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Neat Tricks and Hacks05 Oct 2006 03:39 am

Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s my 100th post already. Be sure to give me some kudos in the comments (haha I figure I’m allowed to fish for compliments every 100 posts or so). Well I can’t think of a better way to start the triple digits than by starting the first part of a four part tutorial on getting tons of links from Wikipedia. If PR is your concern please quit paying money for PR6’s, Wikipedia is full of them and waiting for you to post your link.

Lets begin with the White hat method since it is the simplest and will create the least amount of problems for you later on. It’s a little more manual labor intensive than the rest, but fuck it, it’s easy and worth it.
1) Make a list of all your top terms. For instance if I were promoting Blue Hat SEO I’d make a list with something to the effect of: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Link Building, Website Promotion, SEO Tools, Black Hat, and White Hat.

2) Create a small article section of your site. Write 2-4 articles for each keyword and put them in the terms section. So my site might be organized like this.
Search Engine Optimization
|-Article 1
|-Article 2
|_Article 3
Link Building
|-Article 1
|-Article 2
|_Article 3

You get the idea. Then just make sure each article only contains links back to your site or other pages on your site. However you want to distribute the new found linking power.

3) Go to and do a search for each one of your terms. Try to find the PR6 and above sections that directly use your terms. There may be anywhere from 1-15 for each one of your major terms. So dig deep.

4) Click on the Edit This Page tab. Go to the portion that says
==External links==
and add your link using the following code:
* [ Anchor Tag] A collection of free articles.

Let the link hunt begin! This is particularly useful for Ecom sites that sell tons of different types of products. Once the articles are up it only takes a couple hours to gain a good 50 or so one way PR6 links. I’ve had one site of mine gain over 150 PR6 links and 72 PR5 links this way. It took a little bit of work, but its not spammy and your links are almost guaranteed to stick.

If the article creation is going to be a problem just be an asshole :) Look at the other related links listed. Steal some of their noncopyrighted articles and replace their link with yours. Chances are no one will even notice the change. Ouch I just caused a problem didn’t I?

Neat Tricks and Hacks26 Sep 2006 10:05 pm

I would like to take a moment to present a very powerful link building technique that has been long overlooked by webmasters. It’s actually quite a shame. Every SEM I’ve ever met has managed to just skip right over the subject of Document Links without a second look.

Search engine engineers are very adamant in talking about their engines indexing power in regards to the term “documents.” MSN, Yahoo, and Google all worked very hard so their engines can index and understand other forms of documents than just HTML pages. They also worked very hard so they can analyze the links within those documents and extract them for credit as well. If I was in the same boat I’d demand the people writing the FAQs and guidelines to use the proper term(document) as well. After all it’s the least they could do. So why not take it literally?
So how does this apply to link building? Consider other forms of documents that are indexed such as Acrobat files, Excell documents, Power Point presentations, and Word documents as a direct line to link building through content creation. After all, they are treated just as weighty as html files are. Infact you can even find them in the site: and link: command.

The Proccess
Lets pretend you sell refrigerators online. There’s tons of competitors and informational sites on fridges out there, but it’s tough to get the links you need to compete for a term like “Refrigerators.” So you spend a little time and create a PDF document that is a nice compiled list of all the major fridge manufacturers and their warrantee information along with direct phone numbers to their warrantee support departments. That’s useful right? Fuck yeah. Hell thats even useful for your direct competitors that also sell fridges online. So you insert your little link with your desired anchor text into the footers of the document’s pages and lock the file for editing(so it can’t be changed). Then you send out an email to the top 3,000 sites that rank for your terms and say something like:

I really liked your site, but I had a hard time finding warrantee information for the products you sell. Warrantee info is something I definitely would like to know before investing in a new unit. So I created a useful document with…….blah blah blah describe your file…I thought your visitors might find it useful. Feel free to post it up on your website. Perhaps in your “Contact us”, or “Product Support” section where people can easily find the information when they need it.

