Random SEO musing


So I launched pronounceability about a week ago. I posted this on Hacker News as well as Product Hunt and lastly on a reddit thread now of course these are all now follow links. For starters over the course of a few days the site got over 400 visitors which is nice.

But we are here to talk about rankings. First off this is a low competition keyword although already has a lot of results with the word in it, I have a EMD, and lastly the only link building I’ve done is social.

So how are things? Well if you currently in google.com sitting at #10 is the product hunt link. The actual domain sits on the top of page 3. There are a few things I take away from this, first off it is clear that domains get sandboxed (as this is a new domain), and second that it is more likely that your authority links will rank for what it is you are trying to rank for.

Granted as time passes I expect the emd will move up, but we can revist that later.

How long does it take to rank in Google?

Since this was created in Feburary of 2017, a update of December 2018, the actual domain it’s self now sits at #6 in Google for the main keyword, “pronounceability”


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