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More and more shops, bars, restaurants and homes that make use of air conditioners, which bring maximum benefits. But, a misuse of these devices, or the lack of maintenance thereof, causes bacteria to disperse in the air and affect health, which can cause asthma, pneumonia, pharyngitis, among other conditions.

It has been demonstrated that prolonged exposure, inadequate regulation of temperature and insufficient maintenance of this type of device can cause or aggravate certain conditions. The appearance of discomfort in the throat, such as pain, burning, itching and / or rashes, are symptoms of harmful exposure to air conditioning. If equipment does not have purifiers, bacteria and viruses rotate in place, and people acquire the virus. Respiratory diseases occupy one of the first places of care in hospital centers.

The most dangerous air pollutants, by air conditioning system, are the bacteria legionella phneumophila, responsible for pneumonia and fungi aspergillus niger and aspergillus fumigatus, which cause rhinitis and asthma. Precisely, the problems appear when the body is forced to abrupt temperature changes and when the maintenance and cleaning instructions indicated by the manufacturer are not respected. When the devices get dirty, they act like a fan that spreads bacteria and fungi all over the environment.

The ideal is that the circuits do not stay humid, because with time the heat exchangers can generate a condensation of the water, which causes the propagation of bacteria “. With proper maintenance, such as changing the filters and water tanks every three months and good hygiene of the device, you avoid getting these health conditions. If the device is located in places where there is a lot of dust or on the beach, near the coast, it should be given preventive maintenance, more often.

To prevent these and other effects, we recommend keeping a temperature between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius in air conditioners. Another recommendation is to locate the air vents in a correct way, so that the air never reaches the person directly; In addition, it should never be installed on doors or windows.

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The air conditioners are responsible for regulating: the temperature by heating or cooling, humidity, cleaning by renewal and filtering and the movement of air within a closed enclosure.

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By reviewing your air conditioner you can check the general condition of the device.

Evaporator cleaning
Capacitor cleaning
Checking of tightness and levels of coolant and lubricating oil in equipment
Review and cleaning of air filters
Review of air distribution terminal units

Revision and cleaning of drive and return air units
A periodic check can avoid major breakdowns, and will extend the life of your air conditioner.

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