So then the other webmasters like the document and put it up on their website. They link to it on a prominent page(the contact us and support pages are usually linked to on every page of the site so can be counted on to have high PR, so target them if you can). A couple days later the engines come around and index the document. Boom you got yourself a ton of quality links. It’s such an incredibly, easy powerful, and yet completely ignored technique it’ll keep you up at night searching for other types of documents to create and mass distribute. More importantly, people can steal your videos, they can steal your flash, but if they steal your documents you’re the one who benefits.

Just to give you an idea of how well this works I’ll list an example. I did this same technique for an older Ecom site of mine about 7 months after sending out a link exchange request to the top 2,000 sites for my various terms. Since I’m promoting an Ecom site I naturally got a very low response rate. I then used that same list for this technique; my response rate was in the upward 30%, which is absolutely huge. If you do that on a larger scale with a less experimental formula and you get the idea of how well this works. Especially since the sites that accepted the link exchanges were the relatively small sites that usually buried my link. The documents also stole success in infiltrating the huge sites that have strict no linking policies as well as succeeded in being placed on prominant pages. Think of it like spreading a virus. Your job is to convince other webmasters to upload your content onto their sites when they normally wouldn’t even give you a link.

If it’ll help you out, Here is a list of Google’s 12 document “types” they index. Note that the types are not specific to a format, there are actually many different formats you may use within each of the 12 types. Just be creative.

Since this post is so incredibly directed to the white hat sites, and I hate to be biased, I thought I’d also throw in a quick thought for the blackhatters out there that are now bored out of their skulls by reading this. Doorway pages get banned all the time for spammy text and such, but have you ever heard of a PDF repository getting banned? How can you determine if a PDF document contains spammy text? Since they are naturally image rich and quick excerts of random text and slogans, as well as repeated text in footers, it makes it tough wouldn’t you agree?

Neat Tricks and Hacks29 Aug 2006 06:30 pm

I’ve been getting a few Emails lately about my post on Proper RSSGM Use. So I thought I’d make a quick revisit to the post to help out a few people.

In the jist the emails boil down to long winded speeches about their hatred for installing Article Dashboard and how much bullshit is involved with Zend Optimizer. All I can say is, I completely agree, but don’t forget to use your thinking brains and shoot for some originality when faced with problems like this. Perhaps a Wordpress install? Or you could just get mad and fustrated and end up kicking your poor dog named Wiki out the backdoor. Oops I didn’t just say Wiki outloud did I? You didn’t just hear that.

Lay back and relax while I hypnotise you. This will only take a moment.

You didn’t hear aaaaaaaaaaaaaanything.

When I snap my fingers you will wake up
Neat Tricks and Hacks23 Aug 2006 07:14 pm

Since cloaking and IP Delivery(delivering specific content to only the ips of SE bots) are pretty much the epitome of Black Hat SEO, and none of us are blackhat :) I thought I’d start a small chaptered tutorial on sneaky alternatives. Understand, ANY form of displaying separate content to engines than what you display to regular users is clearly against the rules(with the exception of flash of course). So these definitely still classify as Black Hat and should never be considered Blue Hat. However, since a large portion of you are going to be experimenting in IP Delivery and various other cloaking methods I might as well teach you some safe methods of doing it, because obviously one wrong move/one missing IP could be the one that gets you banned very quickly. My experience with people who perform ip delivery in particular are that they are VERY cocky about it. Even though it’s a very smart well thought out technology. In all reality they don’t deserve to be cocky about it at all. Infact it’s in their best interest to be as paranoid as possible. The more paranoid they are, the better their sites’ perform. I suggest you take the same mental approach.
Method 1-The Wayward Advertiser
I call this method the Wayward Advertiser because it tricks the engine into thinking your just displaying a auto rotating banner advertisement. No big deal, SE’s have been dealing with those since the early 90’s. This “advertiser” however will force any nonbots to be displayed another page through a redirect. This is very simple.

