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How To Be A Gray Hat

Posted By Eli On June 3, 2007 @ 8:45 pm In Guides | 123 Comments

Gray Hat SEO. Gray Hat SEO. Gray Hat SEO. I’m not keyword stuffing, I’m thinking. If gray hat is so widely accepted as a popular tactic than why are there no good articles on what it is and how to do it? Maybe, and this is just one theory, its fuckin’ impossible to write about. It’s just too damn much of a gray area in the industry (pun intended). Well, we’ll see about that. :)

So what exactly is Gray Hat SEO? Most define it as a site that uses questionable tactics? I think thats an excellent analysis, because the number one rule to gray hat is to be questionable. In fact the more you can get a trained eye to scratch their head wondering if your site is black hat or white the better. If you can fool the average visitor than you more than likely will fool a SE bot. In my opinion the best way to do this is to have an innate eye for structure.

In designing a structure for your gray hat site the best way to go about it is to steal a structure from a site that couldn’t possibly be banned. Let’s take Digg.com for example. Digg is setup in various primary categories where each contains news related stories. Each news story consists of a title with the link to the original article and a small, 255 character or so description. Each news story is accompanied by some user contributed content. Upon a indifferent perspective this is a very questionable structure. The content itself is very short and aren’t organized like a standardized article would be, the user contributed content is always very short and dispersed. Not to mention there is an enlarged lack of control over length of and quality of the user contributed “comments.” However the structure gives us some possibilities. We know that since Digg, Reddit and other social sites of the likeness are authoritative and standardized in the industry than naturally the search engine antispam algorithms couldn’t possibly automatically consider it of bad taste or a possibility of being considered a black hat site. This gives us a huge opportunity for a possible gray hat site.

Okay so the next step would logically be to figure out our content sources. Sticking with the Digg.com example we know that they get their content sources from large and small news related stories, mostly technology but that can excused for whatever niche we decide to target. This is a great place to start because Google has already been quoted as saying news related stories can’t be counted as duplicate content because they are so widely syndicated. It only makes sense. So getting news stories are easy. In fact it can be done by scraping lots of popular news RSS feeds. If we’re attempting to duplicate the Digg structure than we don’t need the entire articles despite what we’ve come to believe about SEO. We only need the partial story along with a title and then pad it with some user contributed content.

Where are we going to get some user contributed content? In this particular example I can’t think of a better place than the place we’re ripping off the structure from. We might as well pad each article with scraped user comments from Digg itself. So we can take the titles of each news piece and remove all the common words such as: “why”,”but”,”I”,”a”,”about”,”an”,”are”,”as”,”at”,”be”,”by”,”com”,”de”,”en”,”for”,”from”,”how”,”in”,”is”,”it”,”la”,”of”,”on”,”or”,”that”,”the”,”this”,”to”,”was”,”what”,”when”,”where”,”who”,”will”,”with”,”the”,”www”,”and”,”or”,”if”,”but” and any various others we find that aren’t commonly associated with the article subject. Then we can do a search on Digg and scrape several comments from the results, change up the usernames and make it all look unique. Hell if we wanted we could even markov some user submitted content in the middle of the scraped user content. Naturally not every user contributed content will match the topic exactly but who’s to say it’s not real? Once again as long as you remain “questionable” who can possibly deny you rankings? “Wow great article.”, “I pee’d in your pool.” <- users always submit this kind of shit, search engines are used to it and are more than well adapted to handle it. I realize this goes against the long preached world of “poison words” and such, but with the evolving net of social networking it directly conflicts with the true nature of the web and thus must be compensated for. Remember, its not what content you have, it’s how you use it. If it helps think about it like this. If you took all the comments on Youtube(which is the majority of their actual text based content) and truncated it all together in paragraph markers, how fast would you get banned? In no time, right. However when clones of places like Youtube organize it under headings of Comments and heavily break it up, somehow it all becomes legit. Take a moment to think about that.

