Hey guys and gals. Incase you didn’t notice I took a short break from posting to catch up on some work. Thanks for hanging out. :) Let’s review. In my SERP Domination post I spilled the beans about creating a site network by breaking down a larger site to take down the competition in a very efficient manner. This of course works beautifully in reverse, but we’ll save that for another day. In the mean time though I want to touch on a small portion of that post I could of easily divulged a hell of a lot more on. I’m talking about the “secondary network.” Incase you have short term memory loss I’ll refresh ya with a quote from the post.

[quote]Blah blah blah, sexist joke. Blah blah snarky remark. I’ll create a much larger secondary network to help boost my blah blah inbound link authority. Blah blah ramble ramble.[/quote]

In words longer than short I introduced the well proven concept of Keyword Real Estate. Keyword Real Estate isn’t just a concept its a practice. In fact scratch that. Keyword Real Estate is the law of high rankings just as sure as Murphy’s law will make your servers go down between 1-3am instead of 9-5pm. Practicing good keyword real estate snatching will help boost your sites. I will go as far as to say that it is unwise to enter any niche no matter how uncompetitive without grabbing up as much real estate related to your terms as possible. I’ll explain.

Domains, Free Hosting, Blog Networks, Social Networks, Social Bookmarking, URL Shorteners. The list goes on and on. Any where there is an authoritative domain that allows you to own a static page there is no reason why you shouldn’t register it and put up a landing page advertising your site(s), or even a simple link if that’s all that is possible. I’ll explain this in a simplistic white hat way using an analogy because this is in no gray or black hat about it, its just common sense business.

Imagine you live in a big city and you setup a small business. The local phone book directories want you to pay them to put a small business card sized ad in the yellowpages/category/keyword/page/adspot. Okay so it fits within your ROI so you do it. It’s almost manditory for a small business to be found by it’s customers. However, at the same time, all over the city there are these giant sky scrapers with all these blank billboards on them. They are giving them out for free all you got to do is claim them first before your competitors do and you can put up any ad for your business you want within reason(TOS). Also, in other portions of this fictional city are little chunks of land that you can grab and put up a giant sign with a big ass arrow pointing to your business. They may not be in the primo business districts but they at least get drive by traffic. I don’t know about you but I’m too ethical of a business owner to take advantage. :)

Ya know on second thought, I think I will jump in on this offer. So let’s look at a few examples of these billboards and opportunities for Keyword Real Estate and where to easily find them. They are everywhere.

A few examples might include:

someforum.com/members/keyword.html <-vbulletin with vbseo installed & your link in the signature.
I know it’s simple and not very advanced advice, but it’s solid.  Look at what the experts are doing. A great example of how well this works is of course SEO Contests. How are they won? In the simple sense they are won by Keyword Real Estate. They are also a great resource for finding some awesome opportunities. After all it works damn well. I personally never enter a competitive niche without grabbing as much real estate as possible on that keyword or phrase and using it to boost my sites’ rankings and traffic. It’s common sense, all you got to do is follow through religiously.