Tips for Drop Shipping on Amazon FBA


Drop shipping is a well known concept which allows sellers to sell their products on amazon without having to store any inventory. As every business concept this also has its own pros and cons? can anyone suggest me some


As you said drop shipping is a concept where you sell products on amazon, but not directly. I mean, without owning the inventory or delivering items to the customers. Here are some pros and cons which i feel as a seller


  1. Drop shipping a very easy concept
  2. Since you’re not going to pay for shipping and inventory, your investment will be very less
  3. You can explore into many number of niches and categories and find out which is best suitable for you


  1. Your product profit margins may not be that grand
  2. As your not storing the inventory by yourself, Inventory is not in your control
  3. Shipping may be a problem if your supplier is not good.

Here is a Useful Resource for Amazon Sellers - Amazon Drop Shipping Policy