Introduce yourself, what's your story?


What’s up BHSeo,
I’m @nader, I been in this game for some time. Notable for ranking during the OZ heydays with very obscure domain extensions, and currently made the 4,000th biggest website in the world, @skoh and @eli can attest.

I also once meet @eli at badger ball. Walked up and shook his hand, not sure if I took a selfy was quite drunk by this point, told him how I had read his blog from back to front and that it had made me a millionaire.

Now only 50% of that was true.


I am @pooch, first entered the online space working as an advertising consultant at a top CPA network. Once I left, spent some time traveling and breaking keyboards learning how to design, develop, and build links. Eventually hit some home runs. Later partnered up with a digital agency in Peru and continued to follow trends, rank sites, launch offers, wash hands, and repeat. Currently working on brand and reputation management as well as various SEM/SEO projects.


I am the Founder of Techaai. I am a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession in technology, photography, art and traveling.
I hold a Bsc in Information Technology. With this passion about photography, i have won two outstanding photo contests and my work has been exhibited in many photo galleries. I love writing about technology to help-out startup tech users solve there everyday tech problems.

Its nice to be here




Been making websites for as long as I can really remember… started back in like 1996?

Now own a design company… hyper6 and we do lots of shopify and direct response work. I like to think we’re pretty good at what we do :slight_smile:

Also got an ecom store, and my hands in other things…

Thanks @nader for the invite, amigo!


Hi, I’m @dan, I am another entrepreneur, I’ve launched many websites, created and failed many concepts…succeeded with a few, I focus passionately on marketing advertising & seo, dabbled in domaining, been at this grind for over 5 years, I’m glad to be here, hopefully we can all learn some new tricks.


Hey guys, @italos here, I am the founder of a SaaS solution for online faxing., started that as a solution to my own problem ( pay as you go faxing ) and ended up expandng it to other faxing verticals and sending over 100,000 fax pages per month a year later.

Prior to that had some success with online games, build and scaled up to 3.5M sessions a month up to the point that was acquired by a Dutch company.

This site taught me a lot and is partly reason I had some success in my previous venture. Glad to be around and hope to learn and share with y’all

Kudos to @nader for making this happen!


Hi, This is Kumar (Digital Marketing) and SD WAN


My name is Wooexpert and i am a WordPress developer and Seo Expert and i have almost complete knowledge to build online store and import products through import csv with cron job of stock levels. I can Make Cutomized Excel sheet with many formula. you can check on


I am the owner of the Wikinsta inc Inc. I am just started this product. Currently working on providing android apps apk direct download. Do check our websites.


Its Sumit Kumar.
I am pursuing my Master Degree and I am a SEO Executive at Online Promotion House.


Hi, I am Naveen having 6 months experience in digital marketing industry. Now I recently joined this platform. I want to get hight quality in SEO ( link-building, On-page, Off-page …) and gain some extra knowledge for internet marketing and career.


That’s awesome, SEO could definitely help pay those bills! good luck man!


Hey Nader,

Just come across your site for the first time today. I’ve been working in the IT, Web industry for the past 12 years. Off and on with my long term boss Ibby Jalloh. He’s recently started up another business focused more on just Web Design and SEO Services, so I am helping out supporting its growth.

This looks like a really interested site full of useful tips.I think I will be immersing myself for a little while. Keep up the good work.



I also have problems. I’ve been getting backlinks from many websites just like the others do by checking my competitors ranksignals. my website is about Bolt and Nut, problem is that I do not happen to see the real result. Also, many of my pages are internal links that I want to rank for. do I still have to get back for the main page or the Homesazeh?


Hi, i am @raju . Well , i was created my first online marketing in 2011 with my big brother . He taught me all about how do seo & smo. Recently I was working on this site :


Hi, I’m @aaronk, I’m a software engineer and try to dabble with my own side projects outside of work, the most recent of which is an incentive site - GameGreed - Free Steam keys, xbox live and more. Now making stuff on the side is all well and good but if I can’t promote it and get them generating money then they aren’t much use past the learning opportunities they provide, which is why I’m here! I have pretty much 0 idea about SEO so just trying to learn as much as possible.


Hi, I am Koby, I have been working on a site that provide web hosting discounts and coupon codes for computer software like Acronis International cloud software for backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share and data access. I would love to let more and more people avail these discount offers.


I am Gopal Roy. I am a Marketing Executive at ByteNap. I am working from several years in web hosting company. My goal is to boost the company business.