Step 1
Create your bots view page. This is the page you want to be keyword stuffed and SEO’d to it’s max since that is all the search engine will see. Then put in the frame code. Make sure the frame code is something similar to 468×60 pixels. This is the standard advertisement size. The frame will pull a page called something similar to adspace.html. Of course be creative with it, but give away nothing that this page will be a redirect. Do everything you can to make it look like a legitimate refreshing advertisement page. That includes the filenames.
View the Botsview source here

Step 2
Create the adspace page. This page will contain three different types of code. First it will contain a framebuster sniplet. This will cause the page to bust out of the frames and in return display another page that only the users will see. We’ll dub that page the userviewpage. The second will be in the actual body. This will be a meta refresh tag, that will refresh to the userviewpage as well. This is a failsafe. I like to set this to 3 seconds just incase the user doesn’t have javascript enabled. The next will be either a 468×60 pixel image or some form of link that looks like an advertisement. This will obviously be so incase the search engine decides to follow the frames. Everything will look completely legitimate as an advertisement and it will leave.
View the adspace source here

Step 3
Create the userview page. This will be the real content you want the visitor to see. Of course this isn’t totally necessary you could just redirect the users directly to your affilliate link or whatever you’d like.
View my userview source here

Would you like to see an example?

I will periodically post the rest of the chapters of this over the next couple months. Obviously there are many different ways to accomplish a good cloaking effect. Gimmie some time and I will slowly work my way through a large portion of the quality ones.

Neat Tricks and Hacks22 Aug 2006 05:26 pm

Akismet has protected your site from 796 spam comments.

This was from a 24 hour period on Blue Hat SEO. So once again the topic of blog spam has come up. Blog spam is extremely popular, and just because I’m now a blogger myself doesn’t mean I have an excuse to suddenly become naive and pretend it’s not an EXTREMELY powerful and effective way to market. Search engines have been trying their little hearts out for the last couple years to make blog spam useless, but the facts are; They still love every single last link. As it stands now I still can’t come up with a faster way to get indexed than to put up links on 10,000 PR3+ blogs.

Like all highly public link bombing techniques such as comment spamming and trackback spamming, it’s a dying technology. Since I’m a very outspoken advocate of not following the rest of the marketing pack I’ve tried to give out some unique blog spamming tips like how to spam gov and edu sites to help narrow you from the rest of the crowd.

So as boring as this topic is I’m going to come back with another one, and say hey spam these guys. Yes they accept trackbacks :)

Just for the record. Since I know for a fact that at least two of the major ppl that spam my site are also regular readers of it, I wanted to state spamming me only slows down how many posts I do a month, not inspires them. So don’t think you’re teaching me something new or impressing me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind Blue Hat getting spammed or link bombed. If I did, I’d be a hypocrite. Just don’t get the wrong impression.

Update 8/25/06- The spam has stopped completely. Thanks guys. I appreciate it :)
I’ll give you one more for being so nice:

Neat Tricks and Hacks14 Aug 2006 08:18 pm

For those of you who are familiar with the popular RSSGM scraper I did want to point out a method I found to properly utilize it. Back in the day I created a couple RSSGM sites, and they got banned pretty quickly (2-5 months). For the sake of cheapness I also put it up on a couple white hat sites(article directories), and surprisingly THEY ARE STILL THERE! It was actually kind of shocking. I put up the RSSGM on subdirectories of Article Dashboard installs. Linked to it on the main page. Then boom, for some reason the article directory gave the RSSGM install quick indexing and some trust credits. So the RSSGM sites still are there, still rank, and are fully indexed.

For shits and giggles I later added multiple RSSGM installs on the same domain and they surpringly also stuck. Kinda funny if you ask me. So if your getting fustrated with your RSSGM installs getting banned so quickly try what I did. They both are free scripts and it works surpringly well.

Just thought I’d point that out since I’m sure there’s a few readers here that I know would really find use from that information.

Neat Tricks and Hacks28 Jul 2006 07:02 pm

Hi guys and gals,

I’m having a boring Friday. Which is weird since normally Friday’s are packed with crap to get done. However in light of that I decided to give out another Neat Trick and Hack. Yes I will start putting a lil’ work into the Neat Tricks and Hacks section. For those who don’t understand, the Neat Tricks and Hacks section is mearly a place for mods and SEO tricks that are cool, but I just don’t feel they warrant a place in the Blue Hat Techniques section.

