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SEO Tools06 Aug 2008 03:02 pm

I’ve been starting to use a new plugin I helped develop with the coding expertise of Josh Team from Dallas Nightlife Entertainment. It’s called PingCrawl. Its a plugin that helps get your Wordpress blogs deep links automatically on every post.

Plugin Summary
Every time you make a post on your blog it grabs similar posts from other blogs that allow pingbacks using the post tags. It then links to them at the bottom of the post as similar posts. It then executes the pingback on all the posts. You can specify how many posts to do per tag and that many will be done for each tag you use in your posts. Typically it has about an 80% successrate with each pingback and they are legit so the ones that fall into moderation tend to get approved. This creates quite a few deep links for each blog post you make and through time really helps with your link building. Especially for new blogs.

Theory Of Operation

* The plugin will listen to anytime a post is saved, published, updated, etc.
* The plugin on execution time will find all the tags on the post and perform the following per tag:
o Use Google API to check for ( 35 ) results with the tag name.
o With the ( 35 ) results it loops through them and performs the following
+ Does the result have a pingback meta tag?
+ Does the result have trackback somewhere in the source
+ (if yes to both) it stores the pingback xmlrpc location in memory.
+ (if no to either) we skip that record and move to the next.
+ Once their are 5 legit pingable servers we then append their links to the post we currently added.
+ We then retrieve the xmlrpc urls from memory, and execute a against the xmlrpc as defined in the pingback 1.0 spec. (due to the nature of pingbacks and php it is not a 100% guarantee. A lot of dependencies on state, server responses, headers, etc.)

Their are built in features such as caching google’s recordsets per tag, so you don’t have to make request out to google for the same use. And logic to know if you’ve already “PingCrawled” a post then on edit to ignore it, etc w/ a built in polling system.

1. Download Plugin
2. Put file in the wp-content/plugins directory of your wordpress installation
3. Login to your blog dashboard
4. Click on Plugins
5. Click on Active to the Right of PingCrawl in the list
6. Make a Post

*Note ( because of the nature of the script any one tag can make as many as 41 HTTP request and storing source code into memory to run regular expressions against. Because of this I would try to limit my tags to no more than 3 (123 HTTP Request). Use more at your own risk.

Warning: This plugin can really slow down the time it takes to make your posts so I would recommend not using more than 3 tags per post. Also we coded in a small link injection which will put a link of mine into the mix about once every 10 posts. They will all be very white hat and clean links so no worries and if you left the code intact I’d consider that a substantial thank you for the plugin. :)

Download PingCrawl

*The size of the links are entirely customizable. I’d recommend making them very small at the bottom of the post but in this screenshot I made them big so you can see the format better.

Site Reviews & Commentary and SEO Tools21 May 2008 02:35 am

Oh boy I haven’t done an actual product review in a really long time. Well with my effort to get back into posting regularly it couldn’t hurt to do one for the sake of catching up. More the merrier. :) This one was sent in by the famous Mark from Digerati Marketing. It’s called Auto Stumble. Its job is pretty apparent, it helps you get exchange stumbles automatically.

I’ve been doing a lot of stumble work lately due to my recent release of several large community sites. Stumbleupon traffic doesn’t convert very well but it has some very good advantages other than the fact that its actual traffic.

1) The few users that convert tend to be very active
2) Stumbleupon users tend share links a lot with their friends. Great for branding and word of mouth.
3) They bookmark everything and anything which means lots of social bookmarking links.
4) They’re suckers for linkbait such as kittens in diapers and neatly featured sites. They really appreciate a good layout.
5) If the timing is right they do wonders for a site with a Digg button.

