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Site Reviews & Commentary01 Sep 2009 02:42 pm

If you already own AutoPligg read this post anyways. I promise you’ll learn something…

Today’s tool review is of a tool called Autopligg by the Syndk8 crew. You’ve probably already heard of it by now but I’ve been using it for the last 6 months or so and I wanted to give you some insight on the tool and maybe some resources if you don’t already have it. Autopligg is a windows or serverside based tool that spams the popular Pligg platform, which is a CMS that basically is like Digg. There is a TON of sites out there using the PLIGG platform which makes this tool more than deserving of a review.

How Is It Useful
I use the word spam tool hesitantly in the case of Autopligg because it’s unique in the fact that yes it is a spam tool and it is automated link building but I think its real power lies in using it for white hat purposes and a way to mass post your stories to a whole lot of fuckin sites that want your posts. If you look at the typical PLIGG site it’s structured much like Digg with categories and you put up your links in those categories and people can either vote them up or down and people leave comments on it. Ya know all that bullshit you’re already familiar and tired of. You can get links one of two ways on them. You can post your links (typically article links if you don’t want them deleted) as stories or leave comments. Very few of these sites are very high PR or of a high link quality but anytime you have a platform that allows you to post links on it with well over a 100k working sites out there using it; It becomes a link builders wet dream. For that Autopligg becomes a very useful tool. Here’s where the catch 22 happens however.

The Quality Of The Links It Builds
It’s no secret that I’ve never been a believer in nofollow and its ability to be “not followed” but I’m never very vocal and definitive about it because 10 minutes after I say something about it, it could change lol. Ain’t that a bitch. The main story links are nofollowed by the Pligg platform. So every link you post as a story will be nofollowed. HOWEVER! The link will be the top outside link excluding the site’s possible navigation. It will be in a heading tag and have your anchor text. Plus it gets its own page that will be cycled through the main page. Here’s the strange shit, the comment links are dofollow. They are only placed automagically by the platform by putting the full url including the http:// in your comment. They are dofollow but they don’t have your anchor text. They don’t cycle through the main pages and they are standard links beyond the point of the page’s navigation. By now, if you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you should already know what link type I prefer….both! But lets not loose focus on the point of this tool by worrying about the quality. It is by all uses a Link Volume building tool NOT a link quality building. It’s nice to have at least a bit of link quality with every link so they produce the link worth necessary to make them count instead of going supplementals. This brings up another SEO concept that the tool was kind enough to also address, link indexing saturation. I was really curious with all the links it builds at once if it’ll have at least something to get them indexed. It does have a pinger that also allows proxy use. Cool! Good enough for me. Between that and the outputted list of successful postings I have everything I need to get as high of a link indexing saturation rate as possible. Kudos on that.

How Is It Not Useful
I may spare no punches when it come to the negatives of tool reviews on BlueHat but to date I’ve never given a negative review of a tool. This is simply because I’ll only post the review if I think the tool is useful to you the reader. I tend to reserve that right when asked to do a review. Autopligg does have a VERY strong negative side which I was really hoping would go away in the months since it’s release that way this review can be all positive and not get a negative just because of a few issues that typically work themselves out after the first few months after it’s release. At this point, almost 8 months later, it appears this isn’t going to happen so the beef still stands. Anytime a new link building tool comes out there’s always those few people (amateurs) that want to get their “monies worth.” They use the tool in the most retarded way possible and do it as hard as they can. It typically makes the tool worthless for the first couple months. It does them no good and provides no benefit and at the same time hurts everyone else and the tool itself. Autopligg stemming from the Synkd8 crowd who is notorious, and even self proclaiming, for pulling this kind of shit wasn’t expected to be an exception. ESPECIALLY since it has a windows based version. At least with serverside versions you have to have at least a few braincells to use the program and with web based you can cancel their accounts. So this was entirely expected, but what shocked me was. It was and since the launch always has been only about 3 users of the program that have been doing this idiotic irresponsible use of the tool. Unfortunately as I mentioned above, they’ve yet to stop.

