Improving website traffic


A social media campaign will facilitate to drive traffic to your web site, Following ways can help to make the Social Media marketing to drive a lot of traffic effectively such as:

  • Add web site links in social media profiles

  • Add links to your social media postings too

  • Use #hashtags effectively

  • Use pictures in your posts

  • Do regular posting

  • Give choices for the users to share your content

  • Connect with business influencers

  • Always Spy your competitor’s activities

  • Create content and publish it

  • Don’t stick with it posting the content together with that you just ought to manage your social media accounts too

  • Reply to all or any comments by customers

  • To measure the social media campaign results

  • Create a social media strategy

  • Don’t over-promote anything

Therefore as an alternative on-line promoting technique Social media promoting will bring traffic to a website too however it needs lots of effort, time, etc. Neither Social media can replace with SEO or the other instead they can support each other to extend its web site traffic


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