Auto Stumble is available at for £10 (£20) <- British Pounds?...Damn Paypal.. It's OK Paypal should automatically convert and its available for immediate download after the exchange. That's about $19.66 ($39.32) for you normal people

Auto Stumble automates the process in a pretty ingenious way. It runs as a background app in your system tray and automatically stumbles other users of the program’s sites using your account and has them do the same. It’s pretty nice but a tough tool to pull off because you really got to have a lot of people running it 24/7. I for one am a fan of this system because facts be faced piqq and stumblexchange have just gone to shit and they’re really annoying to login every day and “earn credits.” Once again though lots of people are required to pull off this tool in an effective way. I’ve already given the tool to the SQUIRT members as a bonus and Mark has recruited some buyers so there is enough to at least pull off a featured listing for most topics for at least an hour.

Here’s a video with some more info:

SEO Tools10 Nov 2006 05:51 pm

Boy oh boy I finally get to release my first SEO Tool! Just in time to help make some people money for the holidays. As mentioned on my Merry Christmas post I’m excited because as a first tool I must set a standard for the quality of Blue Hat SEO tools. This tool definitely meets and exceeds any standards you can throw at it. Infact its downright bad frickin ass.

It’s called QU.I.T. Quick Indexing Tool. I had to slim a few features from the original but so far all tests have proven it is just as effective. Basically QUIT utilizes tons of techniques to get your site crawled and indexed VERY quickly. Don’t believe me? Check out my screenshot from a brand new little fun little blog I made for me and my friends called to post the stupid funny stuff we find or have to say.


Notice that it got indexed in less than 24 hours. I’ve tested this tool on 5 brand new sites so far and they all got indexed in less than 24 hours after running the tool. I’m not afraid to brag. Its results are down right impressive!

How Does It Work?
It does a few extremely secretive techniques which I am yet to dispell on this site, but for the most part I am happy to share.

1) Submits your site to 6 major social bookmarking sites. The only two its missing at the current moment is Yahoo and because the server BlueHat is on is my “I don’t care, public” server and doesn’t have all the secure socket mods I need to include them. Not only does it submit your sites to the social bookmarking sites but it submits them several times through several different accounts. This instantly makes your site one of the most popular on the network which gives you extra linking power. Right now I have it limited to 2-5 accounts/social bookmarking site but I may up it if this tool generates a few kind donations.

2) Googlebot Slam- This combines the Blue Hat Technique #7 (which has become less effective over the months) with a very secretive technique that most people thought was impossible and I never plan on sharing. The concept is basically the same though. The best way to describe the technique is that it remotely tricks Googlebot into thinking that your site has fresh content and that it needs to rush over and check it out.

3) Global Ping- The script performs a multithreaded ping to all the major and minor blog ping sites. This has been proven to work well with getting your site indexed. Granted it has also become less effective over the last year, but when you combine it with the rest of the techniques this script utilizes it works very well.

4) Various others- about four other techniques that I will probably never mention until I am ready to retire them out to the community. BTW. For those of you who are curious, the script never actually pulls your site or anything of that nature, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to find something in your logs that will give away these secrets. Sorry, theres just some stuff I have to keep to myself :) Until then enjoy being able to use them.

The Script
Fill out this short form. Hit the button and you’re done! It’s just that easy. Be sure not to hit the button more than once. It will take a minute or two for the script to complete(depending on current workload from other users).

Page Title:
Short description of your site. Use keywords and make them none spammy.
Quick excerpt text from your site.


Keep This Script Alive By Donating
Like I mentioned this script isn’t on a badass server or anything. Also, BlueHatSEO isn’t a for profit site. So if you would like to keep this script alive and running please make a donation. I suggest donating based upon your usage of the script. The more you use the more you should consider donating. My formula for the donations is really simple. However much you feel like donating is definitely appreciated. Don’t break your bank on me but please consider donating at least something.

1) If the script causes the usability and speed of the site to dramatically drop and the donations are too low. I take the script down

2) If the script causes the usability and speed of the site to dramatically drop and the donations are high. I’ll move BlueHatSEO to its own powerful server and even build some new tools.

3) If the script really doesn’t cripple anything than I’ll let it be.

The Rules
1) For the moment I am going to allow people to use the script automatically and leave it open to LWP calls. Just point your scripts to$title&url=$url&category=$category&comments=$comments&clipping=$clipping&email=$email
For the email please use the email address you used to donate to the script. So I can track how many leechers I have.

