Is it hard to run PPC campaigns on Amazon?


I just started selling on amazon and i am planning to go with Amazon advertising. So, i have checked with some experienced sellers, they are saying it will drain you budget so fast. I just want to know whether amazon PPC Worth it or not!!!


If you’re an amazon seller you know how hard it is to do selling on amazon. But i want to reveal one cool fact about amazon PPC, out of 100 sellers only 10 people are running ads on amazon. Only 10% of sellers are running ads.

It means if you optimize your PPC campaigns properly its easy to get ROI. But as your business & no of products your are selling increases its hard to do everything manually, That is the reason why lots of people take help of ppc optimization tools which will make your work easy. Now a days they are so many tools in the market, follow above link to know more about those tools.

My personal recommendation is best amazon ppc software by sellerapp.