Off-site SEO still needed?


Link is king . It build our website rankings.


i am doing off page seo some days google analytics shows website view and ranking very low. what is the reason behind this???


how can i improve ma web site rankimg


yes,off page seo is very important to improve your website.


According to google’s latest updates, content and quality links both are the king. And offsite SEO is the some way to create it.


Yah off page seo is important still today(2017). Back links are the best way to get your domain as High Domain authority. I am new here any way. visit my site


You can Improve your website ranking by doing your websites seo
first you have to audit your website and find out the existing error and then start working on it
On Page SEO is more Important to Website
What are the activities of on page seo?

  1. Submit Sitemap
  2. Create and submit robots.txt file
  3. Remove Canonical Issue if exist in your website
  4. Provide Fresh Content
  5. Interlinking
  6. Optimize Meta tags
  7. Optimize Title tags
  8. H1, H2 tags

Off-Page SEO Activities
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Question Answering
Blog Posting
Guest Posting
Social Bookmarking
Business listing


yes,off page seo is important it is very helpful for backlinks.


It’s the key in SEO. You can have a great website, but you will be outrank by crappy ones with good backlinks.

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Yes, off page seo is very important . For increase website traffic . And one of the most is create ratio between dofollow and nofollow is very important.


offsite seo is important. that why probbaly everyone doing it. because back link are important no matter what.

chechk this guys


I don’t think so. We need some other techniques to get back links. I don’t know google is promoting back links. They give more importance to On Page SEO. Do this, Acquire good results. I am a content writer at We providing essay writing services those who needs. Contact us If you need.


I reed ever massages but I do not think Directory submission give you back link. every one say off page seo is good but how you get back-link fro social bookmarking sit I post content on Book marking sit but I do not get any link please advice.


Yes off page seo will help you in better ranking if it is done in an effective way.
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offsite seo is very important part of digital marketing to increase traffic in website then your website rank is up depending on dofollow and nofollow is very important.
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Links will always trump other things in my opinion…


SEO Services in Hyderabad is an effective way to enhance your business status and achieves a maximum of profits. Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that.


RS Totul I think Off page SEO has no alternative. It will be always although google changes its algorithm different times