The one today is REALLY easy and doesn’t require any special tools or scripts. You can do it by completely by hand in hardly any time at all. The trick is great over a long period of time and can be done regularly.
Getting Started
1-Go to and register an account. Log into that account. Keep the browser window open.

2-Go to a wordpress account that obviously doesn’t exist like

3-Look at the bottom of the page. You’ll notice something like “The blog you were looking for, doesn’t exist but you can create it now!”

4-Go to your favorite search engine and search for “The blog you were looking for” “exist but you can create it now”
Here’s the link in Google

5)-Open up each result and steal the account simply by typing in the blog title and clicking next.

6-When you are all finished and got enough to keep ya happy log back into your main wordpress account. Each blog you just took will be attached to that account. You can then click on each one and add links on the blogrolls to your main sites!

For those of you reading this post late, sorry you probably missed the land rush and there probably aren’t much Wordpress accounts left. I discovered this trick about 9 months (there were about 9,000 results back then) and I’ve been steadily taking accounts about once a month since. In the spirit of sharing this trick I’m going to retire this trick from being used by myself,. and share the wealth. Personally I’ve used this trick to acquire xx,xxx amount of high quality links. These sites are already in the engines. some of them still rank for their terms. Most still have inbound links from other sites and blogs. Some even have page ranks. I managed to even get one PR6 blog and several PR5’s and dozens of PR4s. Eitherway it’s easy, quick, and it gives you good solid long lasting links. For those of you who are finding all the results already taken, I suggest looking towards the back or middle, or hell just check back later. They pop up all the time. So in two weeks when teh rush dies down there should be a whole new batch for you to snag up.


If you enjoyed this trick, I have one request. Post some of your good account findings in a comment below. I may even give out a prize to whoever scores the one with the most pre-existing inbound links or highest page rank. :)

Neat Tricks and Hacks26 Jul 2006 08:24 pm

I feel kinda bad about not keeping this site updated as much as I should lately, but I’ve been really busy with the newest projects. Seriously folks, I really do plan to put more time into bluehatseo I just need to get some of the stuff on my desk done first.

In the mean time, since you all have been so loyal and visiting way more often than I actually update. I’ll keep ya busy with a small wordpress hack I’ve developed.

What Is It?
It’s technically not a mod or addon, its just a small template hack. It causes every person that reads one of your posts to automatically ping that post to all the most popular ping services through Pingomatic. This actually saves you a lot of time and creates a nice little circle of promotion. The more visitors your wordpress blog gets the more it gets spread. It also is 100% safe from proxies and possibilities of getting banned from ping services, since every ping comes from the visitor not from your server. I really do hate sending out blogs n’ pings through the server. Infact I avoid it at all costs.

How Do I Install It?
Login to your wordpress account

Click on the Presentation tab

Click on the Theme Editor

Edit the Single Post(singlepost.php)

Scroll through the code till you find
<?php require(’post.php’); ?>
Right below it put this snipplet of code in
And your done!

I have plans in the future of writing a Blue Hat Technique for using this same principle to boost the power of blog networks through “interpinging.” This will in a sense utilize the blogs that get more traffic to boost the blogs that get less traffic, which in return boost the rest of the blogs. Causing an upward spiral in a closed blog network. If anyone has a unique idea for this and would like to get featured on Blue Hat by actually writing the Blue Hat Technique you are welcome to. I’ll be happy to post it up.
If you’d like to see one of the strange effects of this trick click here.

Neat Tricks and Hacks29 Apr 2006 07:46 am

Getting sick of exchanging links with graybar sites? When I’m forced to do link exchanges for page rank I take a lil different intial approach. I use the ever cool Page Rank Search Tool on It allows you to search Google and sort the results by page rank. Start by looking for phrases on your topic.
ie. “Key Phrase” exchange links url

Now if someone would just invent a search engine where you can search for html tags and include an API, I would be in heaven. They could call it Spamgine. :)

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