Dofollow backLink


How to get dofollow backlink for website.


Depends on the website, some offer do follow, some don’t


Thank you for reply any other suggestion for website ranking.


By relevant
By Directories,
Blog Commenting,
Nd Guest Posting,
The best tools these days for Dofollow back link.


DOFOLLOW comments from advanced PR blogs helps to make high quality backlinks. This helps to obtain high page rank and targeted traffic to your blog or website.


Dofollow backlinks is easy but getting high-quality backlink is not that much easier as you think.Awesome high quality do follow backlink tricks:-

  • Get Free dofollow backlinks from comments
  • Submit your post to Directories
  • Find the do follow forum and submit your blog post
  • Submit your link to
  • Do follow backlink from
  • Use to get massive do follow links
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I have been in the SEO game for about a year now and have dealt with digital marketers of varying industries. We all get the typical outreach at some point “hey big fan of your site been a reader for a while and thought I’d help you out by giving you a great post that is relevant to your site. If you are interested let me know my only requirement is that you give me credit and a do follow link to my site”. I hate this approach. Reason one being typically they are not truly a fan of your site which is fine but at least recognize that enough when the content you are pitching isn’t relevant. I have had people reach out to be for guest post for their bands…we do small business education. Also the approach of it’s me helping you when you are approaching me with an 18 DA, come on. My approach, actually take a look at the content that the site you are reaching out to focuses on. Scan their article for key words and where what you want would fit or what would be in their wheel house. Approach in a manner suggesting mutual benefit. Don’t offer then pat yourself on the back for offering. In the immortal words of Kendrick Lamar “sit down, be humble”. Here is an example of a pitch I would do-Hey John Doe, Saw your post on people seeing UFO’s in Brooklyn back in 98. Really intriguing post I actually shared it on my social channels. I actually wrote an article on supposed abductions by martians in Queens in 97. Could be a great resource for your post. Check it out if you have a moment and if you find it relevant it would be great if you can link to it, if you can’t no worries just let me know either way. Keep up the great content". I have built relationships and got on 60 DA with follow links sites (which I check to see with Moz if they have and that they are external) with this approach because it is genuine and concise. Try it out.


You can get dofollow backlinks to your website by Guest Blogging , Forum Posting, Article Submission but make post in niche website or blog. You can find the niche dofollow blogs on google.


I’ve been working on Electrical Switchboards Manufacturers website and it is difficult for me to find do-follow back-links to match our competitors. Do you have a tool to recommend where I could see the backlinks of my competitors and Identify the do follow and no follow attribute of the links. Thanks!


Guest Blogging is good option , i think you should try Guest Blogging on Digital soft , they will accept posts and article


Any recommendation on Traveling Guest Blogging ??


The easiest way to get dofollow backlinks is search for Commentluv blogs and comment on them, you get a dofollow link easily :wink:
there are more other ways like guest posting, creating web2.0. You can read 8 easy link building ways
hope this will help you. :slight_smile:


Do follow Backlinks are important because they allowed to pass link juice.

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I made do follow links in this site ​Happy Wheels Demo web 2.0 blogs


A search by Moz shows that there’s a very direct relationship between quality backlinks and Google search rankings. Here i will share a list of multiple site with high authority. You can use today for your new website to get relevant traffic and ranking. Post daily on these link you will get high authority white hat back links to rank your website… get do-follow link here


Got useful info on Dofollow backlinks


comment on the blogging or forum discussion sites and use hyperlinking to your text for example like this: essay writing help


Very much appreciated on your above sharing. I will explore more from your list Jot. I try to get more backlink for my product review site. I think I will benefit from your sharing above. Thanks


very informative article was this. Enjoyed reading and learnt alot. Keeps sharing these kind of articles. thank you so much for sharing


Dofollow link permits google (all web crawlers) to tail them and achieve our site. Giving us link juice and a backlink. In the event that a website admin is connecting back to you with this connection, both Search Engine and Humans will have the capacity to tail you.
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