It’s official Blue Hat SEO is now one year old!

Honestly, I’m finding what to write on this post very difficult. As tradition states with most blogs before me I’m supposed to post some impressive stats about the blog and say how big the site has grown in an effort to grab some attention of some private advertisers and to impress and wow everyone in between. However, anyone who is already familiar with this place knows that this is simply is not how i operate or think. Instead I would love nothing more than to accomplish what normally would of been accomplished on the very first post. I would like to explain this site. Why is it here? Why do I do it? Where is it headed? Since the beginning I have tried to keep this blog very focused, straying only for the sake of humor. So when the opportunity presents itself. I’m going to take it.

So Here Are Some Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me And BlueHatSEO

How Did BlueHatSEO Get Started?
I’ve always been very independent in the SEO world. I’ve never really read SEO sites, nor am I very active in the SEO community. I viewed the industry like I would a game. I could go find some walkthroughs and ruin all the fun or I could go out and do my own research and testing and defeat it on my own. About a year ago I finally got curious of what others were up to and started becoming a bit more active in the industry. Honestly within a week I was bored to tears. The industry didn’t seem to have changed a bit since back in the days when self proclaimed gurus were telling everyone the keys to success online were simply to submit their sites to the search engines and post on some Free For All Link sites. So the wacko crackpot in me came out swinging with his crazy jibberish talk. :) It didn’t really result in anything until one day when I was bitching to a friend about how boring blogs are when he said something along the lines of “well you talk about some crazy good shit. You should create a blog and show ‘em how its done.” That statement didn’t really settle in until the next day when I happened to of seen a quote by Muhammad Ghandi on a stamp of all things that said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I thought about it for a moment, and that was that. I was determined to make some waves in the SEO world. Blue Hat SEO was born. Nothing grand nothing notable, but there it was none the less.

What’s With The New Hat Color Con Polluting My Nice Monochrome Universe?

People tell me all the time that “Blue must be your favorite color.” Actually blue is my least favorite color. If we’re going to get personal about it, green is my favorite. Blue is simply a random color picked off the top of my head. Nothing more nothing less. The blue hat represents the idea of Advanced SEO. I really don’t mean to conpollute the whole white hat, blackhat and gray hat understanding. I just use it to represent the fact that what you read here is so off the wall and different it can’t be classified properly. Its just simply different.

Why Am I Doing All This?

I’m not doing this to be cool or bring any form of fame to myself. I’m not some kind of lame masked magician dispelling secrets. I don’t want to be renown and respected in the industry. Infact when all is said and done I should be able to leave back to the SEO shadows just as quietly as I came. I have absolutely no interest in self promotion or the copious amounts of money involved with having the attention of webmasters. I want simply one single thing. Other bloggers to mimic me. If I get my way, and I usually do, in the near future someone wanting to make some money off their webmaster peers won’t be able to put up some blog, post about boring new google products, and post a picture of themselves with a big check and get anyone to listen. People won’t be considered experts because they got a couple other experts to vouch for them. They won’t be able to become popular by doing constant circle jerk interviews(where one person interviews another only so they can be interviewed later by them). There will be only one way to establish yourself as an expert, and that will be to truly know your stuff. I believe this isn’t as impossible as it sounds. All it takes is one blogger showing two or three others that sharing and actually helping people isn’t so bad or as scary as it seems. Thats all it takes to create a new standard of quality. The rest in my opinion will spread like cancer on its own. Than before you know it, SEO experts will be judged on what they have to say and the quality of their writings NOT what they claim. I live firmly by the rule that if you can’t explain something in a way that the average Joe can understand, than you don’t really understand it all that well yourself. If I fail at everything and accomplish only one thing with this blog I want to prove that the viral idea of “I make too much money to share my techniques” IS A LIE!

How Far Am I On My Goals?
I’m nowhere close to where I want it to be but the progress thus far has been nothing short of AMAZING. Don’t believe me? Check out my blogroll.
Here’s a few highlights. I know I’m missing some big ones and for that I’m sorry.

