Premium Domains


So most of you know I started out as a domainer when I got into the internet space. I personally think in the world of the internet the domain values a lot more than most people realize.

For example, everyone is always trying to beat Google, Bing, etc at their game. Trying to get their traffic. This is fine it’s a alternate source of traffic, but the real goal is to build a brand that people either click your app, or type in yourwebsite into the address bar.

What’s the point of trying so hard to rank for something when that leaves your main source of traffic, and generally revenue, reliant on one source, a search engine. I built Premium Domains On Sale to point and host specific premium domains that I think have a very high brandability, are catchy, and easy to remember. Check it out, and let me know what else I can add in to help out BHSEO. Most of these have type in traffic, which might not mean much to you now, but when people are randomly typing in names hoping to find something, it means once there is something there it’s easier to split test to find something that hits.