More on this in a later post…

So now that we got our two elements of a successful gray hat site we can cook ‘em up together. We can even create a little mock voting and submission system. It doesn’t even have to work properly just as long as upon inspection it all looks legit. It’s all 100% autogenerated of course but as long as it’s laid out cleanly and correctly there’s no reason why we can’t generate hundreds of thousands of pages of stolen content while keeping visitors and the SE’s none the wiser. There’s no doubt we can do this exact technique for just about any authority site on the web. Let’s jump back to our Youtube example for a moment. Youtube isn’t the first nor the last video site on the web. As far as actual text based content goes it obviously takes a large piece of the brown cake. So how does it get away with it, and all it’s pages rank and do well while your clean and lengthy white hat articles struggle? Some would argue links are the answer. Well not all video content sites have tons of links but they can still survive and don’t get immediately banned for spammy content, but we’ll humor the notion anyway. So let’s get some links. :)

Gray hat sites frequently have an advantage over black hat sites in link building because since they can pass human check their links, more often than not, will tend to stick more. So of course the first place I would go is to attempt trackback pings on all these stories. If my link ends up on a few authoritative news sites, great, on a few blogs, just as well. Since it’s all legit and not only can we pass human check with our essentially black hat site as well as actually linking to them then there’s no good reason the links won’t have a high success rate. Which leads me to a bit of custom comment spam. Might as well find blog posts talking about related stuff to each story and leave something like, “I saw an interesting story related to this on www.blahblah.com/story123.” Sure why not, between just those two simple and common black hat techniques we somehow ended up with plenty of white hat links. Thats the beauty of gray hat. If you can at least get people to question whether or not your site is legit than you stand a very good chance of succeeding.

So essentially what we’re trying to do is play around within the margins between the pros of black hat and white hat till we can find a happy medium that is both acceptable to other webmasters and the search engine antispam algorithms, but how would an advanced Blue Hatter spin all this? :) Very good question. I personally would take a look at my potential competition. Since I’m taking these articles from other sources, they are the originals I am the linking to copy, naturally they will beat me out in all the SERPS. I can still drive traffic off their coattails perhaps by utilizing a few techniques to [1] Ron Paul.” If I wanted to capitalize on these possible search variations on a mass scale I could easily incorporate a thesaurus and swap out nouns for instance. Rock becomes Stone…etc. etc. IMDB also has a huge database of celebrity names I could possibly use for the example above. It’s all pretty endless and can get quite in depth, but I know if I do it right it’ll pay off big time. I may even get lucky and hit pay dirt with a big story coming out where everyone searches for something similar but not quite the same as the original headlines.

And that is how you be a gray hat :)

For shits and giggles I want to throw one more possible site structure available out there and get your opinions on it….How about Del.icio.us?

123 Comments To "How To Be A Gray Hat"

#1 Comment By SADtg On June 3, 2007 @ 9:50 pm

Nice post! Thank you!

#2 Comment By Burgo On June 3, 2007 @ 10:13 pm

Hey Eli, I’m not sure if I’m being a dumbass here, but is there any reason this entry didn’t end up in my reader? I’m subscribed to your RSS…

#3 Comment By Burgo On June 3, 2007 @ 10:17 pm

Whoops… I see now. It’s already the 4th June here where I am at the time of reading, and when I saw “3 June” on the post I assumed my reader had missed it. But now I see the timestamp on my comment, I see it’s only a couple of hours since you posted… never mind!

#4 Comment By Eli On June 4, 2007 @ 9:31 am

Sorry bout the downtime last night. A switch became a boat anchor.

But thanks to everyone who emailed me offering free hosting :)

#5 Comment By wh0re On June 4, 2007 @ 12:36 pm

Another brilliant post, thank you. This really gets me thinking of the possibilities.

#6 Comment By Raven Riley Fans On June 4, 2007 @ 2:46 pm

*hehe* great news that it was only a technical problem. I thought that you was a victim of a ddos attack because some seos dont want you to tell us more about your techniques :)

greetings from austria

#7 Comment By Plepco On June 4, 2007 @ 3:01 pm

I love posts like this too, and I love thinking of new possibilities - but man, now I have too many new ideas. I don’t know what to try first.

#8 Comment By Mike Walsh On June 4, 2007 @ 5:02 pm

I’ve been reading this blog and Wickedfire for a long time and your ideas never cease to amaze me.

By the way, Eli, are you by any chance a libertarian?

