Are there any SEO guides for mobile apps (Google Play and AppStore)?


Here are some tips to help you highlight and promote your app in Google Play.

1 - App name and description

Let start with the basics.
Your app name and your app description must be as relevant as possible. The words you use to name and to describe your app will be indexed by Google Play’s search engine. Think about the queries users may type in to search for your app, and use the keywords they could use in your mobile app metadata.

But, keep in mind that first of all, you write your title and your description for a user, not for an engine bot! Avoid keyword stuffing, and non appealing content.

2 - Feature graphic

This one is my favorite.

Even if the “feature graphic” is a promotional asset listed in Google Play, you should consider it as required. Why? Because if you don’t provide one, there is no chance for you to be featured in Google Play.

Being featured in Google Play means that you could have the chance to appear in the Editor’s choice.

Follow those guidelines to create the perfect feature graphic.

3 - Screenshots

2 is a minimum, but add more.

Screenshots are mandatory when you enter your app metadata. They are displayed on your details page for your application on Google Play.

Take the time to select the best content of your app when you make those screenshots: color full images in articles, smart titles, etc.

To make them even more professional, the Android team suggests that you crop off the navigation buttons from the bottom of the screenshots :wink:

4 - Promo video

You can even add a link to a YouTube video.

This video, showcasing your app best features, will be displayed below your screeshots. Videos between 30 seconds to 2 minutes work best.

You can refer my app at here : Automatic Call Recorder - Android Apps on Google Play.

Please suggest some more guides???


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