Can any one Tell me some good strategies to Reduce Amazon FBA Fees?


As you know Amazon is charging different kinds of fees from their sellers, I don’t know about all those. But when I checking my expenses lot of my money was going to different kinds of fees like fulfillment fees, storage fees and so on. Suggest me something to reduce those expenses…,


Basically the amazon seller fees are divided into three types

  1. Referral fee
  2. Variable Closing fee
  3. Fulfilment Fees

To reduce this fees:

  • Make sure you’re not shipping any Heavy items

It very difficult to ship heavy items, Amazon will charge more amount based on how much effort they are putting to ship your items

  • Don’t Keeps your products on fulfillment centers for too long

If Amazon is storing your product for more than 6 months then amazon is going to charge more than usual. So, keep this in mind and reduce long term fba storage fees