How to rank keyword in 1 page


Hello i am doing seo on astro website called how to get love back please suggest me how to rank keyword in 1 page please tell me seo factor that help in rank higher in google this website related to astrology so please suggest and i see a website in google top position and this website have only 46 back link and it run on 1 page is is possible


what do you suppose to mean in 1 page?


i want to know that how can get keyword in google 1 page please suggest me some tip


better you can read the link building strategies already provided previously you can outrank the other websites.


try to rank long tail keyword (your keyword) then might be possible…


It’s quite easy though it will depend on how much quality is in your content. Content is king if you want your keywords to rank number one. For one, writing services is what I do for a living and I learnt that having amazing content and proper marketing will always be key. BEST REGARDS


I am also continuously searching on ways to increase our seo melbourne website ranking. I am aiming for few REALLY HIGH quality backlinks. .EDU links and Gov links are worth trying for.


First work on keywords , make some keyword research and good quality backlinks from above 30 DA.This is how i ranked in google for this keyword
for kfc phone pe offer. So start your work now

  • find your keywords according to your content of your website
  • Don’t select the high search volume keyword
  • First start working on on-page SEO (working inside the site)
  • Then start working on link building(off page SEo) to promote your website
  • Social Media sharing will help you to grow the ranking of your website