How To Get Backlink From Wikipedia?


How to get back link from Wikipedia for my website


What have you tried?


I have not tried anything but I want to know that how to make it


spend some time reading the original, such as these posts


I Assume any backlink from Wikipedia should highly effect website rank since Wikipedia its self is considered as a source information. I tried once getting some backlinks there for my websites, one of which is a Nanotejarat Industrial Database, but no luck !!!


You can create a fresh piece of content, which must not appear in the article to be accepted by your administrator.
I did that with links to from


Wikipedia is one of the biggest, oldest and most authoritative websites on the internet which makes Wikipedia backlinks one of the most powerful links on the receives most of the traffic from search engines. It is considered as one of the authoritative website.putlocker


i also want to know about how to create bulk backlink from one website


I tried to create a page in Wikipedia & get one backlink for my website but guess what? My web page was removed.

I’m not sure why but I spent more than 2 hours writing what my blog is all about & giving them evidence… But finally, all in vain…

Any kind of suggestion, Ideas or Wikipedia alternatives are accepted… :grinning:


i tried for my website shwas homes unfortunately the link deleted and got a message from wiki


Direct link on keywords, Or marketing of your website or business on wikipedia is Banned. So It Might be the reason for removal Of your Web page


1.Search Broken Link

  1. Dead link approach method: Wikipedia describes a dead link is a link which is no longer active or which leads to a 404 not found page. A dead link in Wikipedia article or in its citation indicates its moderators that this dead link needs to be fixed or should be replaced with a working link.

  2. Earning links from Broken Links: If you find some broken external links in their website, try to write content in your website which the broken link used to offer and email the website owner saying the following links were broken and your website link can offer the same value which the broken link used to offer.



Links from Wikipedia is Great !
I do it before &I got a good result


All links to my site had been removed over time.
Unfortunately, users are unfair Wikipedia.


I just try to get backlink for my site from wikipedia and the result is here just search SMB Marble


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There are many factors to get backlinks from wikipedia. only authority sites will get backlink builder from high pr sites, though we submit our comments to good pr websites without having authorized site, its not worthy. Authority site in the sense your website have good relevant content.There are many factors to get rank in google and to become authorized site then only website get backlinks from wikipedia kind of sites.


if you wanna [get dofollow backlinks from wikipeida read this post


I’ve tried to do this with no luck :frowning:


If u wanna get back link from wikipedia then you need to find dead link then you can get backlink from it

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