Google Started Penalizing Mobile Websites With Intrusive Pop-Up Ads


Standard google, try and control the internet. Oddly enough in adsense you can get some of these ads, but will be penalized by Google. In a sense it’s kinda comical that google offers products that hurt you in other parts of their network.


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When I updated my Android Operating Systems some of Pop-Ups ads shown in my Home screen. It’s so disgusting. I had to did many things for removing it.


Recently there have been many policy changes from Google and even Bing regarding their advertisement policies. The strictness really has increased and advertisers need to read all the guidelines before taking any steps that may get them penalized. Pop up ads are way too spammy now and visitors hate them. For my Call center outsourcing company, I prefer search engine text ads. They are non-intrusive and have given me good results as well.


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