How to build a private blog network?


Still one of the most tried and true way of getting things ranking. If you see most of the sites selling on places such as EmpireFlippers most come with Private Blog networks that have helped keep rankings alive through all google updates.

First you need to a find a domain that already has a nice link profile, you can get them on the cheap when they are expired or expiring. I’ve been tinkering on (in version alpha) to help sort expiring domains for this specific task.

Then from there you have two things you can do. The first is is take all the old content from, I built for this specific task, and place it on the site get it back to where it was. Or the second is to just use that domain in the same related niche with new content.

The results vary on the niche so sometimes its worth testing out both. Also note that if you end up restoring a old site and those old links link to deep content you will get those visitors, so it could be used as a alternative lead generation site.

Always remember, avoid footprints. Scraper

A good PBN has the unique content, Private WhoIS protection, different WordPress Themes & Titles and different hosting for each domain. To make PBN first find expired domain from research tool. Find cheap web hosting to create private blog network and make WordPress blog setup. Then publish the post as sticky to Home page. Now track your google keyword rankings.


Thanks for the tip, i’m about to setup a PBN for my stuff.


Great Information. Really Appreciate you search. As you mention it required domain just want to Add up, try to have a atleast 1 year Old Domain it will help you to improve website ranking or Alexa rank.


1 year is not a good deal , consider good pr and dr domain, recently i tried to build backlink from PBN to my website shwas homes unfortunately hosted in same vps so please consider all factors


You are Right… I was saying ATLEAST 1 Year … The older the domain is, More easier it will be to to Increase PR.