What they’ve done is, they’ve opened up like 10 instances of the program and put in a single super long comment into the comment poster that’s nothing but a ton of links to separate subdomain spam on a single site (i guess after buying the tool they couldn’t afford more domains). They have a macro restarting each submissions over and over and over so every single post on every single Pligg site instantly gets hit with a ton of worthless spammy links. The main domain has been banned for months now so instead of stopping the script they just forwarded the domain as if it was going to do them any fucking good. Especially since they forwarded the domain and all its subdomains to a single wordpress blog with some spammy text written by the worlds worst content generator and no ads or offers or particular keywords. Here let me show you what I’m talking about and you can decide if this isn’t the most retarded shit you’ve ever seen: If you’re like OMG that’s my site he just outed consider this before bitching to me. If you don’t want attention don’t be an attention whore. You did it to yourself, fuck off I don’t care. The sites were worthless the moment you got put in charge of SEOing them anyways.

So please, use this tool responsibly. Even if others aren’t it’s still a very useful tool and one I would definitely recommend you have in your arsenal because like I said, it’s for link volume and deep link volume not link quality. For that reason I’ll go over the best way to use the tool and how to get the most out of it, because often times the trick to harnessing the optimal power out of a link building tool is using it correctly.

How To Use Autopligg The Right Way
As with all Blue Hat Techniques the short answer is, mimic the white hatters. Now that you know how not to use the tool I’ll show you how I used it and got a lot of success. I am actually planning on writing a guest post for this for SEOBook that’ll cover it more in depth, but for now I’ll at least introduce what I call MacroNiche Blogs and if he doesn’t end up publishing it I’ll at least post it here for yall. <- Check it out Quadzilla another new SEO concept! Quick copy paste copy paste copy paste!

MacroNiche Blogs
People often talk about Niche Sites and MicroNiche Sites. In case you’re not familiar they’re basically talking about the size and focus (scope) of a particular site. For instance a niche site might be a site on female orgasms. It’ll have the main page which sells some product(s) related to those and it’ll have a few other articles on particular such as Gspot orgasm, Clit orgasms and various other myths. Each of those pages will also typically sell a product or an offer related to them as well. A MicroNiche Site is very similar except its more focused such as the main page being solely on the Gspot orgasm then a few supporting subpages on the same topic but all pushing the same product and offer. Since I love to confuse things I tend encompass all of these types of sites into the single “Money Site” term. This is because i technically consider every site no matter where it is in the empire’s scale a niche site because it does focus on a niche thus it is a niche site. Therefore I tend to group things on the intensity and focus of the site pushing a single offer or product. A Money Site would be at the top of that scale. Therefore a MacroNiche Site or in this case MacroNiche Blog is exactly what it implies. It’s a single blog that encompasses a very large niche but doesn’t focus on that niche. Instead it focuses on lots of much smaller niches within the single site and uses the authority being passed through the subsections to help the others so new sites for each microniche isn’t required to rank for each individual offer.

Although accurate I may have explained that in a way that was a bit more complicated then it is. Let’s use an example, an example that happens to be the very first test site I used AutoPligg on. My blog’s macro niche was Health. I then looked through a bunch of offers on some CPA networks and made a list of niches based on all the offers I found that would fit into the Health macro niche. So I setup my blog with a bunch more categories such as: Weight Loss, Hair Care, Teeth Care, Bodybuilding, Skin Care, Exercise. The list goes on and on. I was very thorough in my niches. I then put in some subcategories under each that were my microniches. These were more focused on individual offers. For instance under Weight Loss I put in Dieting, Diet Pills and under Teeth Care I put in stuff like Teeth Whitening and under Exercise I put in Exercise Equipment, Yoga blah blah.

This MacroNiche structure was the perfect test for AutoPligg because it utilized AutoPliggs most powerful attribute, it’s ability to build both deep link volume and main page link volume. Had I have only used a Niche Site or a MicroNiche Site after submitting the main page and all the subarticles I would have become immediately limited to just spamming the comments for further link volume. The ability to continuously use both the article submission for the microniches and the standard niches and the comment postings for the main page authority and link volume gives this structure a huge benefit in it’s overall domain authority and it’s ability to quickly rank new posts. So that’s exactly what I did and continue to do.