#9 Comment By Jeffrey Henderson On June 4, 2007 @ 6:37 pm

Props for supporting Ron Paul!!

#10 Comment By Principle Of Marketing On June 4, 2007 @ 8:56 pm

Hmmm so many things to do and so little time to do them, the possibilities of this technique are potentially endless considering the vast amount of social sites around, heck you might even be able to twist this up a bit and go after user submitted content on MySpace or something similar like Helium Knowledge.

Excellent post again, I don’t know how you find the time to pull off this blog, plus help out on Wicked Fire, & make money at the same time, I’m having trouble keeping up with my own sites, building my scrapers, managing my blog, & testing out new ideas, it might be time to do some major outsourcing.

See you around.

#11 Comment By Eli On June 4, 2007 @ 10:33 pm

Most definitely. I’ll admit, I’m an absolute nutcase for Ron Paul. I’m not very political but every one of my viewpoints can be boiled down to “what does the constitution say?”

#12 Comment By Yurij On June 5, 2007 @ 12:43 am

Or u can make some blogs with a lot of comments from digg)

#13 Comment By pfgannon On June 5, 2007 @ 8:56 am

Wow finally a post I can follow!
I always enjoy reading the posts here regardless of if I get it or not.

Excited to put one of your ideas into action.
Keep up the good work and everyone vote for Ron Paul;)

#14 Comment By bl.asphemo.us On June 6, 2007 @ 10:17 am

An interesting take on the production end man, to be sure.

For whatever it’s worth, coming from the service end normally I end up discussing the Gray Hat angle not so much on the sites end, and more on the “What type of consultant are you shopping for, what kind of business are you in and what are your goals?” etc. … So on that account “Gray Hat” ends up being more about the SEO him/herself first, than about what they could/would build for their client(s).

#15 Comment By bl.asphemo.us On June 6, 2007 @ 10:50 am

(Just to clarify, I propose that an SEO might be GH in the sense that he/she might do WH work for some clients and then BH work for others.)

#16 Comment By Turk Hit Box On June 6, 2007 @ 12:27 pm

Sorry about that. This is where it should be:


I hope you like it :)

[2] http://www.turkhitbox.com/gray-hat-seo/high-keyword-density-wordpress-plugin.html

#17 Comment By Marc On June 21, 2007 @ 11:55 am

This is definitely one of the better ideas I have seen. Simple, yet devastating.


#18 Comment By Aaron On July 19, 2007 @ 11:42 am

Good stuff..thanks for the info!

#19 Comment By Naughty Neo On September 14, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

Hi Eli,
I have always wondered why sites like digg get good ranking and get away with duplicate content. Thanks for explaining it. After reading your posts I feel the necessity of learning php to exploit the opportunities.
I am going to be a regular reader of this blog.

#20 Comment By Alfred Jones On September 20, 2007 @ 5:02 am

hi Ron Paul, i like reading post in blogs. well this is the first time i am visiting this blog. to be frank to you, i don’t understand many terms in this post but quite i can able to follow it.

#21 Comment By Loan Express On October 4, 2007 @ 2:51 am

Hi! the topic about grey hat seo was good. It is a good idea also to implement the questionable tactics. But Copying ideas of different sites might be not good. So, do you have any new ideas for the site improvement. awaiting your comment.

#22 Comment By alex b On February 9, 2008 @ 5:06 am

Good post, thank you
PS: go to work :)

#23 Comment By Cigars -Mick On May 3, 2008 @ 9:21 pm

Nicely done.

#24 Comment By Geeks DIY On June 25, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

I never really knew exactly what Grey Hat was, I knew it was between Black and White hat, but didn’t quite get it. After reading this post and your Digg example, I have a much better understanding. It makes a lot of sense, thanks again for the great post.

#25 Comment By Marcus On July 2, 2008 @ 11:40 am

Really nice article … just found and love this blog

#26 Comment By Utah Search Engine Optimization On July 5, 2008 @ 12:19 pm

I don’t believe in a completely white hat seo. we all get a little grey sometimes.

#27 Comment By police cars for sale On July 15, 2008 @ 4:21 am

Mmmm, Interesting post. My mind boggles!

