How can we increase Alexa Rank?


My Website’s Alexa Rank is just 38 Lakh .
Visit :
I want improve my Alexa Rank, kindly give any suggestions to it ?


Why alexa rank? All that means is where your website ranks relative to other websites in terms of visitors. It’s easy to game anyways so it really doesn’t mean much


Alexa rank matters when your website is ranked on Google and traffic come to your Websites otherwise you will improve your rank on Alexa by pay to Alexa


no need to extra thinking about alexa rank. this is will be ranked when your site rich traffic.

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My Website’s Alexa Rank is just 38 Lakh .
Visit :
I want improve my Alexa Rank, kindly give any suggestions to it ?

Write useful, quality content, mostly webmaster-related. Promote it on webmaster forums and on social networking sites. The idea is to get as many computer and Internet savvy people as possible to visit your site, since the probability that they will have the Alexa toolbar installed is high. -
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Start building back links with appropriate keyword it will automatically rank on alexa.


Make Dofollow high PR back links then automatic rank on alexa
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A trick that worked for me in the past that I am unaware of it works anymore…

…but with having the Alexa extension installed in my browser.

I noticed that when visiting my website and working on it in development stage just my presence alone would affect Alexa rating. I wanted to test this and see if it worked so I made a macro that mimicked my mouse movement, I visited a few websites including my own, recorded it, and looped it. I’d run it all night. I did that for about 2 weeks and my website went from no Alexa rating to about 750,000 we very little traffic. I think I did this because I was curious if it worked and wanted to get the site eligible for some closed beta advertising platform that was for sites 1MM and under.

At any rate, since then I haven’t put much weight or consideration into Alexa.

Maybe this will help you.



Don’t bother about Alexa rank because it depends on your website rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing, page rank and quality backlinks from high PR domains and traffic to your website. If you increase your website traffic, then Alexa rank will improve automatically.


To Improve to Alexa Rank all You need to do is to Increase the Traffic of your website. The more the traffic increases the Alexa rank will improve automatically.


we checked Alexa for our web design company in kerala , but they are asking to pay, any trial option they have

  • Install Alexa Toolbar
  • Install Alexa Widget. Installing Alexa toolbar is really helps to increasing your website ranking
  • Write Unique Content
  • Write Content regularly
  • Share your content on social media

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Never stop creating BACKLINKS & you will see the the result of alexa rank. When you will start getting visitors then you alexa rank will start decreasing.

here is my website: Carpet Clearing Caerphilly & it’s improving day by day.


Well alexa rank can be easily increase by daily posting on your blog, keep updating the information, provided quality content, don’t do access linking, keep the H1-H6 ratio good, keep the blog according to on page SEO tactics.

Alexa rank increases gradually when ranking in millions but once in thousands it takes real hard work to increase the rank.
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alexa rank is important only for those webmaters who want to impress their visitors, not for the earning. alexa always shows fake metric. i don’t believe in alexa i just work for SERP and other important factors
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Alexa rank is a “Alexa traffic rank” is it just depended on traffic of a particular website it our traffic increases Alexa rank will increase and if traffic of website decreases then ranking will be also decreases

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no worry about Alexa Ranking. its will take time for new website. maybe after 3 months you will see your rank.


You can try to increase the traffic of website. Once You get traffic your alexa rank also increase. To Know More Visit Web Solution Centre


Alexa ranks will also increase when you have traffic in your website. So try to get some organic traffic by doing SEO work for your website.

Use some SEO tactics and other tools for send emails to others to link your website. If you get some good back links to your website ranks will surely increase.

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Quality Content Matters Most for a blog. If you Have a Blog having Quality Content then you will get more unique visitors and more Page views and Visitors will spend More Time on your Site. Always The main point one must clear that QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY. Always follow this approach and as your page views will increase your Alexa Rank will also Increase.

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