2) Don’t use the script more than once every five minutes. You abuse it you loose it :)

3) Don’t use the script more than once per site. There really is no need to.


ps. I would love to hear some feedback on this script. Let me know how it worked for you. Also, when I get some time I’ll code in a stats tracking subroutine for it. So everytime someone submits a site through the tool it keeps track of when the tool first ran and when the site made it into the index. Then have it make a global average for all of us to know. That would be pretty useful. Also, I got tons of ideas for tools to put up on this site. It is just a matter of getting around to actually making them or finishing them. If you have any ideas of tools no one else would dare make let me know.

SEO Tools28 Aug 2006 08:08 pm

Last Friday Scott Trimble from Blog Solution released another product called RSS Evolution. I got to play around with it a little bit before it came out. It’s basically an executable RSS-static html converter. For those of you who have had the displeasure of playing around with previous RSS to HTML converters before such as HyperVRE you already understand that for how incredibly useful, quick, and easy they are not a single person has got them right. For some reason no one can manage to make one that freakin works! The few that manage to actually install correctly make sure to quickly crash. The small percentage remaining somehow manages to skew the templates to an incomprehensible mess of table cells.

It’s too bad to. I’m a firm believer that executable content scrapers are the future of content generators. PHP and perl with a snazzy little database are nice, but anything that takes me more than a half hour to setup naturally forces my engineering prowess to kick in and I end up spending the rest of the day coding an automated setup for it. Frankly….fuck all that. I’d rather just have an exe. I want to open a program on my nice little WinXP computer. Import a keyword list, type in a few rss feed urls, grab a template from Open Source Templates and hit go. RSS Evolution is exactly all this. It runs very well, very effeciently, but more importantly it is extremely versatile. It can pull almost any content and turn 10 keywords into a 1,000 in a matter of minutes. If you’re wanting to create a 1,000 adsense domains in one day I wouldn’t consider any other method.

Since I’m not a salesman and this is starting to sound like a salesletter I won’t hesitate to mention its major downside. Hey nothing is perfect :) . I know much of the text formatting is done in the template, but the program itself does fail on several counts to format multiple feeds on a single page in a readable manner. This isn’t something that will pass human check by any stretch of the imagination, but buy it for what it’s meant for. An extremely fast and versatile method of creating adsense pages. I’m not going to mention the price, because knowing Scott he tends to raise prices the more the product sells. Good strategy for both the buyers and the sellers if you ask me, but at the time of writing this the price is definitely worth it. I’m already having people email me asking about it since I did put up a testimonial, I’m so cheesy sometimes :) , but so far all the ones that asked me about it and ended up buying are liking it.

Click Here To Check It Out

Program Screenshot

Output Screenshot

SEO Tools17 Apr 2006 03:52 am just released a membership based keyword tool that is pretty neat called Keyword Lookup. The registration is free and the tool is pretty cool. It allows you to see all the top searched for words in order. You can not only keep going down the list until you find the least searched for words but you can have it display up to 500 words/page. It also allows you to search for a specific keywords and find the related. Pretty neat tool I thought.

SEO Tools22 Mar 2006 10:11 am

Here’s kind of a neat backlink analysis tool. It provides some good information.

Link Harvester 

SEO Tools25 Jan 2006 02:36 am

Here is my list of directories I hand submit to when I have a new site. All 1410 of them :)
Big Directory List

I orginally got the list from someone at

If you get a little bit of puke rolled up into the back of your throat when you first open the list, it’s normal. Don’t panic. From my experience just take a big drink of your favorite beer and a few deep breaths. You’ll be fine.

SEO Tools20 Jan 2006 10:39 pm

A few weeks back I bought a piece of software called PR Prowler created by TopNet Solutions

The idea behind the software is that you get to enter any search phrase and it will search for it on google, crawl every site, pull an email address (usually from the whois info), and send them an email which you write. This is used of course for what I call “link begging.” Hey link begging works if you do it right, and when you have a brand new site with no foot in the door, spending a little time on your knees can help tremendously. OK, so I took that a little too far.

