Uhhhhhhg I have recently gotten very very sick. I never found the time to get my flu shots this year. Bad move on my part. :(

However on the bright side, me getting sick somehow put me into a good mood. I may just be weird but for some reason I hate that feeling when you’re getting sick, but when I actually get sick and I just feel like utter crap, I get in a much better mood. Maybe its just knowing that the symptoms are the last phase of being sick. Eitherway I am back to my normal happy-go-lucky self and I am definitely back in the Christmas spirit. My body may be failing but my mental state is still strong. Despite the fact that no one wants to go near me and my germs this is definitely turning into a good week.

Going back to business. I got some really cool posts coming up. First will probably include my Complete Guide To Scraping Pt. 3. Which will detail the actual scraping of content and work seemlessly with the crawler script presented in Part 2. Soon after that will probably be the Wikipedia Links Pt. 4. Can you guess what that post will require knowledge of? Haha yep…scraping, and as promised to the Blackhatters it will be badass. Whether or not it will include the attached code is still being debated. The chances are not looking so good. Either way I know better than to doubt the brilliance and skills of the readers here so the code portion should be the easy part.

Speak of the devil! I’ve been getting emails from people who have finished coding Parts 2 and 3 from the Wikipedia Links series. I have also gotten TONS of emails from people wanting to buy the script from me. Just so you know, I WILL allow you to sell your builds in the comments. Just as long as everyone is honest and follows through I have no problems with people sharing and making a bit of cash from it.

Back on topic, I also got another Blue Hat technique I gotta throw into the mix sometime as well as a few white hat posts. I also got a massive post regarding free traffic ideas that was an idea emailed to me from a very benevolent reader here several months ago however I’m having a hard time finishing it. For some reason it just seems shitty (my writing not the idea). I’ll have to do a bit more work on it before I let you take a gander. Eitherway we have a very fun Christmas season coming up for the Blue Hatters (do you consider yourselves blue hatters YET?! nope? okay haha nevermind then). The only thing that will hang me up from getting all these posts out are which order to put them in. It all just seems too damn organized for my A.D.D. lovin’ tastes. I may just have to mix things up because confusing people is fun!

If you guys/gals have any ideas for a post you would like to see please be sure to either comment it up or email it to me. You all know how much I love fresh ideas and it would be a big help to me. My slow brain can only handle so much. :)

Have A Great Christmas!

In the mean time entertain yourself with this awesome affiliate rap song from Eureka’s Diary