Open membership is now closed


Hi all,
It’s been over a year since we started this journey

In order to stop the amount of spam and moderation and to improve the quality of the community any new member from here on out to join will have to pay.

Don’t worry if you already signed up nothing will change for you, you might get some upgrades.

To all the new potential members if you want access please head over to


It’s been a few days since I finally got the forum up and working to sign up. How it will work is if you are a paying member you’re account will be upgraded, while it’s upgraded all your links in the forum become do follow. You also get access to the lounge.

You can cancel any time, if you do your account gets downgraded to normal forum member and you loose access to the lounge. Although you can always re upgrade or earn the status free if you spend enough and contribute enough on the forum.

What’s in the lounge? Well thats where tactics and things that aren’t public are discussed.

Why is this no longer free?

Well we got a shit ton of spam (Obviolusly it’s a SEO forum) and that’s fine, but in accordance with SEO Empire Part 1 Rule 2:

Every site must pay it’s own rent

So I figure this is a good halfway, since almost all the information is still open and this helps fund the further development of the site and community.