#28 Comment By foremost On July 18, 2008 @ 6:48 am

Wow! So unethical, yet so good. It’s sooo terrible to steal someone else’s work, but I like it, Eli. It sounds like something like this would work well. Very well done.

#29 Comment By Ellijay Web Design On August 7, 2008 @ 5:18 pm

Lol, I always wondered what Gray Hat was.

#30 Comment By Million Secrets On August 12, 2008 @ 3:12 am

Just visited this site three days ago, and boy, I was glued. Can’t help but to read every post since you started posting. Hope you don’t mind I literally copied all your post, (except some non-seo LOL) and printed it. I’m reading it now like my new seo bible.

#31 Comment By John On August 17, 2008 @ 10:05 am

very interesting article :)

#32 Comment By Atlanta SEO On September 5, 2008 @ 8:04 pm

Nice, first article I ever read on gray hat. Since I am never going to do this idea, how about finding a site similar to digg in say french that does not translate into english or is not indexed into Google. Use a translation tool, such as Google Translator and pull all the content from them. No duplicate content at least.

#33 Comment By Watch TV On October 13, 2008 @ 2:50 am

Nice idea with copying authority sites. Another method to add to our SEO empire. More ways to get lots of indexed pages in google the better ;)

#34 Comment By Cigars On December 16, 2008 @ 10:43 am

There’s always some new ideas to read up on here. If you’re able to program in perl and PHP this place is a gold mine.

#35 Comment By Grey Hat SEO On January 24, 2009 @ 9:17 pm

I have to agree there are very few articles on Grey Hat SEO, but hey I guess you’ve added at least this one and most of your blue hat stuff could be classed as gray. Check out my site if you get a chance, it’s certainly not a fountain of advanced SEO like your shit Eli but it’s got a couple of sweet greyhat techniques!

#36 Comment By Chicago On February 2, 2009 @ 12:58 am

Great post Eli. The Libertarian/Ron Paul stuff reminded me of the movie [3] by Alex Jones. Check it out when you can.

#37 Comment By Make Money On Internet On February 18, 2009 @ 5:25 am

I love your blogging style Eli, Great one!

#38 Comment By Shop Fitting On March 16, 2009 @ 11:30 am

What’s grey hat? Still can’t figure it out.

#39 Comment By Shop Fitting On March 17, 2009 @ 12:58 am

It’s like a mixture of being good and bad…and in the middle.

#40 Comment By ENT Doctor On March 18, 2009 @ 12:03 am

I’m presuming it’s playing cheat without getting caught.

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#43 Comment By Seo Singapore On June 9, 2009 @ 11:08 am

I like to say I’m a little gray. Play along the lines of black and white.

#44 Comment By Tower On June 10, 2009 @ 4:55 am

Nice article that is the first time I have ever heard anything to do with gray hat hehe

#45 Comment By Ryan Best On July 3, 2009 @ 6:42 pm


Seriously all I want to know is what you do for a living. Without being completely obtuse to the obvious and that is I know what you do, but where do you it? Not where as in where in the web or world, but with who and how. You style of posting is such I know you get it so much I know I want you on my team. reading these posts are good enough but IF there is something better… I’m in! I hope this post was as fun to write as it was to read. If you find my comment as interesting to you as your post was to me then if I could find you somewhere I would show you where you could really spend a lot of good good time!

Where in the world does Eli work?

Cheers and keep the goods coming!

#46 Comment By Ryan Best On July 3, 2009 @ 6:47 pm

If it makes sense and leads us back to where this great country started why the hell should we all love a man that sticks up for the GREAT Constitution of the U.S.A? Happy 4th all you red white and blue hatters and haters! :)

#47 Comment By work at home On July 17, 2009 @ 1:03 pm

Hey, that’s a great way to use Digg! Never thought it was so easy.

#48 Comment By nick On July 19, 2009 @ 7:59 am

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Still creating my empire, one hat at a time.

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It doesn’t bypass antispam plugins but it is very good at finding the blogs with certain ones not installed. It also is VERY accurate with it’s reporting. I absolutely hate tools that false report, like they’ll say they got 600 successful posts when really you only got 38 links that successfully went through and exist.

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