Alexa Top 1 million list websites


Im seeing alot of websites just having a huge list of domains on their site with multiple pages. Im assuming these are madlib type websites for example,

Im geussing these types of sites still work well but indexing seems fairly poor without unique content.


There was a post a while back @eli did with music lyrics. As soon as I do the layout change and add in the original you can see it. The thing is how much traffic you want and what is the purpose? For a adsense site 1,000 visitors a day might make a dollar a day unless its hyper targeted. Gaming for example will make only like 10 cents.


Glad to hear Majestic will continue to offer the Majestic Million for free – you are doing data miners all around the world a great favor.


I have noticed the warning message at as well. I agree, they should switch. Out of my own need, I’ve done the research and created where you will find Majestic Million as well as other top 1 million websites lists. Should be useful for those depending on the Alexa’s list. Those alternative lists are available for free of course.


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@angrykoreaman Same question from me. I have seen many links to my site top ad networks. Those pages was having only list of website. Are they safe for SEO?


I’m of the opinion that any link that indexes is gonna be helpful. Its rare to find a backline that can penalize your site. Plus just 1 toxic link isn’t going to hurt you


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I am having difficulty getting listed with Alexa. I have been doing Digital Marketing for some time now but Alexa has always been a difficult listing for me. Does anyone have any recomendations?


Before 3 months our website alexa rank is near 5 lakh now due to lack of promotion it falls to 38 lakhs.


WHAT are the methods to increase Alex rank??


I love your post, thanks for sharing paykasa


Alexa ranks will also increase when you have traffic in your website. So try to get some organic traffic by doing SEO work for your website.

Use some SEO tactics and other tools for send emails to others to link your website. If you get some good back links to your website ranks will surely increase.

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