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I used to do posts with the services we used to provides to the customer in facebook for making it familiar and also for business conversion but I didn’t find any result. Instead, I used to get a few likes and no conversions. So, is there any free techniques or activities we can do in facebook if yes, please give some suggestions for social media marketing other than postings or is there any other way to promote my business through facebook or any social media’s like Twitter, Pinterest etc


Hello, Neetha

Social media is a best platform to increase sells and build brand awareness of your product/ services. Posting is a powerful tool you have, as you said few likes and no conversion. Start sharing about company - how you started it? How the service is helpful for customer? What are its benefits? Why your service is best as compare to other?

Few points are there you have to focus on:
1.Start talking about your (USP) unique selling proposition.
2.You can create banners, videos related to services hence it is better to focus more on visuals than words.
3.Start creating the events for your services as events are capable of driving sales as customers.

I will suggest you one social media marketing agency for consultation.


That’s great info for me thank you so much. Do you think a poll option in facebook also helps in promotion?? I hope its a kind of online Marketing techniques right?


Social media is the best way to promote your site and help to increase your sells and brand.
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Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. This information helpful for many people who don’t know about this. This helpful for me thanks.
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