What we should do when website get down


This is a seo nature up down of the website on SERP so any logic in your mind to then please share urgent. and what should do quickly.

website@ http://www.stepupheightincreaserprice.in/


Well, have you done anything to the site recently? new links? Changed layout?


Have the same problem on my website Restaurant software india. Sometimes 2nd page suddenly dropped into 4th page…

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I also face this problem several times when running on my web at trustorereview.com. What I can do is to contact to my hosting provider. What a reply… they solved it quick but also suggest to upgrade the space :grinning:


I face this problem while i m just opening my site on my web at http://www.cadoutsourcing.net. I just contact hosting provider and It replied very nicely and the problem is solved.