First, once I got the design and categories setup, I hired a couple writers to go through each of the categories and subcategories and schedule several months worth of daily posts making sure each category and subcategory were accounted for within the first month then subsequently each following month at least once. Once they were done I immediately did a directory submission for each primary category as well as the main page along with some social bookmarking and various other link building. As you’re all bound to ask, for my primary keyword for the main page I picked one that was fairly medium competition that would grab the attention of other health related bloggers. That way later when I got that ranking and wanted to do some blogroll link exchanges it was easy to find willing targets. Then every day I would give special attention to the individual blog posts for that day. For each one I would submit it through the story submitter in AutoPligg so it would get several thousand links plus each of those links would get pinged for some link saturation along with a few daily rounds of comment postings for that category and the main page. I would then do a quick scan for similar articles on each post and submit those through several hundred article directories with links to both the singular post and the main page as well as the subcategory with the keywords for each. I would then ping and social bookmark the individual post. After that all I had to do was find 5 new posts with the same keywords as that post and exchange links within the post to the other blogger’s post *cough* Pingcrawl *cough*. This also got the attention of other bloggers in the niches and macroniche to notice my site and be more willing to do blogroll exchanges. That caused each individual post to quickly start ranking the same day/week it was posted and brought up the total site authority with every one. Which brought me to my final step, bringing up the total site authority as much as possible via the main page, by placing links to the main page across my SEO Empire and running some automated link building tools as well as general link building such as commenting on other blogs/news sites. The fact that it was a MacroNiche Blog with legitimate articles on each subject made each post more credible and the site more credible overall so if there was a human review or in the case of directory submissions, more palatable and acceptable to the reviewer.

This is where it turned into a mutha fuckin Money Site! I could go through the offers at my leisure and write targeted salescopies pushing the offers and throw them up as I wrote them as if they were their own microniche site. Likewise when new offers would come out on untapped niches, while everyone else has to start building new sites around them and then start the link building to get them ranked I could just immediately jump in with a new post and instantly hold a new ranking using the site’s existing authority. You actually see this happen all the time when shit like Oprah’s fat ass blogs about a product. All I was doing was using Autopligg and my eye for structure to mimic that effect. There’s obviously a lot of spins and ways to build a MacroNiche Site as with any structure, but if you start out and do it right the first time you’ll quickly learn and expand very nicely. There’s also a lot of macro niches out there to take over such as Business (bizops, grants, paid surveys etc) Consumer Reports (Credit Cards, Credit Reports etc) Downloads (adware, recipe/music/games programs, etc).

Now that I gave it a fairly positive review and got you started on how to have success with it (the two make a logical partner) lets talk pricing because as it stands now it’s a bit more complicated then it should be for tools I review. It’s normal for IM tools to fluctuate their prices to accommodate sales volume drops or when they say its only $5 for the first 5 people then it’s a $100 for every person after that. That’s all mind fuck marketing bullshit. The only excuse to fluctuate a price in a tool is when new versions come out (new versions with new features not new versions that simply fix old bugs for that matter) because that causes more development costs along with support and marketing costs. So in that right it’s understandable. Normally as a condition of doing a review I get assurance that the price, at least for the readers here, will not change and that there is always some sort of long standing discount. This time I’m going to break the rule just a bit. When Autopligg released it costed $289. As of writing this post it’s $189. I’m told a new version is coming out next month and the price will go back up to the $289. This is okay with me in this case for three reasons. First, I was okay with the original $289 price so as long as the flux doesn’t go back above that then I’m cool. Second, I’ve been assured that the people who buy at the $189 price will get a the new version free. There’s nothing I hate more than having to buy the same product twice. Third, allegedly the new version will have a new feature of being able to crack the recaptcha captchas used by many of the autopligg sites. This opens you up to literally tens of thousands of new targets. That in itself is a big enough feature to warrant a price change. Finally, after talking to Earl Grey (the owner) I got a coupon code that should last through the price change with the new version.

AutoPligg Purchase Website
Use the coupon code: BLUEHATSEO for a $45 discount.
I recommend you use the Windows desktop version. It’s faster and more efficient then the serverside version. I know I know weird eh :)

Since lists of good pligg sites are tough to come by and the program requires it, I took the liberty of building my own list for you guys. Here’s the database of the 7,409 pligg sites I use. Although most require manual registration (till the new version comes out) all are scraped by me tested, work and are importable into the program. It should be fairly error free at the time of writing this post, but they do change daily so bear with it if the list becomes systematically worthless as time passes. The best advice I can give you is for now ignore the lists they hand out in the private forum. Most are raw lists and a colossal waste of time to import (several hours each) and only get 200-400 good ones out of.

