SEO Dos and Don'ts

  1. AMP prefered
  2. 301 redirects allowed
  3. HTTPS/HTTP problem for referal data
  4. Citation for Local Business doesn’t matter a lot
  5. Improve for voice search by rich snippet (do long tail keyword research and write content accordingly)

On Page SEO

  1. Indexable Content: alt tag, suppement for Search box, suppliment of flash and java plugins, video audio transcripts.

  2. Keyword: In starting of title tag, at top of page, 2-3 in body, min 1 in ALT, 1 in URL, 1 in meta tag.

  3. Meta Robots tag: index/no-index, follow/nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, noodp/noydir.

  4. Meta description: Meta Refresh, Meta Revisit-after, Meta Content-type not that important, meta keywords is also no longer valuable.

  5. URL structure: can perdict content, shorter, keyword use (don’t overuse), static (discard parameters), hyphens to seperate words.

  6. link rel=canonical

  7. Rich Snippets

Off Page SEO

  1. Keyword Research: Google Keyword Planner Tool

  2. Link Building: Quality backlinks, no neighbourhood, anchortext of backlink, freshlinks, social sharing, Local Backlinks, directory submission, write blog, write quality content, buy.

  3. Sitemaps: Submit sitemap on popular search engines, Use XML sitemap.

  4. Robots.txt: Place on root directory, allow, disallow, sitemap, delay. Add meta robots tag.

  5. Google Search Console: Geographic Target, Prefered Domain, URL parameters, Crawl Rate, Malware, Check Crawl Errors, See HTML suggestions.

  6. Bing Webmaster Tool

  7. Things No More Valueable: Meta Keywords, Keyword stuffing, Paid search campaign boost organic traffic (myth).

  8. Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines & Bing’s Webmaster FAQs.

  9. Maipulative Links (Black Hat SEO): Reciprocal Links, Link Schemes (link farms), paid links, low quality directory links.

  10. Cloaking: Do White Hat cloaking.

  11. Avoid Low Value pages

  12. Domain Level Spam: Linking Practices (Domain value), Trustworthiness, Content Value.

  13. Track Your Success: Google Analytics.


My site has been online 3 month now and I’m only just starting to see even a visitor a day via Google. Is age of domain a big factor also?
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I liked your post but I have a question like if client wants short term keywords which is very specific to their business that time what we should do?

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This is super helpful. SEO is one of the most important things to consider in order to rank batter so thanks for this.


I think off page is basic concept for seo. Without On page, we can not do off page. it is very main. in which we have to use keyword research and apply content.

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since i am beginner for seo this is really helpful for me to gain some knowledge about the seo. this is a first website which i am doing seo process now


Hello, nice list it almost covered all the important things that we need to consider while doing on-page/ off-page optimization. At the same time when we do off page optimization we should also be cognizant of negative SEO. Continuously monitoring the website for spamy back links and taking necessary steps to disavow them will give a significant SEO benefit.


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I’ve just started my own website blogging finding some of the best amazon products for the home, and this came in really handy.

One thing I’d add to the on page seo section - don’t forget your LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. They’re super helpful and really easy to find - either use google autocomplete or just search google for your chosen keyword(s) and scroll down to the bottom where it gives you all the related searches. Make sure to include a few of them in your article.


very informative artical thanks

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Im doing all myself… Hired other :specialist" ranging from €100-€400 / month and always same think never rank as they said. Always you need more time, and finaly i start reading a lot, and enter my page to quite competitive market within 3 weeks in top 10 for various keywords. you can check for different keywords


If Client Wants a short keyword then you have to convince the client but it depends which type of business he/she is running


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Never thought of that but yet it helps me understand more about SEO. Thank you for sharing this on point and precise article.
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[SEO Dos and Don’ts]

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