I just realized something! This entire blog is filled with ideas on how to help your sites make more money and receive more traffic, but I don’t have a single post that says, HEY! HERE IS HOW YOU MAKE MONEY. I want a post that tells you exactly how to reach your goals. A comment in another post (I do read them and get inspired by them) reminded me of this. So I perused through some old projects of mine and grabbed one thats very easy, very automated, reciprocal (consistantly makes money forever), and makes about a $100/day. Most of all it requires very minimal time and investment. So here ya go! Follow the instructions carefully and do as I did.

Here Is What You Do

1) Pick a generalized niche that is fairly popular. Celebrities work well, cars, animals. Anything will do.

2) Make a list of 300 items in that niche. For instance if you pick music artists make a list of the top 300 most popular music artists.

3) Download at least 20 public use(noncopyrighted) pictures of each item in your list.

4) Download or buy a screensaver maker. I don’t remember which one I use so I’ll have to update you in the comments when I get back to the office on Monday. Just make sure it is quick and easy to create the screensavers (saves you a lot of time) and comes with an exe output function that’ll easily install the screensavers on their computer without much dialog boxes or windows getting in thier way. This one looks decent. Easy Screensaver Maker and its only $25. Update: I use Screen Saver Builder. It’s $20 with fully functioning 21 day trial.

Create all your screensavers and put them up on a simple website. Give each screensaver its own page and download link. It also never hurts to SEO the site so it’ll do well in the search engines and make you even more money later on. Adsense also doesn’t hurt for a lil’ bit of extra cash.

6) Signup with Zangocash (Aff Link). This step is optional. See the comments for more ideas on how to monenize your new screensavers.

Talk to your account manager and ask him to bundle Zango software with your screensavers. Send him all the installers along with a textfile containing all the short descriptions and a sample picture. They are usually happy to do this for you. If they aren’t get a new account manager.

Get yourself a copy of Promosoft software submitter(nonAff link). I think it costs $95 for a copy but trust me it’s well worth it.

9) Follow the instructions on Promosoft to create the PAD files(product description files used for software sites) and submit each screensaver to hundreds of software and screensaver directories.

There you go. You will get paid $0.45 for every person who installs your screensaver. Once the screensavers are submitted you will have no problem getting tons of people downloading them everyday. If you get about 250 downloads per day(easy with 300 screensavers) you will easily make about a $100/day!

Okay so now all those people on forums and such who are bitching and moaning; saying stuff like “I want to quit my day job” and “I wish I could make a living online” can finally shut up. It is all right there, spelled out in plain english. You now have absolutely no excuses. Get off your ass and actually do it. Follow each step carefully and do a good job. It should take the average person no more than a couple days to get it done and you will make continuous money for a very long time. If you’re reading this and you suddenly realize that you are one of those people, just know that there is nothing wrong with that. We were all there. You just have to know when to quit. Quit searching forums for ideas. Quit buying ebooks hoping they’ll give that magical $100/day project idea. Quit asking “SEO experts” how they do it, and for God’s sake quit reading blogs hoping someone will post something like this, cus it just ain’t gonna happen(haha). All I expect from you is to read this post throughly and carefully at least two more times and actually follow through. There is nothing more I would love, than to hear someone tell me that an article I wrote helped them quit their job in the next 8 weeks. So make it happen!

Good Luck and Lets Get Back To Some SEO Shall We?

Update 3/20/07: The comments for this post are getting semi-ridiculous :) So a nice user has setup a forum especially for this post, where it can be discussed in a more efficient manner. Feel free to register.