Going to be getting Eli's original blog back up


Currently running the scrape and cleaning some things up. The only thing I’m unsure of is should I make a username say @eli_blog or something along those lines and port and populate all the old articles here, or just set it up as the original.

I feel it would be nice to get a discussion going on some of those articles, given that at the time of writing those posts where very relevant to what is the core nucleus of googles algorithm


Thanks! What a great idea. I thought Skohh was suppose to be managing this new blog? i geuss he moved on Reading the old posts through waybackwhen is terribly slow and agonizing. I can’t wait for the old site to be revived!


Yeah, still though thoughts on having it all be posts here each of them or set them up as the old original blog?


I like the old style better because of nostalgia. However I think more people would benefit from having a better mobile platform to make it easier to read on different resolutions.


what happened to the old site/Eli?


He’s still alive and kicking, he’s got the user @eli although who knows if he ever checks it. He’s off running AboveAllOffers now. At some point as I go hacking away on this I’ll add in a header to send people over there, but first I still need to figure how I’m going to put the old posts up.


So currently just finished the scrape, to start off before I even get this puppy up on its original subdomain I figure I would get it up on a github repo (pull requests welcome). I will keep updating this thread as I get it closer to either putting it on the fourm post by post, so new comments can be made.

Here is the git repo of the original blog, if you put it on local you can surf it.


And it’s up, yeah I put a SSL on it cause, well why not :slight_smile:

Check out the Original Blue Hat Seo Blog


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