List of AutoPligg Sites
Right click Save As

Site Reviews & Commentary and SEO Tools21 May 2008 02:35 am

Oh boy I haven’t done an actual product review in a really long time. Well with my effort to get back into posting regularly it couldn’t hurt to do one for the sake of catching up. More the merrier. :) This one was sent in by the famous Mark from Digerati Marketing. It’s called Auto Stumble. Its job is pretty apparent, it helps you get exchange stumbles automatically.

I’ve been doing a lot of stumble work lately due to my recent release of several large community sites. Stumbleupon traffic doesn’t convert very well but it has some very good advantages other than the fact that its actual traffic.

1) The few users that convert tend to be very active
2) Stumbleupon users tend share links a lot with their friends. Great for branding and word of mouth.
3) They bookmark everything and anything which means lots of social bookmarking links.
4) They’re suckers for linkbait such as kittens in diapers and neatly featured sites. They really appreciate a good layout.
5) If the timing is right they do wonders for a site with a Digg button.

Auto Stumble is available at for £10 (£20) <- British Pounds?...Damn Paypal.. It's OK Paypal should automatically convert and its available for immediate download after the exchange. That's about $19.66 ($39.32) for you normal people

Auto Stumble automates the process in a pretty ingenious way. It runs as a background app in your system tray and automatically stumbles other users of the program’s sites using your account and has them do the same. It’s pretty nice but a tough tool to pull off because you really got to have a lot of people running it 24/7. I for one am a fan of this system because facts be faced piqq and stumblexchange have just gone to shit and they’re really annoying to login every day and “earn credits.” Once again though lots of people are required to pull off this tool in an effective way. I’ve already given the tool to the SQUIRT members as a bonus and Mark has recruited some buyers so there is enough to at least pull off a featured listing for most topics for at least an hour.

Here’s a video with some more info:

Site Reviews & Commentary23 Oct 2006 07:14 pm

Badass exciting news! Wordpress released its multiuser version of Wordpress today. This is essentially the same engine that powers It allows you to not only manage one wordpress blog but thousands. I am like a kid in a candy store with this thing. The potential for this release is huge. Go to to download yourself a copy or go to the MU Wordpress website for more information. It also has support for the catch all subdomains( so be prepared for that.

Site Reviews & Commentary24 Aug 2006 03:21 pm

My friend Danimal from The Danimal Report pointed out to me the other day that some people have finally developed a search engine based on the released AOL Search data.

Here is some of the better ones I’ve found.

AOL Search Database - Allows you to search the entire database by keyword, user id, and website url. Also allows sorting by user id, keyword, date, and website url.

SEO Sleuth - Very clean setup. Allows you to search by keyword or domain name. Shows search referals, incoming keywords, and diversity ratio by domain name. Even breaks it down by hours of the day.

Site Reviews & Commentary22 Aug 2006 10:28 pm

SEO BlackHat released a private blackhat forum this month. This will supposedly be a forum where the top black hatters post up their deepest darkest SEO secrets for the members, and where people can discuss new techniques openly. Sounds like a decent idea. Infact I think I had one of those kind of ideas before. I’m personally debating on whether or not to join.

The Advantages
1) I may learn something new that I can implement myself
2) I may meet someone there that can help me with one of my upcoming projects
3) It may be an entertaining forum.

The Disadvantages

1)I understand there is some kind of disclosure thing. Everything on BlueHatSEO is original and of my design. If i see something in that forum, whether or not I already knew it, I couldn’t ever post it up on here; because they will just claim i stole it from the forum and shared it.
2) $100/month. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve grown up in a very poor family but something about paying money for words never sat right with me. $100/month? I’m not quite sure where I stand with that. I’ve still to this day never bought an e-book in my life. I’m not sure if this would classify under the same principle.

The Biggest Disadvantage of All!
3) My own Awstats at the moment are creating the best case of why I should not join the SEO BlackHat Private Forums

- 140 140

How much of my own content would I actually be paying for? What kind of blackhat forum is this? Are they just reposting Blue Hat Techniques and then being like, “Oh wow guys this forum is so damn useful! Check out all this neat stuff Eli wrote!”

I think I’m just going to save my hundred bucks and instead give SEOBlackHat a big fucking flaming finger instead.

