# web design HTML(Bullets,input type, attribute, semantic tag)


HTML(Bullets,input type, attribute, semantic tag)
Let’s check out the Types of bullets in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
An unordered list starts with the

    tag. Each list item starts with the
  • tag.
    The list items will be marked with bullets (small black circles) by default:

    UL stands for unordered list
    OL stands for order list

    You can change the styling of your ordered lists too, with the same attribute syntax as before, just using different values. You can do Roman numerals, letters, and both of the above in small characters. The full list:

    ol type="A"
    ol type="a"
    ol type="I"
    ol type="i"

    Changing the strat-point
    If you need to start the count at a number other than 1, you just add another attribute, like so:


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