Back in the day autoresponders got a bad name for themselves due to their ties with FFA Links and directories. Not a lot of people properly understood the concept of autoresponder marketing and so it naturally fell into the pits of spam and pyramid schemes. Fuckin amateurs. However to this day they are extremely useful if used right and tactfully. The few that truly understand how to use them are now rich because of it. So instead of delving into the old ways and telling you to go create a ton of ffa link sites and directories then spam the submitters’ fake email addresses with MLM programs I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily make an effective autoresponder network that’ll actually create you sales and leads so fast it’ll make your bowels spin. It also may make you a ton of friends along the way.

How Does A Proper Autoresponder Work?
The autoresponder we’re aiming for will produce a site which the webmasters in a niche will WANT a link on. It will stay clear of the directory and link farm radar and will have no place in submitter programs. It will naturally be found by webmasters who are deeply hunting for places to put in their link. It will only allow a few links and look very nonspammy. It will also require the webmaster to put in their email address in order to submit their link. The webmaster will see no reason why not to put in thier real email address. You will then merge that mailing list to create a powerful marketing network to advertise your products to webmasters and website owners in your niche.

How Does A Autoresponder Make Money?
You will either sell your REAL site or service to them. Whether that be convincing them to advertise on your site for a low monthly or CPC fee, or sell them an actual product. It will also allow you do a bit of affilliate marketing. You can either find a directory that will pay you for every person you get to submit to their paid directory or hell…create your own! It also doesn’t hurt to dabble in selling some website promotion software through affilliate links. The possibilities are endless. All else fails help your friends out in exchange for promoting your other sites. “I’ll advertise your website to my mailing list if you’ll give me a couple links on your sites.”

How To Create An Autoresponder Network The Right Way
The easiest way to explain this is through an example. Then just modify it for whatever niche your wanting. Lets pretend you want to target real estate agents and the infinite supply of local real estate webmasters.

1. Create a Real Estate BIO site for each state. Hell go each county if the budget will permit you. Grab some easy content like state facts(census information, flag, exports, home information, market stats, biggest cities) and put it up. Gain a few links to it and make it look very nice.

2. Have a small section down at the bottom or something where it says “Useful Kansas Real Estate Sites” or whatever fits your topic. Then allow them to submit their link for “review” to be added to the list. This will also require their email address.
I’ve seen a few sneaky places that do this tell you to email them with your link if you want it included. Then they just have a script parse the email address and link from the fake email address and add it to your list.

3. Mass produce them like crazy. You can even put adsense or something up on them to help them cover their intial costs on their own. Generate a few links to them and let them roll into the engines. Most of the time you’ll get stomped by other big info sites in the organics for people actually looking for the information, but the people actually looking to promote their sites will easily find you. It also doesn’t hurt to require them to link back to you on their site before you include their link.

4. Limit the links via a roll. Have the sites allow ~10 sites. Then when a new one comes in let the oldest roll out of the list. By that time the webmaster that submitted the link will have forgotten all about it anyways. Then you might even have yourself a one way link :)

Starting the Advertising
You can always go the blatant route on the advertising. Let them know somewhere down the road they opted into a mailing list. You can otherwise be subtle about it and act like you are personally contacting them saying, “Hey thanks for adding your link. I really liked your site, btw here’s what else I got that you might find useful…” Eitherway you got them right where you want them and it should be easy to milk some money from the now huge growing list. Either way lots of money is to be made from this if you do it right.

If you’re not into the money part but would rather startup a large ringtones forum or something, remember this method may just help you get the userbase off the ground so fast it’ll have NASA shitting their pants and yelling at the bus driver to pull over. So have fun with it :)