Hi guys and gals,

I’m having a boring Friday. Which is weird since normally Friday’s are packed with crap to get done. However in light of that I decided to give out another Neat Trick and Hack. Yes I will start putting a lil’ work into the Neat Tricks and Hacks section. For those who don’t understand, the Neat Tricks and Hacks section is mearly a place for mods and SEO tricks that are cool, but I just don’t feel they warrant a place in the Blue Hat Techniques section.

The one today is REALLY easy and doesn’t require any special tools or scripts. You can do it by completely by hand in hardly any time at all. The trick is great over a long period of time and can be done regularly.
Getting Started
1-Go to Wordpress.com and register an account. Log into that account. Keep the browser window open.

2-Go to a wordpress account that obviously doesn’t exist like EliIsGreatInBed.wordpress.com

3-Look at the bottom of the page. You’ll notice something like “The blog you were looking for, eliisgreatinbed.wordpress.com doesn’t exist but you can create it now!”

4-Go to your favorite search engine and search for “The blog you were looking for” “exist but you can create it now” site:wordpress.com
Here’s the link in Google

5)-Open up each result and steal the account simply by typing in the blog title and clicking next.

6-When you are all finished and got enough to keep ya happy log back into your main wordpress account. Each blog you just took will be attached to that account. You can then click on each one and add links on the blogrolls to your main sites!

For those of you reading this post late, sorry you probably missed the land rush and there probably aren’t much Wordpress accounts left. I discovered this trick about 9 months (there were about 9,000 results back then) and I’ve been steadily taking accounts about once a month since. In the spirit of sharing this trick I’m going to retire this trick from being used by myself,. and share the wealth. Personally I’ve used this trick to acquire xx,xxx amount of high quality links. These sites are already in the engines. some of them still rank for their terms. Most still have inbound links from other sites and blogs. Some even have page ranks. I managed to even get one PR6 blog and several PR5’s and dozens of PR4s. Eitherway it’s easy, quick, and it gives you good solid long lasting links. For those of you who are finding all the results already taken, I suggest looking towards the back or middle, or hell just check back later. They pop up all the time. So in two weeks when teh rush dies down there should be a whole new batch for you to snag up.


If you enjoyed this trick, I have one request. Post some of your good account findings in a comment below. I may even give out a prize to whoever scores the one with the most pre-existing inbound links or highest page rank. :)