SEO Dos and Don'ts


Well, thanks for your information it’s really helpful . But i have one question :;

How to mange dofollow links and nofollow links ??

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The great information that is valuable in SEO . The diffrent technics i also used


Internal linking the best do to done when SEO is in talks. A strong internal linking to your website helps your reader to find more in your website and stay longer, this ultimately also helps you in cutting down your bounce rate. I do it for my website: summerslam live streaming 2017


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Nice! Will follow the guideline to success on my website at Link Building is my priority one and also the content quality. I dont know how many keyword to use in the content for the quality one, look natural and to avoid overused of keyword?


Valuable info. Will definitely keep all the tips in mind. As i am working on a website focusing on the Xender app i will surely use these key point
Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing nice information about SEO because It’s hard work to do SEO.


I’m recently facing some problems in creating backlinks for my website, Can you suggest me some good directory sites from where I can create quality backlinks for my website.


SEO is a very large area to learn and practice. I’m trying to develop my career with all my passion despite of many difficulties



Use analytics to measure performance.
Focus your content around keywords.
Use relevant links
Optimise images for SEO
Create relevant content
Make web pages mobile responsive

Overuse keywords
Try and cheat the system
Copy large pieces of external content



And Just to Add Please avoid the following techniques:

On Page

-Multiple URLs has same/similar keywords in its structure
-Content size less than 800 words
-Keyword ratio more than 0.5%

Off Page
-PBN - doesnt help anymore
-Dont buy links - eventually they will be removed or you will have to disvow them

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Nice article. I have been into SEO and digital marketing from long time now for Google keeps updating its algorithm and thus we need to be updated to new trends.
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