Is it helpful to get backlinks from paid PR sites and improve our keyword ranking in Search Engine Results?

It is really worth to buy paid PR backlinks from high PR or new sites such as Marketwatch, PRnewswire etc.
or Use traditional ways of building backlinks only.

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First of all, that is a very good question i hope i will be able to answer that for you.
Now, see you can buy paid PR backlinks from sites and get the job done but it is costly, having a small team or having some knowledge yourself is much better than buying from those companies as you will lose money and gain the backlinks but you wont have any knowledge whatsoever. Having a team is not as costly as buy full paid pr backlinks from the sites which offer them and gaining knowledge from wherever you can is a much better approach than just paying because you are gonna use them to make money and to make money its not necessary to lose some.
So, in my opinion it is really not worth it.

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Thanks Waaiz for your reply, i really appreciate your efforts to put some light of knowledge on this topic

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