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Time commitment isn’t really on my side. Im looking for ways to generate likes share and followers or in other words fans in one of the social media pages I am handling. I heard BuyRealMarketing is a reliable one. But can you say or suggest something different that will add up something in my insights too?


Yes, it is a good option but I think you should really be wary of these sort of practicing of purchasing likes. You never know when the Facebook algorithm will change and they may start penalizing pages that have done this sort of thing. Kind of what happened with many sites that were purchasing backlinks for SEO purpose. Google penalized them and banned their sites.

I manage a page for my call center services company and I think slow organic growth is better than purchasing likes.


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Make Your Content Easily Shareable. …
Improve Your SEO. …
Know When Your Audience Is Listening. …
Research Your Competitors.
continuously Engage With Your Audience
i manage a page for my magento mantenance services company .


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well the only reasonable way to obtain real and active users are Facebook promotions method as I am already running multiple campaigns for my customers via RemotWeb recently I got one project Kahani Ghar which is in Urdu language and so far its really complicated for me to manage its SEO but the way social media giving it coverage that’s awesome.


One thing you should note is that when you get traffic from say facebook or twitter what you really want is to find a way to convince that user to stay on your site, your email list, something of yours that is not related to facebook, twitter, google, etc


The Social media engagement is one of the best statergy to improve the traffic. Through proper social media engagment we get the social media authority vale. We commonly used social medias are facebook, Twitter ect.How To Increase Traffic Website check the post for more information.


Social media is the best way to bring traffic to your site.