Back on track.

The advantage of PR Prowler is how much damn time it saves you, especially if you have a content site. If I ever chose to promote this site, I could enter “SEO articles” or similar into PR Prowler and easily beg the thousands of websites that come up to link to me because I am useful. OK, so I’d have to lie a bit. :) The program does show a great deal of useful information about each site like current page rank, outbound links, and whois information. So at least I know who’s worth lying to.

The major disadvantage of PR Prowler is it’s lack of ability to filter out sites. No, I do not want to send an email that might be potentially viewed as spam to I have to trash the entire list because an authority site put a word with the letters s e and o in it. PR Prowler was definitely a well thought out program though. They must have planned for that sort of thing by putting in a feature that searches the back links of your competitors. I found this works the best, because these sites are ones that are usually more willing to link in the first place, and you have less chance of spamming I definitely use this feature more than any others, but it does have it’s drawback. It queries Google for it’s back links. Everyone knows Google actually displays very little back link information about sites, and most of those back links are actually internal links. Don’t understand what I mean? Try searching for

All in all I’d have to say PR Prowler was definitely worth the $95, but don’t think for a moment this software will be your cure-all for link begging. It is at least a great start, and the best solution I’ve ever seen. I’ve tried quite a few.

SEO Tools19 Jan 2006 10:13 am

Site Rating: A-

I recently was invited to try out a new free article service at For those of you who aren’t familiar with the world of article writing, there’s a lot your missing out on. More to come on that later. submits your site to various article directories and Google/Yahoo groups. They claim they “drop your article in 30,000 webmaster faces.” Which is true to a degree since they are probably counting the number of members in each Google and Topica group, but it is a little misleading. I actually counted about 42 actual sites/groups it submits to.

For those of you interested in the list

Topica Groups: Free Ezine Content
Topica Groups: Click for Content
Topica Groups: Free Reprint Articles
Topica Groups: Article Review
Topica Groups: Free Articles
Topica Groups: Best Writers
Topica Groups: Article Depot
Your Personal Writer
Marcomm Wise
Webhosts Online
Web Pro News
Promote Newz
RL Rouse
The Free Paper
Emoney Monthly
Glossary of Terms
TF Links
Star Developer
Cyber Indian
Big Thicket Directory
Megri Soft
Alternative Finance
What U Seek
Business Toolchest
Link Snoop
Website Promotion Ranking Ser
Articles 4 Content
The Ezine
How To Advice
Blog Widow
Article Point
Free Ezine Site
Free Ezine Articles
Article Depot
BPubs Main Site URL

For those of you who think this is going to be a negative review of their service you are going to be disappointed. For how new their service is I actually found it VERY good and best of all it’s FREE. The sign up and Authors Panel is very easy to use and best of all quick(for those of you who are familiar with article submission software you will definitely appreciate this). It doesn’t make you repeat information. It fills in the blanks with everything it already knows. The process of getting your first article submitted is very quick and easy, and each one after takes less than a minute if you already have the article written.

The submission time for each article from the time I hit the button took about 4-5 days. Which is good since your girlfriend is probably starting to miss you since my last article. I assume this is dependant upon the current load on the server. This is too bad because I predict this service will become too popular too quick. I have a feeling the owners are going to have a complete panic attack the day a major site decides to spill the beans about their site to their thousands of visitors. From what I understand offers quicker submissions if you make a donation to their site. This seems very reasonable and to me personally well worth it since we’d all hate to lose a great service like this to under funding, but like with everything else, try before you buy.

From my quick lazy scan of the forums I heard talk of them adding the many hundreds of sites that use ArticleDashboard software. This gets me excited because this is the first step in making article submiting truely worth the hassle since this is what will gain you the most static in-content-links. I predict the moment they add those article sites they will quickly become the unstoppable standard in article submission services. Then we can look forward to weeding through the hundreds of cheap rip offs that will follow.