Site Reviews & Commentary12 Mar 2006 12:30 am

Link Fetcher is a free tool from that searches for sites using Link Manager. Then uses that list to create a set of pages with all the links on them. Once you upload all the pages to your site you can open the files and Link Fetcher will automatically submit your site to all of the sites.

Before I let you know what exactly is going on with this tool I wanted to mention how bad I feel for the guy who developed these tools. He released them for free on his site and only asked that people spread the word about them in exchange for having them for free. He got flicked sooo much shit for this. He eventually just started giving them all out without requiring people to use their referral URLS they were given. This was good because his script wasn’t working in the first place. This was also good because it shut up the wining bitches that weren’t happy enough getting something for free. As much as I want to rant about this I will stop and keep my feelings on what the world is coming to, to myself.

This program is useful for several obvious reasons.
1) You just found yourself a new link bomber if your into that stuff. I know I am to a point.

2) This piece of software becomes supremely useful for Blue Hat techniques such as Synergy Linking. <--I wish I could have made that more bold.

3) On the link bombing note. Easy 1,000 links.

What not to do with the script.
I would STRONGLY suggest you don’t link to these 50+ link pages on your main page or anywhere else on your site for that matter. The reasons are obvious, plus there really isn’t any reason to. Link Manager scripts don’t verify for placement in the search engines anyways. I would also recommend you don’t anticipate these links being of high quality or expect to see an extra thousand links to your site in the engines tomarrow.

Problems found
I wasn’t alone when I couldn’t get the program to work. It was a pain in the ass but I eventually figured out that it was my routers firewall that was blocking it(i tried it on three different routers on two different Internet connections). So I connected directly into my connection and it for some reason worked just fine. Many other people on the forums also had problems that were similar. I’m not sure if they were in the same boat or it was another bug.
For those of you who have already gone to his site to check it out, don’t be scared off by the fact that he asks for your email address in order to download the program. I downloaded it about a month ago and he is yet to send me a single piece of spam mail. I will also vouch that the software does not contain any adware or spyware. also has several other free pieces of software. These I will be brutally honest about. They suck. I went through all of them pretty thoroughly. There is nothing of interest. One even claimed it will tell me how many true backlinks I have and then it said it couldn’t finish because I had over 500. Of course my sites have over 500!
Thanks Shawn for the great programs. I appreciate all the effort you put into them.

Site Reviews & Commentary01 Feb 2006 06:08 am

For those of you who missed the show Matt Cutts gave on Webmaster Radio. You missed a pretty fun chat. I think I actually had almost as much fun in the chat room as Matt Cutts did on the air. Exception of course would be the one or two pissed off webmasters who were upset because their site was outranked by some spam pages. Infact one stood out as being insistently persistent on spamming the chatroom to find out “is it worth the effort to report the spam pages that out rank me?? To a person that obviously is putting a TON of work into trying to personally ask Matt Cutts this question, I can’t help but ask, “wouldn’t it be easier just to fill out the Google’s quick n’ easy report site form?? That aside, the chat was great and so was the interview.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any of my questions asked, but that could of been because they were a little too direct and hard hitting. Ok, so they weren’t hard hitting from a PR point of view or even a digging for secret information aspect, but they were intended to hopefully stomp out a few big rumors that have been circulating way too long for their own good. For Instance, How much actual affect does Page Rank have on the SERPS? Perhaps now we will never know.

Either way I’d have to say the interview was a success even though it went off topic quite a bit. Matt seemed to really harp on subdomain spam although never said Google planned on doing anything about it. I guess you’re safe for another day :) They weren’t too willing to let me post a transcript on my site, so I didn’t harp on the issue, but I will tell you about what I thought the highlights were. Matt did dispel some rumors around the sandbox and it’s relationship to a domain’s age. He said in a PR man’s round about way not to look too deeply into Google’s Patent. He concluded that there are other factors that put sites into the sandbox, and age wasn’t one of the important ones. This tells me two things. One, there is a sandbox effect. Two, the reasons for a site being put into the sandbox aren’t what we think. Perhaps in his next interview he will be willing to indulge in that topic more.

Site Reviews & Commentary01 Feb 2006 04:19 am

For those of you who aren’t aware Matt Cutts will be doing a live interview on Webmaster Radio in five minutes. I’ll try to post some of the transcript after the show for those of you who missed it.