto surfers will be loaded onto users computers. People who want to “SEO their site” will pay to put their sites’ pages into the rotation. While the user is sleeping, their computer sits there and browses the internet for them with of course all the toolbars secretly installed.

New Breed of E-mail Spam - Wanna raise your site in the serps in less than 24 hours? Just send out a blank email that loads a tiny version of your site to millions of people. It’s essentially a blank email so who’s to complain? Yet it makes your little spam site look like it’s larger than

API Calls - This is the obvious solution. Using Netstat or viewsource to find out what that toolbar or user tracking code is pulling and slam it like it’s the red headed step child.
Well that was a fun little brainstorm session in Make Believe Land. As inevitable as I think this is, I think the SE’s need to take some time to consider the move before they leap blindly into it because frankly User Behavior being used in the SERPS only makes my job all the easier :)

General Articles09 Sep 2006 11:26 pm

So I’ve been really busy lately with some new projects. Sorry I can’t tell ya what they are, but now I’m finding myself sitting here on a sunny Saturday morning staring at a blog that hasn’t been posted on in almost two weeks. My apologize. Honestly, I haven’t been doing much SEO lately. I’ve been trying to focus on other forms of traffic.

Yes they’ve been going well :)

If I may be frank, there are plenty of SEO blogs I would love to tell to shut hell up. I’ve never been one to be truly active in the webmaster community, but I do have strong opinions about certain people who are. I firmly believe there is a certain point where “SEO experts” get too involved within the community. At that point they start becoming more useless(my favorite oxymoron). They begin to network more and SEO less. With the fast pace of the industry they soon get lost with the knowledge and loose their own understanding of the concept. So then they do what they find they are best at; Networking with other players. Beyond that it’s all one big clique. It’s not long before you find yourself walking around a packed SE conference shaking hands with a bunch of fake smiling people who honestly haven’t even developed a single website in years(most if ever) yet have no problem chatting about search technologies. For a guy like me I couldn’t imagine a worse form of hell.

In the spirit of not being a complete poser I will boil the excuse of not blogging about SEO in two weeks simply to, I haven’t SEO’d in two weeks. So lets quit the rhetoric and talk about alternative forms of traffic. Personally I think this is a great opportunity to remenis(not sure how to spell that) about the yester years of traffic building. There used to be some bad ass ways of building traffic to your site that were so much fun I hated to give them up. So lets quickly roll through my top 5 favorite old school traffic generation techniques. This is going to be fun and surprisingly relevant.

Fuck you Technorati. No ones talking about you for once. I’m talking about the classic empire built solely on watermarking and redistributing other peoples content. This form of promotion is loved by all except the select victims. Hey Ebaum I agree with you buddy. Gotta make enemies before you can make some friends. Some great content to steal is flash videos/games, pictures, videos and of course porn. Great ways to distribute include but definitely not limited to humor sites, picture sites, and P2P.

4-Top Sites Lists
Oh man Top Sites Lists were fun. You just put in a top sites list on a subdirectory, signup with a ton of related top sites lists. Then you just vote for yourself everyday till the growing traffic starts flowing in this nice little circle. Then you change all your outbound links on the other topsites lists to your main page and boom, an easy 3k visitors/day and growing.

3-Banner Farms
Banner Farms were always one of my personal favorites. Remember banner exchanges? They still exist and are a great way to pull huge traffic from old geocities type home pages. If you’ve given up on traffic from old 1996-98 sites just because they are a hideous mess of frames and dancing baby animations then your missing out. They are particularly great for small traffic reliant projects. Just throw a few still existing banner exchanges down at the bottom of your site, proxy hit and repeat.

2-Signature Tagging
Still popular as all hell. Boils down to the more popular you are, the more popular your website will be. Create a giant flashing banner ad with lots of noise and attach it to every single mundane post you make on forums. Undeniably the winner of the longest running traffic grabbing technique award.

1-FFA Link Hijacking
Definitely my favorite. Nothing gave me more pleasure back in the day than hijacking those pesky Free For All link posts. You just attach a little meta refresh tag onto your description. Put yourself in the business category(always shows up first alphabetically) and boom you got yourself some free low quality traffic to drive your top sites list and banner exchanges. Also worked surprisingly well on a few guestbook scripts.

God those were the days. Still the new ones of today are still damn nice :)

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