Currently Attempting to create a directory style website With PHP and MYSQL


Hey Guys, i’m attempting to create a directory style website! if anyone is stuck along the way and needs help or is interested in helping out post here!

So far i’ve created a nice little html site.

What im stuck on at the moment is figuring out how to connect my mysql to my html website.

Heres the read along for this project


whew. finally figured out how to connect mysql to my html site. i had been miswriting my name the entire time:/ heres the code and examples that helped me figure it out.

now that its figured out. i just need to populate the database and figure out how to create a unique page for each row in the database.


Alright Everythings set up now. the $_get id system was easy to understand and implemeent. Anyways Anyone know of any good places to download large databases for free or at least cheaply?


What sort of data you want?


Anything really but i would prefer something tech related. Anywho i just want to test my website out with a large dataset rather than the 10 entries i made up.


well if you want finance related stuff, try futures exchange, if you want something more high volume potential but lower cpc, maybe try million songs dataset


thanx nader! holy shit that music one is 280 gigs. lmao i dunno if thatll even upload to my shared hosting. Itll be great ot index even a fraction of some of this stuff to use.


K. Finished up the website. Looks mediocre at best. Here’s the url now I need to figure out a way to index this bad boy. Any ideas? In thinking of just blasting the homepage with gas ser.


Well, the site looks hideouse but functional. What I would suggest is adding in either their phone number on the nursing home, do rich snippet’s in your html, and then also have the ability for people to submit nursing homes.

What’s the purpose of the site going to be just to index and adsense? Or affiliates? etc?


Adsense most likely. I’m gonna add more fields and put up adsense but like I said I’m having a problem with indexing… Not sure what to do except blast or with gsa ser


Added more fields. Gonna have to add rich snippets next.


yeah I think that’s a good bet. I launched a while ago with the same sort of concept, at one point it had about 30k indexed pages, it’s since dropped but still gets a decent amount of trickle visitors. Just sits on the back burner though. Should drop a site wide to something now that it’s a aged domain w/ links and such.


How did it drop from 30k to 12k pages? if u dont mind me asking. Also what CMS are u using on the it looks very clean and nice.


Was built using Ruby on Rails. Not sure why the index number dropped, but the fact that it still has that many pages indexed is quite fascinating. Given that each page is basically one sentence, at some point I thought that maybe adding in more texts and doing the same thing, for example w/ the Bhagavad Gita but then other projects took president so that has sat on the back burner.


great exta tep and thnk you for shering