How to retain the position of keywords


I would like to know how to retain the position of the keywords for which website is displaying on first page. Everyday I can see much more fluctuation. Are there any ways to retain their positions?


How long have you been ranking for those keywords? High volume? Low volume? Are you still link building for those specific keywords?

There are a lot of factores and the more information the better it can be for some educated gueses


Some of them are high volume keywords and some are low volume. I was using SE ranking tool, there I came to know how the position of the keywords fluctuate. If today one keyword is on 2nd page and second day it goes to fourth page. and afterwards again on second, fifth whatever.


Right, but you really didn’t answer any of my questions. There are a few things going on. Some links may have been built and indexed before. If you are currently and constantly building links it should almost be a sort of log function as the more give a diminishing return, that is unless they are of extreme weight


yes. I am still working on link building. So to retain the position of the keywords, what you suggest?