Content Marketing


What is the interaction of SEO and content marketing?


SEO is still mostly link driven.

If your site has powerful backlinks, it will rank. If it doesn’t, it won’t.

Good content + promotion of that content can result in great links, and that’s the relationship between the two.

Good content without links will still have some positive signals that Google picks up on (high page engagement, low bounce rate, lots of content) and that has a small impact on SEO.

But when people say “content is king” in SEO, they are indirectly saying that good content attracts good links, and good links are what drive SEO.


Good content is help to increase backlink for your sit and help to bring traffic on you site.


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SEO and content marketing are interconnected. Smart content marketing strategy helps the SEO process. Content with proper images, infographics and videos is shared on multiple third-party sites to improve branding and make search engine recognize your targeting keywords. Which results improvement in the rankings of targeting keyword terms and will drive traffic to the website; which is the goal of any SEO campaign. However, in order to achieve optimal benefits, it is strongly recommended to hire professional writing services to draft onsite and off-site content.


Content marketing is a fine long term solution for moving up Google rankings. However you will not get noticed until you are able to promote your work to your audience as they will take a long time to find you naturally. An example of this is to be seen on our Wine and Cheese Tasting page