How To Make $200/day - I’m going to go take my Ovaltine cus I just got 0wned with this awesome technique. Its natural to question my $100/day post because there obviously must be a catch. Nope! I gave up a $100/day technique, poof its gone. Someone, who I’d like to think was inspired by it, posted back a $200/day technique. The way I see it is, thats a damn good ROI. :) Its not a competition its progress and we all win.

Domaining 101
- This isn’t your average “buy a domain with your keywords in it” article. Another great thing about this article is that its developed throughout a series. Thats great for both the readers and the writer. For the readers it gives them something to continuously think about and develop on their own. For the writer it forces you to think before you speak. You really have to develop an idea not just post your opinions. I think more bloggers should learn from posts like this.

How To Get Free Content For Your Blog
- A great example of a big change I’ve been wanting to see in the industry. Don’t just plug a tool! Explain it, show it, and report back with the results. Anything else is bullshit.

Domain Kiting Secrets Revealed
- Also a very well accepted featured repost on Blue Hat for obvious reasons. Its damn good! Posts like this are exactly what I want to see everywhere.

Free Deep Links VIA RSS Feeds - This is what I like to see. Plausible and actually usable ideas. Nothing better, enough said.

This is just a few examples of posts and blogs I’m seeing pop up on the underground all the time. I get about 2-3 emails a week from people wanting to show me their new posts that they are proud of. Its quality like this that the SEO industry has no choice but to bow to. I’m seeing more and more people all around taking actual pride in their posts and what they share with the community. It’s a great thing in my opinion and its only going to gain momentum. I’m feeling lucky button be damned(inside joke).

Whats In The Future For Blue Hat SEO?

Expect me, and a couple of my friends, to attempt to set some standards in the SEO tools industry. If you search for “rank checker” in Google right now there are about 1.3 MILLION results. With all the extremely talented programmers out there I can’t imagine why the same three or four SEO tool ideas keep getting recycled endlessly. I probably won’t be the one to change all that, but I at least want to waste the next year of my life proposing the possibility of creating SEO tools that work outside of the conventional box and making them available for public use. Where there’s a will theres a way.

I also plan on fighting hard for every single post to have SOME value to it. Even if the post is just for a laugh I’ll put forth some effort into inserting something you can use or refer to. I may not be completely successful at this but hey blame the ADD :)

Whats Not In The Future For Blue Hat SEO
I got a few traditions I’ll continue to stand by firmly in the next year.
1) No Linkbait - For as long as this blog stands I will never make a post for the sake of linkbait. To me link bait posts are like cutting all the awesome violence and sex scenes out of a good movie so it can get a PG13 rating and reach a bigger audience.

2) No Interviews - I will never do an interview with someone who isn’t willing to give out a technique or two. Anything but is nothing more than shameless self and product promotion. I understand that this rule will more than likely mean no interviews at all, but if thats the way the cookie crumbles, so be it. For me interviews are like masturbation, if others are forced to watch than you might as well put on a show; otherwise keep it to yourself.

What Are My Recommended Must-Read Posts For 2006?
Easy PR5: 1,200 oneway backlinks - This post broke the ground on what I was willing to give away. Whenever I’m deciding on whether or not to publicize one of my techniques I compare it to this post before making my decision.

Top SEO Secrets - By the far the funniest post I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Yes that really is her in the comments.

Document Links - By far my most underrated post.

Abandoned Wordpress Accounts Part 2 - Took me 7 months to get up enough guts to make this public. Most of the techniques on this site i rarely use anymore. This one rocks the Casba everytime without fail.

How To Make $100 Per Day - By far the most popular post. Well over 160 comments and growing. It really has got people moving.

Wikipedia Links pt 2 - The Semi-Automated White Hat Way - This was the post that proudly shook the hardcore nazi white hat readers and proved that, Its all good in the spam hood. :)

Blue Hat Technique #13 - Maintaining Your Rank By Manipulating Freshness Factors - My favorite post that proves that theres more to white hat than staring at your meta tags. Its a science.

Blue Hat Technique #12 - Improving CTR In Organic Results - A true example of thinking outside of the box

Thanks for hanging out and putting up with me this year guys! You know I appreciate all of you.
To Next Year!

*Takes a shot and blows out the candles*