My website traffic drop down dramatically


Hello All,

Does anyone experience as me on the dropping traffic dramatically? I run a website on and I don’t know why this several day the traffic in the google analytics report “0 view”. The story was that from the site running about 9 months, the viewers has increased from day to day and I saw it gone better in July and August, I was about 50 views a day. I wish it will increase more in the following month. Unexpectedly, it was going down noticeable from 40 to 0 view/day. What’s more was that I am wondering why traffic down to “0 view” in several days from 8 - 12 September… Does anyone could advise on that?



Hey truststorereview, I tend to believe for a young site one doesn’t really know the market trends and thus will take some time before your site stabilizes. For one, I run a site where people reach me asking, “Help me do my homework” you can check it out. We should start a community for giving each other backlinks.

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Hi Untouchedwriter,
This is great if we can reach so. How can I check your site and how could I know it is yours?


Hi, just checkout plus you can also reach me via mail thus talk more on this great journey as we can help each other out.


just that help me do my homework is a keyword i use :slightly_smiling_face:


This is exactly the same problem is with my website

diploma of business


I have checked your websites. I loved your blogs, not exaggerated content bur rather speaking to your audience. Epic


I just noticed “diploma of business” is a keyword. Nice stuff, wouldn’t mind sharing ideas


Thank you. I observe on it recently and will know the cause.


i thought only its happen with my website within 7 days my website daily visitors drop from 4k users daily to 1500 users daily and i am losing 70% income now i dont know what happen every thing is going fine but its happen very fast


My site traffic at has dropped dramatically in the past month, too. Anyone know what’s going on with Google?


the same thing happend to my website


This is exactly the same problem is with my website…
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